4 Burglar Deterrents For Your Home Security


These four simple, inexpensive, and practical security items WILL present a deterrent to a home burglar…

These cheap but effective home security devices provide effective deterrence and resistance to home burglary while you sleep peacefully at night.


Fake TV

This little device is amazingly effective in its similarity to a real TV from the perspective of a burglar who is outside looking at your windows during the night. It recreates the light of real TV with its bright LEDs which fill a room with light in thousands of possible shades of color while it simulates scene changes, fades, swells, and and on-screen motion. Just put it on a 24-hour timer for the evening hours, and from outside, it looks just like someone is home watching TV. Most burglars will not break into an occupied house.

Here’s an article I wrote regarding the ‘Fake TV’ burglar deterrent.



Fake Security Cameras

Today’s remarkably inexpensive fake security cameras look like the real thing and will completely fool a would-be burglar. Most of them also have a blinking LED light for realism. They can be mounted literally anywhere – with the idea being to have them in plain sight. Most burglars will move along to the next home when they see this…



Door Security Bar

A security bar for your front and/or back door will provide an unbelievable amount of stopping power to a burglar attempting to force their way in. The harder they push, the more resistance it creates. It literally takes just seconds to place this under your doorknob at night before you go to bed.



Door Stop Alarm

While the security bar under your door handle will deter a burglar, a door-stop alarm will screech a siren should the door budge at all. This will alert you in the middle of the night, and give you time to dial 911 and take defense actions… This is also a great solution for those who travel overnight.


    1. Although more expensive and “maintenance required” than these four items, absolutely, yes, pretty much any dog (that will bark) will act as a very good deterrent! I happen to be owned by a mini-Dachshund who will bark louder than many “guard dogs” ;) He doesn’t realize that he’s only 13 pounds…

    2. I have a Shih Tzu that doesn’t bark. He might lick the intruder until they leave..

  1. Guard dogs..yup..but you are so correct…much more expensive/high maintenance…

    however, if one can, they are excellent.

    and those “little” dogs…have heard that so often…most do not have any idea they are not three hundred pounds..

    having said that, our 130 Bernese Mountain Dog, proved worth his expense many times…He amazed me many times how he seemed to instinctively KNOW exactly what to do, and never had any training. I think it must be the “pack” instinct, or something. Had him since a pup, and he very firmly had the idea to protect his pack…And all without being aggressive.

  2. These are good added measures. I like the idea of using the door security bar to keep my dogs in rather then letting them “git him”. Best friend, home alarm, bodyguard, well worth their expense.

  3. Where could you buy these things? I live in an RV and all my doors open out so the door stops would not work but I like the idea of a fake security camera.

    1. Also have an RV set up for potential bugout vehicle and use motion sensors and heat sensors. In addition, just wrap a few tin cans onto some fishing string and tie or tape it to your door so when it opens the cans fall off the table ot seat back and mae a hellova racket.

  4. Thank you for being so grounded. It seems to be very difficult for other prepper sites to not “panic”. I really appreciate your day by day real life options and goals. It makes us feel not quite so alone.

  5. Consider the Rottweiler. A lifestyle decision for the owner and a no brainer for the burglar. Great dogs. Not for kids or the elderly though as a bit too much power and energy. Get an exclusive bloodline if you can. Always wish to please their owner and clown around. Will “switch on and off” quickly in terms of security if they are a true Rottweiler. Can turn on a dime and move quick for a large dog unlike the blocky Malosser (mastiff) breeds. Jaw power way beyond Alsatian or Pitbull but thats getting technical. Each breed has different strengths but for anti burglar, no question go Rotti! This comment from an experienced owner.

      1. … or you get married and have a baby…which takes away your time and dog becomes jealous and baby is attacked…

  6. After having had three Dobermans in succession I now have a 14 pound Dachshund – the best guard dog I ever had. The Dobermans would let a stranger into the house without a sound, and then scare the heck out of him by appearing. The Dachs kicks up such a racket before a stranger gets near the house that he will not even think of entering. Loudest and most aggressive bark of any dog I know, and absolutely fearless. The bonus is he eats a lot less than a Dobie, so there is less poop to scoop :-)

    PS He also alerts me if something is burning in the kitchen and when the mailman is delivering to the mailbox 400 ft away at the end of the drive!

    1. I too have a Dachshund, and I entirely agree with what you’ve said. Amazingly loud bark from that set of lungs. They have NO IDEA that they’re small, instead they are fearless. I’ve been amazed at that – as well as the other side of their personality – a lapdog who love loves their humans and always wants to be with you…

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