Key Bumping Used By Burglars To Break Into Your Home


Thought your front door lock was safe? Have you heard of key bumping?

A relatively new security problem is the threat of “key bumping,” in which someone with a ‘bump key’ can open most locks that are commonly used in homes…

(except for those which I’ll show you in a minute…)

Lock bumping, also called key bumping or bump keying, is a lock picking technique used to unlock standard pin tumbler cylinders with a ‘bump key’.

The method is one used by criminals to gain access with a bump key. It is a growing problem, globally. Bumping attacks are becoming widespread as the method can be used to unlock most standard residential cylinder locks which are not bump resistant.

Most home doors use standard cylinder locks…
…which are vulnerable to key bumping.

The bumping method is non-destructive. When a bump key is used to break into a house there may be no signs of forced entry or damage to the lock.

What can you do about it?
First, awareness of the vulnerability is your first step to better security. Most people have never heard of this, and don’t realize how easy it is for burglars to get into your home.

Whenever you buy new locks…
Check to be sure that they are specifically designed to be BUMP-RESISTANT.

Video from CBS News on Key Bumping:

The point is this… If you’re ever replacing a lockset, or buying a padlock, I suggest to get one that’s bump proof. There’s a wide variety of choices.

Bump Proof Lock Sets
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Lock Set that's key bumping proof

How To Keep Someone With A Key From Getting In:

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