Uses For Aluminum Foil


Not only is aluminum foil useful for covering casserole pans, its many additional uses make it a unique preparedness item to always have on hand…

Here’s some:

Foil Hat: Great to wear while reading conspiracy websites… πŸ˜‰

DIY Cooking Pans: Works best with heavy-duty aluminum foil – Fold into the shape which suits your cooking needs. Place on low heat, hot coals, etc..

Storing Food: Provides a barrier against light, oxygen, odors, flavors, moisture, and bacteria.

DIY Utensils: Shape into bowls, plates, etc..

Solar Oven Reflector: Use your creativity and make your own solar oven.

Scrubber: A little bit of crumpled aluminum foil for scrubbing pans of tough messes.

Bird Deterrent: Great for around gardens to scare off birds – Tear off sheets, attach to anything to catch the rippling wind.

Funnel: Shape it into a cone shape and start pouring…

Sharpen Scissors: Fold a sheet of foil several times and cut through it with a pair of dull scissors to sharpen the blades.

Reflect & Radiate Heat: Wrap a piece of plywood in foil and tuck it behind a radiator to reflect heat into the room.

Rust-free steel wool: Set your kitchen steel-wool scrubber on a piece of foil to keep rust away.

Shine Your Silver: Chemical reaction with the foil: Line a glass panβ€ˆwith foil, add several spoonfuls of baking soda and salt, fill the pan with boiling water, and drop in tarnished silver for a quick cleaning.

Fishing: Press some aluminum foil around a fishing hook, covering it completely, causing it to wiggle in the water.

Keep Stuff Dry: Wrap it tightly around things like matches, tinder, or anything you want to keep dry

DIY Faraday Wrap: To help protect a portable radio (or any device) from EMP. First completely wrap device in a non-conductive material (Ziploc, paper bag, etc.). Then completely wrap the now-covered radio with foil. Heavy-duty aluminum foil works better due to the ‘skin depth effect’.

Signal Mirror: Use the reflective properties to form into a signaling device.

Cat Toy: Roll into a ball and let the fun begin…

Can you suggest more uses for aluminum foil??

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