A small pocket knife is likely an everyday carry item for many people. They’re a great little trusty tool for a multitude of convenient uses. Bigger isn’t always better!

You probably carry that one particular (favorite) special little knife because…it’s small, and it’s not unwieldy to use and carry. And you just like it!

It fits easily in your pocket or clips to your pocket without being a nuisance while still getting most jobs done!

So, what is the best small pocket knife to carry?
Answer: The one that you carry!

Ha-ha, okay lets be serious. Here are some more thoughts on this practical little tool. And lets find out which one is YOUR favorite in the category of small pocket knives…

We all might have a slightly different opinion of “small” when it comes to pocket knives. They make some REALLY SMALL knives.

However I’m referring to a knife that’s small, but big enough to be practical for most ordinary functions without bordering on ridiculous.

Most small pocket knives have a 3.25″ to 3.75″ blade length. But there are some very nice little knives under 3″ too.

There are a LOT of quality knives in that blade length range nowadays. Why? Without going off topic, there’s a wide range of laws and legality issues when knife blades reach a certain length.


Common Uses For Small Pocket Knives

THE most common use for my own small knife is opening cardboard boxes (can you say, “Amazon Prime” – Free Shipping? ;) ).

Other uses might include:

– Slicing through the foil that caps the cork on a bottle of wine
– Opening boxes or various mail packages
– Opening a bag of feed
– While fishing, cutting line
– While camping, cutting cordage, string
– Fire making, shaving tinder
– Scraping gum off your shoe (gross)
– While eating, cutting, peeling
– Splinter
– Hangnail
– Building a shelter

The many uses for a pocket knife are seemingly limitless as well as personal.


Plain Edge, Serrated, or Both

I very much like the plain edge blade as opposed to a serrated edge.

I do have both types. And some that are plain edge near the tip portion and serrated near the handle.

For me, my primary tasks do not require a sawing motion (with serrated). A plain edge works best for most tasks, at least for me…

What’s your opinion on that?


Small Pocket Knives [What to Look For]

Largely it’s a matter of opinion. There are lots of little details and specficiations to consider. But let’s keep it simple. There are a few key considerations.

1. Blade Edge: Like I mentioned above, plain edge or serrated.

2. The Handle Ergonomics: The nice thing is they’re making small knives with large enough handles ergonomically designed to fit well with your grip. Your own opinion and ‘hand’ will vary.

3. Blade Length: This will depend on your uses and comfort level for EDC.

4. Overall Size: How big is it, how long is it when the blade is closed?

5. Pocket Clip: The placement and orientation of the pocket clip will determine how it ‘rides’ on your pants. Different preferences for different people…

6. Blade Shape: I happen to like the Drop Point design (Wikipedia). The Clip Point and Tanto are also popular.


Popular Small Pocket Knives

There are plenty of durable good brand pocket knives.
Companies include these:







(and there are many others)

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