Security Against The Unprepared


The unprepared. Sadly, most people are unprepared in the context of ‘survival and preparedness’ and/or just having a deep food pantry.

While recently having discussed the notion of being prepared for the unprepared, I touched upon the very real need for security during a time of deep societal collapse whereby the modern day delivery systems of just-in-time infrastructure have broken partially or altogether.

Since remarkably most people only have an approximate 3 day supply of food for their household, it is a certainty that these people will become hungry, angry, and eventually desperate – and may become a clear and present danger to you – the prepared – during a time of deep societal downfall.

So given that you cannot save everyone (even if you so desired) without ‘shooting yourself in the foot’, the need to establish your own security will become a very important priority to protect what’s yours. It’s an ‘icky’ subject for some, and not very comfortable to think about or talk about – but it will be a reality that is forced upon you – should society descend to such a place…

Best though is to have become the ‘gray man’, unknown to others that you are prepared while blending in and having executed good OPSEC (operational security – keeping your mouth shut).

But with that said, there may eventually come a time when you are forced to make a stand. Some may never face that situation depending on location and those who are around you, however I suspect that most will. Eventually. Some sooner than others. And therefore you might want to think about that now, rather than later.

There is no one answer that fits all regarding your security against the unprepared. But there are commonalities that will exist.

A commonality will be the unprepared hungry people who will be highly motivated to eat. Some more motivated than others. Some will knock on the door and ask. Some will be more persistent than others. Some of them will threaten and some will threaten violence. Some of them will skip the ‘threaten’ part and go straight to violence. The point is that hungry people will do very desperate things to feed themselves. It’s there own survival instinct kicking in.

The question is, are you ready for these circumstances? It may be a difficult thing to contemplate while living before the collapse in today’s relatively peaceful and modern way-of-life and it’s associated conveniences, but let me tell you this: If today’s modern society descends (crashes) down to a place where most become desperate and hungry, there will be widespread danger and violence (some places far worse than others) given today’s unprepared population diagnosed with normalcy-bias – coupled with the general lack of morality and decency for one’s fellow man (and woman).

During such a time, many of the unprepared may look upon the prepared as though they’ve cheated them somehow – and that they deserve a portion (or all) of your deep pantry. While that mindset and intention might sound a bit extreme to some of you, the reality is that it exists, and it is rampant more than you may think. Be prepared for it.

The best security is that which deters or avoids the confrontation altogether. There are methods of subtle deterrence and they vary depending on your environment. Your objective is to relate to people that “there’s nothing going on over here – so just move along”…

Don’t make yourself a target. Since you are prepared and you are supplied, then for heaven’s sake don’t let anyone else know. Word travels fast, especially when everyone is listening for keywords indicative that others have supplies. You may want to help certain select individuals, but you must keep it quiet for your own personal security. If you are choosing to help a select ‘other’, then that other person (or people) must be told in no uncertain terms that they keep quiet (not everyone can keep quiet – even your friends or family).

There is security in numbers. Believe me, just one or two of you will not hold up long to any moderate threat. It is wise to plan extra provisions (ahead of time) so as to have the option to bring in select others to your group (without having an immediate shortage of your own supplies) for help with security detail (and other things). Yes, you will need around-the-clock security as the societal decay sinks beyond a certain threshold (you have to sleep sometime…) There is security in numbers, but you have to be ready and able to sustain the numbers.

One good scenario might be that of you and your neighbors working together and pooling resources and work duties – including security. This of course would be highly dependent upon your neighbors, their character, and your relationship with them. For example I personally am very fortunate in that my neighbors fit exactly that description (as do many in this area) in that many are self-reliant people (part of the general mindset of rural folks – a way of life). However suburbia may be more challenging in that regard – although certainly feasible…

During a hypothetical of having descended into the abyss, firearms will be your best ‘big stick’. “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” If a potential opposing force believes you to have a small stick, or no stick at all, then guess what happens next… vulnerability.

Many of the unprepared (apart from the criminal element) probably do not have a ‘big stick’ (or any stick at all). What one needs to realize is that the display of said ‘big stick’ may be enough to deter. It will be a time when concealed carry may actually be a detriment compared to external carry (except perhaps while being the ‘gray man’ beyond one’s castle). This may be a time when the size of one’s stick really does matter… (I can’t believe I went there… ;) )

Security. You’ve had the foresight to have preemptively prepared for the possibility of systemic breakdown and societal upheaval or collapse. ‘If’ this hypothetical should actually come to pass, you will very likely be faced with a choice (at some point along the timeline). You either give it up, or you make a stand to keep it under your control. If you choose to maintain control of your preps, then deterrence is your first priority.

