Ammunition Shortages For At Least Another Year!

“We currently have over a year’s worth of orders for ammunition in excess of $1B,” CEO (Vista Outdoors Inc) Chris Metz said. He called it “unprecedented” for the company.

Big-name shooting sports company Vista Outdoor Inc. reported “over a year’s worth” of backlogged ammunition orders worth more than $1 billion, an official said recently.

“We currently have over a year’s worth of orders for ammunition in excess of $1 billion,” “With demand far outstripping supply and inventory levels in the channel at all-time lows,”


An estimated 1.9 million firearms were sold in October this year, a 65% spike from the same month in 2019, according to data provided by Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting (SAAF).

SAAF Chief Economist Jurgen Brauer said that an estimated 18.6 million firearms had been sold so far this year, as 2020 “continues on its record firearms sales pace.”


What does that tell us? Can you read between the lines?

I first wrote about the shortage of ammunition (here) back in July.

First off, ammunition is out there to varying extents from varying manufacturers. Just not so much. In “dribs and drabs”. And it’s expensive (supply and demand).

The foxbusiness report – that they’re looking at a one year backlog of orders… That is stunning – though I am personally not surprised in general. The backlog time-frame surprised me.

What’s that tell us? People are scared. They are concerned about their general security. As a result many buy guns and ammunition.

What’s causing the fears and concerns? Well, most of you clearly know. Though there are multiple categorical concerns, the overarching top level causation is that of encroaching Marxism. It is manifesting itself in multi-pronged ways.

The United States of America is the ONLY country in the world whereby we have a Constitutional Right to “keep and bear arms”. Our founders were genius (in many ways) and they inserted this clear backstop (deterrent) against a government gone rogue. Clearly, a socialist/marxist government takeover would be one of those times – in the view/opinion of many.


If they start coming for your guns, it will be clear as a bell – ringing out a warning to all…

Every Single Time, the Marxists take the guns. Then, it’s catastrophic for ANY and ALL opposition. The results of which are eventually — death. Know your history. It’s brutal. That’s what happens. Why would this time be any different? It won’t.

Americans instinctively know that we are in the beginnings of what could be very tumultuous times.

The Anti-Americans know too.

At the moment, we are in the middle of a constitutional process which will determine to an extent how this will unfold. As the people watch and wait, the ammunition supplies dwindle. Dangerous times indeed.

“Hey Ken, what’s up with this doom?” “Get back to other topics that make me feel better!”

I hear what you’re saying. I will sprinkle in some fluff now and again as we transition into our uncertain future. However these present times will require diligence and fortitude if you wish to resist. To stay informed.

I wrote this today because it really surprised me that this major company is looking at a one year backlog. I knew the ammo shortage was severe, but not to this extent. It’s really telling.


  1. Dont we just need 6 or 7 rounds for our single shot hunting rifles?

    what could anyone need more for?

    1. Kula, True words have never been said, heard it more than once. Trekker Out

      1. Trekker,
        that was kinda tongue in cheek ya know,,
        if all we were concerned about was taking a nice deer or some such animal that might ring true, times are getting odd though

    2. Biden said to fire two blasts from your shotgun to scare away intruders.

  2. I don’t even need complete ammo, just small pistol and small rifle primers…

    1. I have heard that primers are the problem. I have a friend that reloads and he can get everything but the primer.

      1. This is correct. So there is a 3 fold problem. First. Hoarding. Pure and simple. I know of one particular person that bought 50K small rifle primers with the “before they are gone” reasoning. To my knowledge he still hasn’t reloaded a single cartridge with his primers. He wasn’t a handloader before and I doubt he ever will be. I’m sure there are literally thousands more just like him. Second is the ammo demand from the big 4 manufacturers means there are no available primers to resell. European companies have sent millions of primers to our manufacturers and distributors, but it is a long boat ride, customs inspections, paperwork, bureaucrats, and then shipping to the plants. The last I heard the primers should be hitting the manufacturers soon. The component distributors will get the next batch. Don’t be surprised if you find some odd names on the shelves at your LGS or shooters supplier. The Russian primers are very good and as well as those from Fiocchi and S&B. Finally, the primers components themselves are still behind from the Covid shutdown in other parts of the world.

        Here’s some good news if you bought a bunch of primers and don’t know what to do with them or simply have no real desire to handload. You can contact Super Vel and they will accept YOUR primers and build ammo for you with your primers. They call it the BYOP (Bring Your Own Primer) Program. Neat idea and it keeps their people working. I’ll post this again at the top for other who just skim the comments.

