Quality Work Gloves – How To Find Your Glove Size


Good quality (and Best quality) work gloves are absolutely essential for protecting one’s hands from the countless harsh and abrasive tasks of a ‘working’ daily life.

Also knowing that an ordinary cut can quickly lead to infection (many people used to die this way before antibiotics), wearing work gloves is a wise precaution – especially post-SHTF.

Work gloves are a ‘must have’ for your preps.

Here’s how to find out your glove size:


How To Find Out Your Glove Size

Measure the circumference of the hand that is used the most (it tends to be slightly larger) with a tape measure around the palm (at the fullest part excluding the thumb) as shown.

Then measure from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of your hand.

Use whichever measurement is larger for your glove size.


Some manufacturers indicate glove size in inches while others size them by Small, Medium, Large, etc. Here’s a glove size chart to help you determine your own size:


MEN’S Glove Sizing

XS (7)
S (7 ½ – 8)
M (8 ½ – 9)
L (9 ½ – 10)
XL (10 ½ – 11)
XXL (11 ½ – 12)


WOMEN’S Glove Sizing

XS (6)
S (6 ½)
M (7)
L (7 ½)
XL (8)


UNISEX Glove Sizing

XXS (6.5)
XS (7)
S (7 ½)
M (8 ½)
L (9)
XL (9 ½)
XXL (10)
XXXL (11)

How many of you have AT LEAST several pairs of work gloves?

Even good quality work gloves will wear out. So be sure to have more than just one pair!

Gloves might be a very overlooked prep item in one’s storage of goods and supplies. Consider the tasks at hand in a world in which you are required to do more yourself.

Some gloves will be necessary for very heavy work while others for medium duty work. Some tasks may require better dexterity and tactile sensation for handling tools and such.

Quality gloves will be made of materials that will hold up better to abuse than ordinary cloth gloves. Pay attention to the materials that the gloves are made of. The palms of good heavy duty work gloves will often have thicker leather or even a double layer, as well as extra stitching or double stitching. Cowhide is the most common leather, although not as good or durable, or with the dexterity of Goatskin or Pigskin leather gloves.

Wells Lamont Work Gloves with Grain Pigskin


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