People are “losing it” now, never mind what will happen when times get tough for real!

How often have you seen others around you “losing their minds” over seemingly trivial things?

How often have you observed others “losing it” over recent politics and political ideals?

How often have we seen news of other people “losing it” around the country and around the world for one thing or another?

Anxiety appears to be very high. Tensions are evidently very tight. People are “snapping”…

Now imagine what will happen if and when times get “really” tough (for real)…

During my recent road-trip I observed my share of instances of others “losing it”. However there was one incident in particular that was way above the rest. It occurred at a gas station.

It was lunch time and we pulled in to a gas station to diesel-up and to get a Subway sandwich. I got out and started filling up the truck. The place was pretty full of vehicles and people. There was a man in a truck who pulled up to the pump across from me who evidently was having issues with the pump’s card reader. This man subsequently went into a rage like I’ve not seen in a while. Yelling and swearing at the top of his lungs, slamming the door on the truck and moving to another pump right behind me where he continued his rage for another minute or so. It was insane how this guy went off the deep end.

It got me to thinking about the hair-trigger so many people are living on. And these are the supposed good times! I’m telling you, if and when the SHTF in a substantial way, social chaos will begin occurring right quick. It’s going to get ugly and your personal security is going to be VERY HIGH on your list of concerns.

A recent comment here on the blog by someone who observed a similar situation is probably just the tip of the iceberg for others of you who have also witnessed people “losing it”.

I was confronted by a very angry man this week about a situation that had nothing to do with me. He was collectively yelling at a bunch of people over a stupid nothing situation.

This served as yet another reminder about how stupid people can and will behave during a SHTF scenario. HE could not be rationalized with, he wasn’t interested in talking it out. He was accusational and angry. Kinda like the ANTIFA idiots.

Cool heads claimed the victory, but what happens when people are armed? Food for thought.

Another recent comment on the blog,

The world has really gone mental,,,
I pretty much can’t even read any of the trash out there now, be it MSM or Alt media, it all seems retarded, people are just off. I just don’t get it, its like there has been an overdose of stupid pills or something.

A reply reads as follows,

Yes, run-away anger. The catch phrase of today is “being triggered”. PC run wild – I will give you examples from just the few words you wrote – you can’t say “retarded” anymore, you can’t refer to anyone as “mental”, you can’t say “stupid”. And this is just the beginning of the attacks on the First Amendment – you can’t say woman, man, female, …. some places you can’t hang the flag. When do the good people of this country say enough – the next Pearl Harbor, 911,… to late.

What’s your opinion? Are people “losing it” out there? Why? And do you have any of your own encounters to share?