Yard Cart

Wheels are round! They make it much easier to transport heavy ‘stuff’ from point A to B!

As a prepper, are you overlooking the need for yard carts, wagons, and wheelbarrows that will assist you in moving ‘stuff’ around?

Something that’s not necessarily motorized, but instead can be pulled, pushed, rolled, or pedaled.

Think about how you might transport supplies from here to there if fuel runs out. Are you planning to carry or drag everything?

Some things are just too heavy or cumbersome. Why not take advantage of the wheel?


Yard Cart, Wagons, Wheelbarrows for Water Transportation

One of the most important issues in a post-collapse world will be accessing and transporting water from it’s source to your home or shelter. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon! Think about that. And think about that with no fuel for transportation!

An ordinary yard cart or wagon will be a tremendous asset in this regard. What better way to haul 5 gallon jugs of water weighing 40 pounds each?

From the river, stream, pond, spring, lake, or your neighbors place… getting water from here to there will be no easy task.

Of course there are lots of other uses for carts, wagons, or wheelbarrows, but water transportation seems like a biggie “if” it ever comes to that.


Yard Cart, Wagons, Wheelbarrows for Gardening

I have one particular yard cart that we often use for our garden. What primary task might that be? Hauling away those New Hampshire Potatoes, also known as Rocks!

Every year they keep coming up. It’s an endless chore. Putting them in a cart and hauling them to the rock wall that I’m building next to the garden is sure a lot easier than getting rid of them one by one!

I use a cart for weeding, planting, and harvesting. We can only carry so much in our hands at once, so… wheels!

This is one of the yard carts that I have:
Gorilla Cart, 600 lb capacity


Other uses

Wheelbarrow’s, carts, wagons…

– Deer / Game hauler
– A mountain bike and a pull behind carrier
– Use bicycles to transport heavy loads (sling a load over each side)
– Hauling wood / firewood
– A non powered means of transport is good for OPSEC
– Transport anything heavy!
– you name it…

Best Bicycle for Preparedness?

1-wheel, 2-wheel’s, 3-wheel’s, 4-wheels… they all have their unique advantages when it comes to hauling and transporting.

What about the uses for a shopping cart, a 2-wheel hand-truck, a hand-cart (there’s all kinds), a garage dolly or furniture dolly, a jogging stroller.

Extra wheels, axles, casters, repair kits. These are all thoughts to consider.

Tip: Carts with large diameter wheels are WAY EASIER to roll around in the field. Larger wheels decrease the rolling resistance.

Tip: Fat tires will sink less in soft terrain.

Tip: A 4 wheel yard cart will distribute weight better than a wheelbarrow or similar cart.

Tip: Build up the sides of a yard cart to hold more. Add tie-downs.

Tip: Be conscious of the overall weight. Too heavy and you’re defeating the purpose…

Consider what it could be like ‘post-collapse’ whereby you will be relying more upon manual labor to move and transport things.

Think “wheels”. The ideas mentioned above will help save your back!

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