Uses For Ziploc Bags


Ziploc bags have a zillion practical uses, not only for food storage (leftovers, etc..) but also for organizing, keeping things dry, and so on.. The following list of random practical uses for Ziploc bags will hopefully inspire ideas. Let’s hear from you too with your own uses for a Ziploc bag…


A Ziploc bag can be used for:

Storing leftover food (the intended purpose of a Ziploc bag)

Holding a map while hiking, to keep dry. Map folded in such a way to see the current terrain through the Ziploc bag.

Keeping tinder dry in your kit or in a pack while on the move, so as to facilitate an easier process of building a fire.

Holding a fire-starter, matches, lighter, etc.. to keep dry in kit or a pack.

Scooping and holding water (as a sealed cup), and/or using the SODIS process to purify.

Making a block of ice.

Keeping small portable electronic devices dry (e.g. cell phone).

Storing a roll of toilet paper for your emergency kit, or moist towelettes.

Storing a bunch of food bars for your kit.

Keeping extra cash dry.

Use as a funnel. Fill the bag with whatever you need funneled, and simply pour.

Keep fresh pair of socks, etc.. dry while on the go (in your pack).

Marinating your favorite meat.

Keeping medications dry.

There are so many ‘keep dry’ and ‘organize’ uses for Ziploc bags, but can you think of any additional unique uses with regards to preparedness, or your emergency kit, etc.. ?


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