Tools And Equipment Without Fuel Or Electricity For Prepping


In the event of a SHTF collapse, our fuel refining and fuel operations & infrastructure will quickly grind to a halt while local fuel supplies deplete and disappear within days.

In a long term (or even short term) collapse scenario without electricity (no fuel pumps), your gasoline-diesel-gas-electric powered equipment, generators, and tools will become useless.

Have you thought about this?

Even if you’ve stored an amount of fuel for your generator, vehicle, and other such powered ‘tools’ — it will run out.

While reliance on stored fuels for short term disaster is not a particular issue (it’s easily done), if a major (longer term) collapse were to occur, you could be in big trouble without alternative equipment to accomplish life-sustaining tasks, etc.

It may be worth your while to acquire some practical hand tools and manual operated equipment (those not requiring petroleum fuels or electricity) for survival preparedness tasks which fit categories including the following…

Processing foods from raw ingredients
Food preservation (without electricity)
Transportation of self and/or supplies
Hand tools for all sorts of tasks
Heating your home (if during winter)

I could go on with examples, but I suggest that you write a list of top-level categories (your tools, equipment, appliances which require fuel-electricity) and then break each of them down into individual items which you currently use and rely upon around your home. You should consider alternative replacements.

If you have an alternative energy source (such as solar panels with inverter system, etc.), this may be enough – but many people don’t have this.

Think about it, and think about how you would apply yourself after the SHTF without these ‘modern’ tools. How would you do it?

Redundancy is important. Two is one and one is none.
Stock up on spare parts and maintenance supplies for everything too.

Survival after collapse is lots more than having stored food, it’s about adapting to a difficult life (however long it lasts) without our modern conveniences of today. Having alternatives for the tools and equipment we take for granted today will be life essential.

What are your suggestions?