        1. Hate ta break it to you guys, but reloading components are like anything else, buy it when you can because it may disappear, to begrudge someone because they had the foresight to supply and you didnt, is like your non prepper neighbor giving you greif because you have food and they dont,
          just sayin is all,,,
          let the down votes commence

        2. I agree, Kulafarmer. My only issue if they bought the primers they should at least buy the equipment to reload. It’s like buying range cubes when you don’t own cattle. But again, for those that did Send them to Super Vel and get some ammo made. Or buy a press and get busy. Reloading is a good hobby.

        3. BGinTX

          Why the hell would someone buy components if they didnt reload?

          i reload, i reload because i have seen shortages, the consistency of common ammo is awful, POI is all over the place, have had over 800fps variation within one box of a well known brand, my gunsmith said the only way to get consistent calculable results is through extremely accurate attention to detail and hand loading.

          kinda like that you are what you eat,,,

      2. biden/harris backdoor gun control no bullets no guns no problem.

  3. My question would be, are those back orders stores…or governments? My cynicism is showing more than usual since that travesty of an election…

    1. Honestly Lauren, I would believe that a good portion of the civilian market did go to the government because Modern Throwback told us that Cheyenne Mountain, Mount Weather and Raven Rock all ramped up at the beginning of the lockdowns. Since each of those serve as a “final stance”, I’d hope they were stocked to the hilt.

      As Serenabit mentions, the military was depleted and trying to get their stocks back to normal levels, yet may not have had that much in store before the WuFlu changed the landscape dramatically. And if they didn’t have it on hand, they’d turn anywhere they needed to get it – even if that meant x number from Bass Pro and x number from Academy that was re-routed before being sent into our local stores for purchase.

      1. M’Lynn, and the fact that Trump considered strong military and ability to defend ourselves critical, I bet a LOT went to military

  4. -I’m curious about reloading supplies. Went into a couple of sporting goods stores yesterday when I was in town on other business. You know what I didn’t find.

    -Papa S.

    1. Good article Ken, there are ammo shortages now. But with a potential Harrass ,spelling intentional basement Joe Dictatorship there will be NO more ammo. For anyone! These are scary possibilities . Remember what Charles Heston said!

      1. Maggie, didn’t Heston have “Cold Dead Hands?”.

        I actually saw him give a speech at an NRA convention once where he said the phrase. Totally inspiring !

        1. I too had three dinners with Chuck, and I was told he was buried at Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Pacific Palisades with a gun in his hand.

  5. Apparently some people are tuned in to what path our country seems to be headed down and taking the appropriate steps to deal with the events that may be in our future.
    As far as too much doom and gloom on this site I would say that is the reality of the events we are experiencing today. People prepare for tough times moreso than the good life so that is where the focus should be.

  6. Well, every time a news report or headline worries my husband he says “We don’t have enough bullets.” I think everyone feels the same and can do nothing about it.

  7. Ammo just like every prep and should have been bought and stored many years ago. The problem is most people assume that when a Republican is in office everything will be fine, they drop their guard and forget that a pandemic or rigged election is just around the corner.

    I trust no political party, politician and assume nothing which has kept me from the panic crowds for many years. Shoulda, coulda, woulda is a plan for failure.

    1. I learned rule number one regarding ammo years ago “buy it cheap and stack it deep”. It has worked for me like dollar cost averaging for shares. There are times when I have paid what the market demanded and there have been other times when I had a great big smile on my face as the delivery man dropped off a very heavy parcel or I made use of my Wheaties breakfast to haul ammo from the store.

  8. Thanks Ken,
    Another great article. President Trump recently said that when he first took office one of his Generals said that they were almost out of ammunition. He told the General not to release that information to anyone, but my thinking is that the previous Administration intentionally let the supplies get dangerously low, and for the past 3 1/2 years the government has been restocking in record numbers. JMHO.

    1. Don’t forget that bill Clinton ordered how many every tonnes of ammo to be dumped in the ocean, plus weapons

      1. And another thing , Obama / Biden ordered one or two lead and copper refineries closed for health reasons, now all the stuff has to be imported.

      2. Naw, that was probably shipped somewhere for private use…..or sold off 5he books.

  9. In JWRs novels he lists out the items that the ProvGov bans after the Crunch (financial diasaster). I have always felt like that list is accurate as to what a marxist regime would try to take from the American citizens. Prepare accordingly….