#1 “There’s nothing to see here.” Don’t make it obvious that you’re supplied. Figure out what that means and implement the associated actions (or non actions) thereof. The objective will be to deter others from approaching your ‘castle’.

#2 Establish an outer perimeter which is under your control. This may be your property boundary or an agreed upon boundary with you and your neighbors, etc. Implement physical obstructions where possible to deter entry. Establish security patrol (a subject unto itself). Handheld 2-way radios will be a tremendous asset which I cannot overemphasize (but be aware of OPSEC in this regard)… The objective will be to deter or ‘screen’ others from entering your grounds.

#3 Security within one’s castle and while out on one’s castle property. One must always (always (always)) be armed in such a condition as we’re hypothesizing here. And remember this: A handgun is only good to get you to your rifle. Ideally you carry both while outside, and if you must put down your rifle, it’s generally within arms reach (all this obviously dependent upon one’s geo-situation, security situation, threat assessment, etc… For me personally, this is my 45 and my AR carbine.

Note: While the visible presence of security will be a giveaway that there’s something to be had there, a time may come when you have no choice. Ideally, this presence will be invisible, but present nonetheless to intervene if necessary.

Note: If you do not yet own a firearm, now may be a good time to explore the possibility.

Note: If you do own a firearm, practice with it.

Note: Have plenty of ammunition. You will go through it while practicing, plus it’s a good prep to have more of than not enough.

There’s so much to be said about this topic, however I hope that I’ve at least inspired you to think about it. It is a very important preparedness category (although none of us hope to need it). Remember, ‘peace through deterrence and strength’. This is the hopeful outcome.

Your comments?


  1. Ask yourself this question, if you give away a meal to a hungry person, who do you think they’ll look too for there next meals? Think about a trade of sorts so that meal was not for free. Remember, the ‘give a man a fish or teach him to fish’. Labor or barter works for me.

  2. Can you sign me up for your blog. I find it very interesting and very timely. More people should be prepping but have their head in the sand and believe that big gov will bail them out. How wrong.

    1. Dave just bookmark the page and check back as often as you want.

    2. @ Dave
      You can also “subscribe” at the Icon at the bottom of the page, or Like Peanut Gallery suggested, a simple “bookmark” will do, and please add your comments.

    3. Or just leave it open all the time like me and hit refresh from time to time. :)

    4. Dave
      some people can’t because they dont even have the funds to pay their bills.
      I’m not employed right now & my sisters family has been struggling since before 2009.
      I have given them $$ for medical, house bills & food along with paying my bills &
      prepping. I dont complain- i just do what I can.

  3. For those of us who lack the physical capabilities or the numbers to ensure a secure location will have to turn to other means in order to survive. Deception can play a big part in surviving. Hide, bury, or camouflage your supplies. Play the part of a broken, desperate, and hungry person. Security can sometimes be just that you have nothing to offer. If people think you have nothing, then they will move on to other targets.

    Of course not all of these measures will work for everyone. If you live on a farm or have animals and gardens, your likely to be a bigger target.

    1. How about a note on the front door:

      “Tom, if you get here before March 5, could you please bury Uncle Jerry. He is too heavy for me to lift. He died of a mysterious illness and I had to leave him on the living room couch. I am completely out of food and have gone to the Senior Center.”

      Here in my town they are telling us that in an emergency, we should all go to the Senior Center, that FEMA has stocked enough food for every one in the town — enough for FOUR DAYS!

        1. Is fema part of gov? I dont trust them either. 4 days. Normal people would go thru it in 2

        1. Whuuut? Uncle Jerry’s deeeed?! Need to bury him quick. Hope he’s not ‘tagious.

      1. Daisey K
        Do not forget to add the smell of Uncle Jerry’s passing—a weeks worth old garbage or rancid meat should do the trick. Placed by the door, or a slightly opened window to give credence to your note. Be sure to stock N-95 masks for you & your family members until the news gets around your place is off limits p-u :-).

