When to pull up the drawbridge?

A MSB reader recently said,

“Where I live Semi Rural there is enough currently reported lawlessness, illegal drugs and people living paycheck to paycheck unable to replace a flat tire IN THE MIDDLE of Winter driving on a donut spare… to give me reason to be concerned.”

Most “Well Off” I see are living by the Credit Cards and minimum payments. When the SNAP Cards and such stop it will NOT BE PRETTY.

For MYSELF the big concern is deciding when to raise the drawbridge. To know enough to act decisively to the level of committed defensive actions.

– from ‘NH Michael’

Ken adds:

He brings up a very good topic for discussion. And one that is as serious as a heart attack. Many preppers may be avoiding this issue or have false notions about it. However regarding defensive security of one’s ‘castle’, you better think about this:

– When to ‘raise the drawbridge’
– How to KNOW when it’s ‘REALLY SHTF’ (without rule of law)
– To plan specific levels of defense depending on SHTF timeline


He goes on to say, “If you start shooting folks for stealing and it’s not as far along the SHTF timeline as you think, getting arrested and jailed is a POOR place to be in when the rest of the SHTF situation occurs.”

More thoughts:

– Strong defenses and varied responses to threats like zone control.

– Bear Spray instead of instant decisive LIFE CHANGING Behavior response to allow us TIME to KNOW if it’s a local issue or FULL ON SHTF without rule of law event.

– How to determine when to bump up our violence levels.

– Almost everybody makes the assumption that We Will KNOW when it IS SHTF.

– Going to Jail before full on SHTF (WROL) will be very hard on your family.

Ken’s thoughts on “How to Determine if it’s REALLY SHTF (WROL)

It is (perhaps) too presumptuous to imagine being transformed into a mindset of tactical / lethal force to ‘deal’ with perceived threats following what is believed to be major SHTF.

To avoid making horrible and life changing decisions in this regard, a responsible prepper better heed very serious due-diligence to determine the real level of SHTF. And then adjust one’s security responses accordingly.

My general advice is this…

Intel, intel, intel! Intelligence. Get some.

The key to what we’re talking about here is really this: “Without Rule Of Law” WROL.

You will need to determine if SHTF has broken down to the extent of WROL. Not only that, but how wide spread is WROL and will ROL return?

If there’s no longer any rule of law (no police / law enforcement / system of justice) in your town, locality, or area, but there’s still rule of law in the rest of the region, state, or country, then you’re still dealing with the rule of law! Take actions accordingly. Because you will likely (eventually) be held accountable.

If SHTF has devolved into complete widespread (temporary) breakdown, but eventually somehow returns to something of it’s former self regarding rule of law, then chances are you will be held accountable under that rule of law.

On the other hand, if the worst happens and societal chaos has uprooted the tree to the extent of no return, this may be another situation altogether.

HAM Radio, Shortwave Radio, Any Radio.

Tune in. Scan the dials. Listen. Hear and discover what’s going on elsewhere. Since we’re talking about hypothetical ‘REAL SHTF’, what you will be hearing (if anything) on the airwaves will have to do with what’s going on. Others with HAM radios reporting their news and discovering for themselves what’s happening elsewhere.

Tecsun PL880 Portable AM/FM, Longwave & Shortwave Radio w/ SSB (Single Side Band)

Discover if the event is widespread. Discover what others are reporting and doing.

You will need to decide and use your best judgement as to the extent of breakdown. Is it going to be temporary? Permanent? In between? What’s the severity? What’s being done about it? Is .gov or law enforcement taking action or non existent? Where is it the worst?

And adjust accordingly.

When is lethal force justified?

Does Your State Have A Castle Doctrine?

Under current law, which varies state by state, YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND when lethal force is justified where you live.

During ‘SHTF’, if the situation that presents itself is not justified under normal rule of law, will you be crossing that line? Why?

Are there other actions that you might take instead?

I’m just suggesting that you think about this.

Anybody else have any CONCERNS on how to determine when it is REALLY SHTF instead of a blow over situation??

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