  10. Other factors – local law enforcement, ammo factories in areas with covid outbreaks reducing work force, gun ranges purchasing for all the new shooters learning/practicing, and the newbies themselves. What do I mean about the newbies? Every day I see one or more new gun owners trying to return ammo because they bought the wrong kind. Where I work we can’t accept ammo returns as well as many other gun related items including the firearms themselves. Online and at gun shows ammo is available if you are willing to pay for it from what I have seen. I am certain there is a break point for everyone, but as I told my husband, a gun without ammo is just an expensive club. When I had someone come in to pick up 308 ordered online for in store pickup, I was shocked he was able to get it. He said it took an extreme amount of patience to keep trying to order it. Some smaller manufacturers are saying in March they will be caught up.

  11. 9mm-,38 special, 20 ga, -5.56mm-.22LR

    My Christmas list

    I am not a Prophet, nor the son of a Prophet, but I am willing to bet that I might need “some” before Christmas.


    1. SW,
      This Christmas our friends and family have made a gift giving guide which is only give what someone can eat, shoot, drink or use for defense. No frivolous toys, gimmicks, trinkets or other wastes of resources.

  12. Kinda figured ammo was going to be an issue with the pandemic/social unrest/election year creating the perfect storm. While I feel very comfortable with my stock for multiple platforms, I will use the next couple months to do more plinking with the 10/22.

  13. IMHO
    If you are looking for ammo now
    You haven’t been paying attention at all.

    1. Kula, I “think” that I have an old box of .32’s under the bed someplace.

      Seriously, the three B’s now and always dude.

      1. Should be 4Bs IMO
        Beans,Bandages,Bullets and Booze (even if you don’t drink so useful medicinal and barter)

  14. Do not think for a moment that all the firearms and ammo buyers are right wing patriots.
    The left, blm, antifa, et al could very well be buyers too.
    You know– to fight all those right wing malitias

    1. tango, went to the local range last July and it was filled with a number of first time shooter Collage age twerps. So yes, according to a Member of our church, who owns both the range and a gun shop, he has seen many “younger” and “persons of color” buyers all year.

      1. I noticed a shift from spring/summer to late October at the local shop. All spring and summer it was all regulars (grizzled old timers, scruffy middle age people of pallor–yours truly– and scruffy black country boys). I popped in late October (to buy last 2 boxes of 32 Win Spec for sale on earth for brother-in-law) and it was mostly old yuppies, hipsters, and preppy black customers. Of course, they were buying the scraps and asking questions like “ya got any 9?”
        The old timers were visibly annoyed but mostly civil to the ding dong division of the resistance. I will have to admit everyone behind the counter and the three regulars(including yours truly) belly laughed over Mr. “got any 9?”

    2. I think these sort are dwarfed by the new buyers, who realized they needed their OWN weapons, as they could no longer depend upon borrowing their Dad’s firearms to defend themselves. Besides, Dad told them he was going to keep his weapons ready for his use, and Mom and Aunt Doris needed them.

      I gave my sons their first weapons and taught them how to employ them. I have taught all my children to be lethal when they must be.

  15. All you need is a few hundred rounds.

    After all, if you have fired 200 rounds at the enemy, you should be able to harvest ammo from the fallen. If not, you have lost, are dead, are a bad shot, or the enemy was unarmed.

  16. This ammo shortage has been awhile in the coming and many of us warned friends to stock up, some did and most others didn’t. This kind of reminds me of tell others about Jesus Christ, most often it falls on deaf ears and then one day it happens, and then it’s to late. This ammo shortage will come to an end, but I believe it will be much longer than a year, but your rejection of Jesus Christ will be for an eternity. Please except Jesus Christ as your Savoir now, and then keep on looking for deals on ammo. That’s my opinion, and it ought to be yours. Trekker Out

    1. I have expected WM to start caving to the cancel culture. But it will be good news for consumers and other smaller retailers.

    2. Mountain Trekker –
      I actually believe that there are a lot of Christians who are coming to a new understanding about using lethal force. I would bet that many of them never before thought they may be tasked with taking a life. In realizing that this is indeed a battle against evil, many have had to grapple with understanding that any and all means necessary are at their disposal and that God would reward them, rather than punish them for their actions. I think circumstances have led to soul searching, which in turn has allowed people who never held a gun to confidently buy their first one.