  4. Once you are identified as having “the goods” in your possession, or that you “might” have the goods, the bad guys will simply murder you from a distance with absolutely NO warning. When all the rules go out the window, there is no reason for the bad guy to beg for a handout, when they can have it all by just killing you. Heaven help you if a band of bad guys SMELL the food you are cooking! I imagine the most likely event would be for bad guys to use rifles to shoot you from a hundred yards away…target everyone in sight…but especially those of your group capable of any resistance.

    Unless you have about 20 warriors in your party, you must stay invisible, make no noise, don’t shout to each other, make no light, and do all your cooking..indoors.

    I agree… DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR. Not even to talk through it. Use your furniture to block the windows and doors on the ground floor. Brace your doors with dimensional lumber so they cannot be easily kicked in..deadbolts are not enough. At night, make sure to cover your windows with blankets or foil to prevent light escaping. Finally, decide which room of your home can be hardened into an effective “Last Stand” retreat.

    Once you have been identified…it is pretty much over for you. Heck. The bad guys might just decide to burn you out, even if they wouldn’t gain a thing other than some entertainment.

    1. Well said and what I fear. Not all of the unprepared are lowlifes. Many of them are just poor sods that can’t find work and are going to be desperate to feed themselves and their loved ones.

      Quite a few of those will be recently discharged veterans with great familiarity with the AR platform. For me it was around 47 years ago but after basic training I was pretty darn good at hitting my target from 300 yards or so. The shot will come from concealment and you will probably bleed out before you even see the shooter.

      Barricade the doors and the Molotov cocktails will come in the dead of the night. This is very scary and it keeps me up nights. I just pray that it holds together and there is no reset but I don’t think that it is going to.

      1. Why would they burn the place down with the stash inside? Maybe just to get you out you damn prepper lol.

        1. Their point in just burning down an armed prepper’s house is to prevent taking their own casualties. They then move on to the next house, where they hope the victims are weaker.

  5. People’s mind sets are unique to be certain. We had an elderly neighbor lady who thought preppers were hoarders and were criminal. She believed everyone should be in the same boat if trouble occurred.

    We explained how preparing during time of plenty actually helped those who didn’t. We explained that people who prepared would not be taking needed supplies from those who didn’t. She didn’t want anything to do with it and stated she would turn in any hoarders to the authorities if a crisis were to happen.

    Needles to say we left stunned and realized we need to be very careful with whom we share our prepping life style. Anonymity is your best weapon when prepping. People can be very unpredictable and illogical.

    1. I am really surprised that an elderly person would have this mindset. Odd.
      (is she very wealthy? has tons of relatives who keep her “supplied” etc?)

      When we make any fair sized “purchases” we back into our garage (which is attached), and close the garage door, so we can unload without the neighbors “noticing”. Just seems sensible.

      Anonymity is best, I agree, as much as possible. One can always offer up something (food/help/knowledge), but once it is offered, it is “known”. Even knowledge, once it is “known”, you have certain knowledge, than others can insist you leave your home/safe abode and help others — the general public and the authorities could all “insist”. I have seen situations, very far from SHTF, where folks who were knowledgeable on this or that, constantly get called on and frankly it takes up their time/their ability to self prepare and more. Many get fed up. In a SHTF, being “the one” could be a danger to your family/your self etc..

    2. Ive come across that as well as the other side that said they would use their guns to get whatever they wanted. Needless to say i dont talk about any of this anymore. I have a big red x painted on me because of the greenhouses, farm and reservoir in my yard so figure im screwed no matter what, be it from the gov or from those with nothing, so hope for the best, put dam sure prepped for the worst, its called scorched earth policy.

  6. I use a defensive strategy with my dogs and guns.

    I keep much to myself in this remote place and no one in the area knows I have food storage, but I do have the firearms to keep some threats to my life at bay. Thieves also have to face 4 German shepherds if anyone breaks in which would be stupid if they tried. They are my day/night sentries. They bark at any strange movement they hear or see. Dogs can see movement at a distance better than humans and can smell strangers long before humans can see them, giving their positions away if they plan an attack from cover.

    Caching food and supplies off location is a defensive strategy.

