Verify Your Portable Generator Works, BEFORE You Ever Need It

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to run your generator!

This is a reminder to do your due-diligence (I just did). Drag your portable generator out of the garage or wherever it is, and start it up.

Generator maintenance involves simply running your generator from time to time. Why?

  • To keep its internal parts lubricated with oil
  • Charge the battery (if it has a battery)
  • To be sure the carburetor isn’t gummed up
  • Put it under load to verify output
  • To make sure that the generator actually works (before you ever need it for an emergency)!

How Often To Run Generator

I try to run my generators every 3 months or thereabouts. Even better if you operate it once a month. Sometimes I forget, but if you run it at least several times a year, that’s better than nothing!

How Long To Run Generator

I let my portable generators run for about 20 minutes. Long enough for it to reach operating temperature.

 Pro Tip: When you’re about done running the generator, shut off the fuel line and let it run dry until the generator stalls out. This will consume the fuel from the carburetor so it doesn’t sit there and potentially gum up.

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Generator Tips

Use Ethanol-free gas! (online search for stations near you) Say goodbye to old gas issues.

Check the oil before you start it. If you run the generator out of oil, it will destroy it! Some have auto-shut off’s for this, but many do not.

Check the generator outlets for power while it’s running.

Fuel shut-off, run carburetor dry of gas.

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