      1. M’Lynn
        As a former Pastor/Chaplin I can’t tell you how often I have had this discussion with people. What I tell them is this ” You are walking down a street at night and you hear a woman yelling RAPE-SOMEONE HELP ME! Do you stop and pray for her, or do you pray for her while drawing your Glock 19 and stop the crime”?

        God Bless you and yours

        1. I’m probably wrong here and I do consider my self a christian. but after a family history and personal history concerning the catholic church and seeing members some really “big ” southern churches ( baptist ) that want or think they need a 50 to 70 million dollar grumman g7 /8 corportae jet to spread the word of the lord. I know that I don’t need a religion like that .thanks , but no thanks

        2. You will bow before Jesus one day!
          Religion is of man!
          Being a Jesus follower is about Jesus!

      2. I consider myself a Christian, but am just an imperfect man and a sinner, doesnt mean i dont talk to God, but doesnt meanni will turn the other cheek eber again

      3. There is evidence that Jesus Christ told his Disciples just prior to His assentation to Heaven to arm themselves, selling their cloak is necessary to do so. I for one believe that Christians have the right and moral obligation to protect their family, their law abiding neighbors and themselves from criminals, anarchist, and those that would enslave them. Jesus, who knew what was in the minds of men had to know that Peter was armed with a sword when the Pharisees and the romans came to take him away to be crucified. I think he reprimanded Peter only because the death of Christ was already ordained for the payment of mans sins. I think that a Christian that will not fight for his faith is shirking his duty. A gun is the modern equivalent of a sword in Biblical times. Yes, I am a Christian, and if you attempt to disarm me or harm my family I will kill you and sleep well that night, with the firm belief I did the right thing.

    3. It seems we’re living in a day when everyone is offended by something. You know what offends me, someone peeing in my cheerios. Trekker Out

      1. I take it you are making fun of armed Christians. Let you or your family be endangered and you will be the first one to scream for help, and the help will generally come from an armed good guy. It is people like you who will be the death of good men coming to your aid. Shame on you.

        1. Please don’t jump to conclusions. I don’t think she was making fun of anyone.

        2. I agree one shouldn’t jump to taking offense. I repeat that Obama quote about clinging to my guns and Bible often. It’s hard to describe why I do so except as a way to state proudly I believe in the things on which this country was once based. And I guess I am mocking the left for their ridiculous stereotypes for people with whom they have no knowledge.

        3. missourisam,.
          Glad to see you posting- have not noticed you before..
          Yes, i can tell you there are many who would walk step in step with you to assist you to defend your family and support your right to do so..
          . In coming in and reading and making comments we have to understand that many times- those we don’t know- sometimes mis understand our meanings since we do not have the benefit of being face to face.
          I have seen many here use that phrase, and me and DH use it fairly often.. it is our way of making fun – and acknowledging the disparaging comment made by BO- that we “cling to our Bible and Guns”..We have no intention of releasing either….by letting others know where we stand- the chance of us needing to scream for help…is greatly reduced.
          we agree with you’s ok.. no harm -no foul.

  17. I’m not sure if this would benefit anyone here, but during the Big Zero years, there were numerous and local online barter boards.

    Boom sticks, projectiles, accessories for sale and/or trade.

    I had made several purchases and even sold hard to find spent brass. Prices were fair. And helped me tremendously.

    I’m not sure of other locations if this is still a thing or even a possible thing to do anymore, as the net is so widely policed for such activities.

  18. An author friend of mine used to own a gun store. He said they had a framed picture of Obama behind the counter with the caption “Salesman of the year” because every time O opened his mouth it brought in new customers. This would be the same, I expect.

  19. Ball cannons and flintlocks.

    A lot of damage can be done with a wrist rocket or a home-made pipe gun, not to mention a bow, atlatl, or blowgun

    1. Slingshots are my choice,
      but i am not beyond using a rock to bash whatever to a pulp

  20. The second amendment doesn’t “allow” anything, it constrains government from taking away a natural right. Saying it “allows” guns, but does not include ammo is akin to saying the first amendment “allows” freedom to own a printing press….but not the ink……….

    1. Well said. I have always thought that the Key words in 2nd Amendment were “…shall not be abridged”.

      1. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      2. I believe the words you are looking for is ” shall not be infringed”. Has anyone ever wondered why the supposedly enlightened left doesn’t understand those plain English words. Shall not is not rocket science.