    I can’t say how a TEOTWAWKI would result in the end, especially if people will go to any lengths to risk their lives to get what they “don’t know” what I have. If I am outnumbered with guns, I’ll just leave and let them find only a few cattail stems, some lambs quarters they think are weeds, and maybe a cup of flour.. and leave. My food storage and essentials/extra gun/ammo will be cached elsewhere. My place won’t have what they are looking for and most likely won’t come back for what I “don’t have” in the house in the future. A good defense is tricking people to think you have nothing, and sometimes it means leaving.

    Moving to this remote location was a defensive strategy in itself AGAINST natural disasters and panicking populations.

    Winters up here can be pretty severe, and without snow plows to clear roads and frigid temperatures, much everything will be still in the forest. The summer relies on gas to get people up north for tourist season and if that gas is gone, no one will come this far, and most tourists here will try hard to get home that’s far away when SHTF. I chose this location for the sparse population, lack of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and for the abundance of fresh water and natural resources.

    Choosing where you live, what natural resources are available, who lives with you, where you store your food/supplies, and your choices can be an asset or a liability. I plan to maximize my defense strategy to survive by using what I have in assets.

      1. Right now I have enough for 6 months. Dry Dog food, because of the fats, turns rancid after a year, so I will be fishing the remote lake back of my property if SHTF to make it last longer as a supplement. Every time I fish, I catch 10 to 15 pounds or more and they think it is a treat for me to share it with them.

        Preparing for my pets has been part of my prep. I have dehydrated cooked fish before to preserve it. Dogs love the fish stew I make with it and add lambs quarters, rice and other spices, good enough for me to eat, except the heads…won’t get into that. National Dogfood brand Xtra contains fish as main ingredient for protein. I have been cooking boiled fish for my dogs since the late 70’s from what I caught from the lakes and the Taxidermy business I had mounting fish.

        I admit the dry commercial dogfood is hard to bury since it is bulky, but I doubt a thief would like the taste of it, and pass over it for human food.

      1. Naw, They are not poodle type dogs. 3 came directly from German Schutzhund lines as police dogs from both parents, they take a bite out of crime…

  7. Our house is higher than most of the neighbors, which is good for deterring salesmen, neighbors, and trick-or-treaters. When I was growing up I always thought it funny that Mom planted cactus on the less obvious approaches. Now I think she was planning ahead.

    I also have a good friend living across the street who just last week showed me her food storage cupboard. And I realized that all the talk about preparedness and storage was just that–talk. Since we seemingly had a lot in common, I’ve revealed far too much, and in the last month she’s shown an unethical streak that has me deeply concerned.

    Security has just become very personal because I don’t think she would hesitate to kill if her kids were hungry.

    1. maybe you would be best off to tell her/show her
      you have changed your mind..

      say you have donated it all to the food bank or some such. You could hall out bunches of empty boxes, for her “to see”, etc..

    2. @ Lauren & Everyone

      “Security has just become very personal because I don’t think she would hesitate to kill if her kids were hungry.”

      Lauren brings up a very sensitive subject that’s often skirted around.
      We all talk about what if someone knocks on the door……. What are we/you going to do when it’s a child looking for help? Now before you say it’s a ploy, how would anyone know? Or perhaps it’s a Lady with two young children that look the part of starving with nothing? Maybe her hubby is sitting just out of sight ready to pounce, or maybe she is truly alone, how would you know? It’s easy to say we just don’t open the door, or we run them off at gun-point knowing darn well they might/will not make through the night.

      I would hope that I/you would know what to do at the time, as we all sit here thinking on different scenarios, there is always the possibility that one person that you decide to turn away could also be the one that saves your skin and just as likely the one that cuts your throat. So, is turning everyone away the answer? Is helping that lone child or person the right thing to do? How about that neighbor?

      It is a good exercise to think on what one would do if, but there are again wayyyyy to many “if’s” to say I will do this or that. I will not argue the point that one cannot save everyone, but “what if” that one single person is not that predator or the one that will come back and kill you for everything you have, what if that one person can be an asset to your surviving? What would you do if you were the one without, say for some reason you have lost all of your preps, lost everything, what would you do? Knock on that door or standoff 500 yards and kill everyone you see and take their “stuff”?

      Kinda tough decisions huh?

      But, What could ever go wrong

      PS; Lauren, not really directed at you, Just built off your comment.

      1. Didn’t think it was aimed at me–it’s an open forum. :) You make legitimate points. The fact is there’s no way to know.