        1. Its because they are leftist, more people were killed by their own leftist government in the 20th century after being disarmed than by all wars combined

    1. Tango,
      I’m looking forward to the day they initiate that plan. Gonna be a lot of widows with orphans.

      1. Tango,
        So sorry but what is FFL? Seem to be blanking.
        Thanks ,

        1. Stand,
          Thank you . Like I said totally blanked.
          Thanks for answering me😃

  21. To all those that claimed that I needed ARs instead of AKs because of the ability to get parts and ammo; I was right! I can still get 7.62×39 from mail order or Walmart, but no 5.56 or .223.

    1. Nss
      that’s exactly why you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Two is one and one is none.

    2. not so sure,
      Yep, but a President can stop all imports of AKs and 7.62×39 with an EO, no congressional approval. The President has no independent authority on domestic production of firearms and ammunition.

  22. Here’s the facts on ammo in my opinion. As they said i8 million guns sold. Go on any utube channel or prepper site which these newbies will do and it will tell you that you need a minimum of 1000 rounds per weapon. if my math is correct that’s 18 billion rounds just for the newbies and that doesn’t count those of us that shoot on a regular basis. I have to go qualify for my CCW renewal next week and that will take about 50 rounds per weapon so I cut down to 2 carry guns. I’m not concerned about running out of ammo but I am concerned about when it will be back

  23. I’ve wondered about a ” tax ” on ammo for a long time, when and if that happens and it looks like it might be happening

  24. Ammunition tends to cycle. Many of the components aren’t from here due to the race to the bottom in pricing.

    Most of the eastern end of europe quit making primers for a while. There are a pile of wars going on. COVID and the piles of problems with Remington caused them to fall apart long before COVID. It was this time last year Remington ran out of money and started winding down a lot of their businesses including DPMS.

    We’ve sold double to quadruple our normal monthly firearm sales in the last 18 months. Even if each of those were only sold with one box of ammo…

    We had an entire summer of people being home to go plinking that normally don’t have time to do so.

    It’s the wrong time to try to take away any firearms or any kind of security from Americans. There are two bills that have largely been dead in the water since before the pandemic and I expect them to continue. It will be once things “calm down” or some crazy person goes and Columbines it up before we have to worry about anything.

    The first thing that might happen is to make it more difficult to do private party sales, then maybe unfinished paperweights, then maybe no longer able to buy ammunition by mail. But considering most paperweight makers are based in commiefornia and they haven’t done anything a out it yet I’m not too worried.

    So until things get “good” again I wouldn’t worry about it.

  25. I’m all for Capitalism and Free Enterprise and this is where Supply and Demand comes into play. Remember some years back when we had the oil shortage and Tankers were anchored everywhere with their fuel tanks full of oil, until the price was right? Well don’t think for a minute that big ammo manufactures and wholesalers and even some of the bigger retailers, are on our side just because they make the ammo we need. A few months back 5.56 ammo could be found for a little over $250 a 1000, and now it’s around $800 a 1000 and 9mm was less than $200 a 1000 and now it’s over $600 a 1000, do you really think they’re going to be in any hurry to get their prices back down for us little people, when they can just let it out a little at a time, and people are ready to grab whatever they can get. My bet is, they’re warehouses full of ammo waiting for things to stabilize so they will know where to set the price when the dust clears. Trekker Out

    1. I have reasonable belief that it is retailers that are taking the profit. I have a family friend that works in ad design for one of the manufacturers that isn’t Vista Outdoor. They did not raise prices. They said first thing they’d do is offer rebates. To try to maintain loyalty. If they needed money they’d cancel rebates.

      I can’t verify this but it makes sense as to why Cabela’s left their price low while resellers were raising prices through the roof.

    2. Mountain Trekker per your comment:
      “My bet is, they’re warehouses full of ammo waiting for things to stabilize so they will know where to set the price when the dust clears.”

      Agree 110%. 9mm bulk/range ammo is almost non-existent and/or ridiculously priced, but oddly enough I can still get premium ammo like Federal HST PD 124 gr. for a “reasonable” price because I know a guy who knows a guy who knows… Meanwhile I avoid the influx of grade B ammo like the plague – no pun intended. Have also noticed there seems to be an abundance of LE duty 9mm ammo. Are the police departments getting ready for de-funding?

  26. Going into this most recent ammo drought, the one item we all need and I purchased lots of were:…primers. The small manufacturers that make bullets and load ammunition are also having a difficult time finding primers at the present time. I do not have a bullet shortage for handguns because I cast my own in both .357 and .451 ( and also .430 ).

    I am about to break into a box of powder coated bullets to try loading those in 9 mm. I have not yet tried loading the powder coated bullets so I am looking for advice or loading data for the relatively new items. I am switching to powder coated bullets because it is difficult to find copper jacketed bullets at present time. Do you load these bullets hot or mild? How fast can you push them? I hear many say they are wonderful because they do not lead-up your rifling.

    The guy that sells powder coated bullets is one county south of me so between shopping local and recycling my lead, I feel like an organic, save-the-earth type of progressive dude.

    As a counterpoint to the deer hunters out there, each Spring when I go out after ground squirrels, I will go through anywhere from 300 to 500+ rounds per 2 day shoot of varmints or vermin. 91% hit ratio makes for a lot of bodies to be picked up by the seagulls and buzzards.

    Finally, I practice with a pump-up pellet pistol at 20 yards indoor range at bullseye target. Most good shooting technique can be practiced with a good quality pellet rifle and pistol.

    1. Calirefugee,…….

      No direct hands on knowledge, but can pass on what I’ve read and some experience with some factory CCI mini-mag .22 lr loaded with powder coated bullets……….

      Have read that you need to flare the cases a little more than you normally would, to prevent possibly shaving the coating off as the bullet seats…..use your normal powder charges for hard-cast lead bullets….shy away from hot powders such as Tite-Group (melts the base coat, increasing leading possibility)….Unique works good (probably 700X and 800X would, too)……..

      Now, my observations with the CCI .22 lr 40gr round nose powder coated…..found they didn’t work well in a couple of semi-auto pistols that function fine with regular 40 gr mini-mag….but chronographed 50 fps faster, leading me to believe the powder coated bullets are “slippier” going down the barrel, reducing the pressures needed for a reliable blowback action….which would also cause me to believe you could load them hotter and stay within standard pressures as long as leading doesn’t become a problem…….

      Just observations….hopes this helps………

      1. Cali & Dennis

        I went to our most popular sporting goods store, four, six weeks ago.
        No 209 primers what so ever, not even the muzzle loading section.
        All the normal, CCi, Remington primers gone.
        Pistol and rifle
        An odd ball name primer was available for pistol and rifle, but very limited.
        I don’t remember the company name.

        I don’t even recall seeing #11 percussion caps for muzzle loaders.

  27. Wow! didn’t know it was that bad. Been thinking of getting more ammunition good to have encase in case things go bad.

  28. DW got me a 22 cowboy gun a few weeks ago. I just got the 22 mag cylender in today. Now the hunt for a new caliber ammo begins.

    1. car guy I have seen 22 mag in Wal-Mart lately. I’d hurry given how many folks are looking for ammo.

    2. car guy
      Long time, no see carguy post….
      So how ya doing?

      I have had one of those cowboy guns…very nice, and accurate.
      If I hadn’t sold all my 22 mag amm o, I’d get some to ya.

  29. So the other evening we went to our local shop to pick up an item ordered for a family member that we ordered specifically at his request. He couldn’t find it anywhere. Turned out he did then find one, but not the XL version. Spouse had already decided if family member no longer wanted it, we could buy it when it arrived so no big deal. Before, you had to get your sales slip, take it to county sheriffs office to have put on your CC, and then take that and slip county gives you to dealer to pick up your item – 3 days turnaround time. With COVID, the rules have changed and the dealer emails info to our county (how encrypted is his email?). Then county sends us something in mail and we send them $6, then they send us what we need to pick up pew shooter. What a load of nonsense and even more time consuming…..weeks.

    while waiting and filling docs needed, several people came in looking for ammo. Most made the purchase because it is difficult to find here and if you still want to practice regularly, you need to replenish your supply. If you can find it, you are limited to one or two boxes per caliber requested. One guy came in to ask about 9mm, was told $22 for box of 50 federal 115 gr and he said no thanks. I was surprised because it is next to impossible to find in our area.

  30. Response to Dennis and Joe C.:

    To Dennis first: Thank you for your response and observations. It pretty much coincides with the information I have been getting from local “old-guys-that-reload” of which I am a proud member at my local club. I have been selling some of my Titegroup powder within my club to people that are still loading a lot of jacketed bullets. We all know about higher energy and scorching of brass with the Titegroup powder. ( on the plus side: smaller charges per volume and cleaner burning.)

    To Joe C.: My primary powder for shooting cast lead bullets in all centerfire handguns is Red Dot by Alliant. It is also used to reload my 12 gauge Trap load firing 11/8 oz of #8 at around 1200+ fps. ( we had a club member bring out a chronograph so we tested our loads through it. Nobody shot out the sky screen that day.). The versatility of red dot powder was such that I bought an 8 lb keg of it at the start of the last ammo drought and I am still working my way through it at the present time. Keep searching for primers out there. Availability is spotty at best. Thank the Lord I am still able to buy trap loads to break clay for cross training and fun! ( I buy and reload Winchester AA’s.)

    To NHM and others out there: My 12 gauge trap load is the basis for my “light buckshot load” firing a volume equivalent of #4 buckshot. Within 20 yards, it does the job without jarring your fillings loose. This load has been tested on feral dogs chasing livestock in cattle country. This load is in high demand by female officers and deputy’s.

    1. Hi, Cali!
      Yep, I have the Red Dot, as you had suggested to me awhile back.
      Not 8# worth, but some!
      7 1/2 and some 4 shot.
      A couple hundred 209 primers.
      I’ve only reloaded a half dozen hulls, but a nice pattern for shot, as you had once suggested in a recipe.

      Slugs and buckshot lead

      The only availability is online that I’ve seen.


      My brother has read of people using birdshot and wax to make a ‘slug’.
      But the wax adheres and builds up in the barrel.

      Being an experienced hull reloader, would you even consider such a thing?

  31. The current shortages are partially due to the fact that this is hunting season across the CONUS. There is always a shortage of components and ammo due to people going out in the field because most everything edible is in season at this time of year. I am used to seeing things dry up on the store shelves now. I start seeing a rebound effect after the New Year when people are nursing their hang over and gathering documents for tax season.

  32. Response to Joe C. in regards to the “poorman’s safety-slug”: There are some people that tried this on u-tube and they still have their fingers, toes and eyeballs intact. you may want to check out Demolition Ranch, Taufliedermaus and Iraqiveteran site on u-tube. These are old postings and may or may no longer be up and running. They had interesting ways to cope during the prior ammo drought.

    I stopped buying slugs for my shotguns after I obtained my lever gun in 44 mag. It works on black bears that would not let me cook supper in peace in bear country. I could fire it without having to take aspirin afterwards and having my fillings re-attached.

    When pouring liquid over the birdshot: use wax. DO NOT use epoxy as it can leak out of the shotcup and cause dangerous pressures within the chamber when fired. Also be aware that the wax will melt on a hot day so it will create a mess in your jacket pocket or game vest. Yes, I have been there and dun that too.

    I used to be the young, scruffy dude showing up at the trap range wearing my field vest that had blood stains, dog treats and feathers in the pockets and the outside. It grossed out a few ladies at the big city trap range butt it made the old timers laugh.

    1. Haha
      Thanks for the info, Cali.
      Will look those sites up, as time allows.

    2. Calirefugee,
      I went shooting with some “family” on boxing day a number of years back, they all laughed at me and made fun of me with my 18” mossberg pump,

      they stopped laughing when i out shot the patriarch with his 1200$ museum piece

  33. If Biden does win he said no more internet sales of gun parts and ammo.

    1. Ron Gerber, they are already preparing lawsuits against a Biden administration if this action does indeed occur. The Commerce Clause is tricky. They can declare parts illegal through an administrative opinion by the BATF by saying you are manufacturing without a proper FFL. This obviously won’t hold up in a conservative SCOTUS case. Ammo has already been ruled on several times, but they are working on another angle in the Cabela’s case. Depending on the outcome of that lawsuit, we will know more.

      The real play is about money. If you own an AR/AK pistol they have non-publicly issued a letter saying they are Any Other Weapons, AOWs, and fall under special regulations to own, manufacture, or import. That means you will have to pay the $200 stamp extortion fee to continue to own without incurring a felony charge. The knew the fix was in so they issued the letters before the election to manufacturers and importers.

      Next they will declare AR and AK pattern rifles to be AOWs as well, so to own one you will be required to declare it, list it, and then pay another $200 stamp extortion fee for each perfectly legal weapon that you own.

      As Dennis says, the Constitution doesn’t give you rights. The Constitution was meant to limit the government from infringing on you natural rights as a free person.

      1. BG
        2A was written specifically to give the people a means of redress against an abusive government,

        are we there yet……..

        1. Kula, the NRA sent me a book a few years ago regarding the history and writings of the founders about the 2A. It should be required reading in schools and must be recited to take any public office in my opinion.

  34. So you have a whole bunch of primers and you don’t know if you want to reload, but you want more ammo. Go to the Super Vel website and get info on the Bring Your Own Primer program. You send the primers and they build your ammo. Easy stuff. You get ammo and they get to keep working due to the primer shortage.

  35. Reply to Kula:

    Yes, it is a satisfying feeling to outshoot somebody that has a Krieghoff or other high end shotgun with a $300 Mossberg or Remington pump shotgun. No matter how much you pay, a shotgun is not a precision weapon.

    I used to enjoy doing this more until I realized that many of these folks were future and potential customers to one of several shops where I did work. One of the benches was for replacing wood stocks on old sporting rifles.

  36. I saw this coming a long time ago, here it is in full Blume, it can only go from bad to worse if we the people let it.

  37. Our LGS gave us a heads up that Remington, Federal and CCI ammunition was facing a significant price increase on November 1st 2021. They were kind enough to have a sale on existing stock for a week. Of course this is the frozen north so things may be different down your way.
    Anyone see recent prices on what ammo is in stock in your AO?

  38. Year 2022 update: Ammo is coming back for pistol calibers though it is for loaded ammo. Rifle calibers are spotty and the old favorites can be hard to find around hunting season. Bargain priced ammo in large quantities are gone in my AO. Rimfire ammo is plentiful just not every single day of every week.

    So why am I reloading and what am I reloading these days? With the limited supplies I have on hand, here is a top-of-my head list of projects ongoing: In cartridges using small pistol primers I reload 22 Hornet because the best groups using good components start with small pistol primer. (22 Hornet can group within a silver dollar at 100 yards). If I have trouble finding a box of pistol ammo in hollow or soft point, some reclaimed brass is cleaned and reloaded with the proper bullet in small lots. In calibers using large pistol primers, I have 2: 45 ACP and mid-range loads in 44 magnum handgun. Most of my pistol competition in younger years was in either 38 special or 45 ACP. I have bullet molds for .358, .451 and .430 calibers. If I practice with centerfire handguns these days, these are the guns I practice with because I was able to find lots of large pistol primers on shelves as things started to dry up.
    Large pistol magnum primers are being used in the 44 magnum lever gun I used to shoot rogue or dangerous black bears in years past. Not much call for me to do that now-days because I live at the edge of a small town and have an in-town job. Last time used for this type of application was to put down a cougar that was in a fenced enclosure in town limits. This is the end of part 1: pistol primers: large, small and magnum.

  39. Year 2022 update: what am I reloading and why: Rifle primers. Small rifle primers are being used in Caliber 223 Remington because this was my primary varmint hunting round for decades prior to leaving California. The only semi-auto rifle I have is also in 223 and it does not get fired much these days. The primary weapon that fires 223 for hunting is a heavy barreled bolt-rifle used to shoot cloverleaf groups at 100 yards and finding match grade components has always been difficult to find starting with the match-grade primer. To find these primers and components, I had to travel far and pay high prices for these components even in times of plenty. Large rifle primers have been used in 30-06 rifles because I rebuilt a bunch of them in the old days. I only hunt big game in the lower 48 states and the “06” or a 308 were used by me to shoot deer, bears, elk and feral pigs for years in the past. In security applications, the 308 round will punch through windshield glass and car doors. (been there and did that when I was working Sworn LEO position).

    I have been able to find plenty of rimfire ammo these days as compared to the Obama years. 22 long rifle mostly is used for target practice while squirrels and prairie dogs are being taken with 17 HMR. I have 22 magnum cylinder for my Ruger single six and this weapon works well on feral dogs that come around farms and ranches. I now have a scoped bolt rifle in both 22 mag and 17 HMR. I am glad to see lots of rimfire ammo available because these rounds are the ones that people best learn on through live-fire practice. If you cannot hit what you are aiming at with a 22 long rifle, you will not be able to hit it with other, bigger rounds.

    Shotshells: I was able to find and purchase several cases of 209 primers less than a year ago. That can reload a lot of buckshot rounds. I have lots of empty hulls, polyform wads and molds for casting lead ingots into buckshot.

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