        No one knows what they will do until something actually happens. Talking it out, working out the scenarios and planning for them, makes it more likely that we’ll act as we’d planned. Planning increases our chances of survival.

        It also, unfortunately, increases our chances of turning away the one who really needs help. Or, as NRP points out, the one who could help us.

        In any emergency situation we’ll all do the best we can. Our best just happens to be more than most because we’ve planned ahead.

        Oh, and NRP? (Yes, this is aimed at you) If I was one of those who lost all my stuff I’d probably find a vacant lot somewhere and plant a garden. :) Years worth of seeds in my BOB.

        1. There really is no way to know, especially in light of the state of our society today, people are just trash now and not trustworthy as compared to the generations from days gon by. I have a real bad feeling about how this ends, between the EOs from gov and the basic decay of society i dont hold much hope to survive. Its a toss up who will be the bigger threat, my money is on TPTB becoming very oppressive and definitely the bigger threat, even if we develop localized systems that keep everyone fed etc they will come in and try to take charge. This is where the problems will start, personally ill be damned if im going to go along with that crap, i will either go Galt or give them a Bagdad welcome. I am leaning toward Galt, would almost rather just load what i can stash the rest near by and boogie then set the place on fire than be governed by some buncha tyrant arseholes. But who knows, like i said, prep and plan for the worst.

        2. “Even if we develop localized systems that keep everyone fed etc they will come in and try to take charge”

          They’ll create those systems by taking from those who have. And when the beast can no longer feed itself the useless masses will be the first to get cut off. Then those who have grown up being cared for (learned entitlement) will come after whatever is left.

  8. I was always the crazy lady who boarded up her house 2-3 days before a hurricane. People would laugh at me and then I got to laugh at them in the wind and rain trying to board up. Anyway…

    I do not bring up the subject of preparing for disasters with friends or family anymore. But, if someone brings it up, I tell them that I’m REALLY prepared. That I could take care of myself for “at least 2 weeks”! That’s all they need to know about me.

    I keep a small cupboard pantry in my kitchen. That’s all anyone sees.

    1. @ Beach’n

      “I was always the crazy lady” I don’t know about you, but I wear my “crazy” with pride…. ROFLMAO

      Like you and many here I have given up on trying to talk to most people about prepping, it does no good and can be dangerous WTSHTF.


      1. @NRP

        :D I WAS definitely crazy for living on the beach! Now I’m just plain old cranky crazy neighborhood woman. Luv ya! Beach’n

        1. So I’m thinking, if someone shows up at my house saying they’re name is NRP, welcome aboard! Hope you can stand putting up with us! Beach’n

        2. @Beach’n
          Crazy is as crazy does… LOLOL
          Just remember that road goes both directions.

        3. Beach’n,
          NRP would have to carry an identifier….big roll of Charmin…hehee…okay, NRP, please don’t kick my butt…I had to get it out because its just too funny to think about you standing at Beach’ns door waving and saying “it’s me, NRP, don’t shoot” :))))

        4. @Texas
          Quilted Northern if you don’t mind, TB ya know….. ROFLMAO

        5. Lol, that’s okay..I use both brands whichever is on sale at the moment…

      2. I’ve notice that, meaning talking to people about prepping.
        I get blank stares most often.. as in it could never happen.
        I talked to a well educated person and asked what he would do if there
        was a nuclear attack. He said I dont want to live in that world.
        Well, HELLO, is anyone home.. suppose you just survive and now
        you and your family are hungry. Do you just sit in your living
        room waiting to die because you dont like how things turned out?
        My guess you will get hungry and the will to survive will kick in.
        But what to I know. Idiots! B

        1. @ PrepperPam
          Ever try pushing water uphill with a broom? Ya can make a little headway, but in the end guess what?
          Tis the same with talking to some of the billions of sheeple out there; wasted breath and time. If someone has not the slightest idea of “something” may be wrong, than you’ll never convince them. I know from trying that water will ALWAYS end up downhill.

  9. While a man’s home is his castle even kings of old had escape routes and caches’ of weapons, food and wealth if he had to flee. Unless you can fight off a siege of hundreds you better do the same. All it will take is giving away a can of beans and the word will be out. A 4×8 plywood box buried is cheap and holds more than you think. I would not fight for my house and I have lived here 32 years. Forts are not defensible for the military why should a prepper insist that HERE I STAND.

    1. Habit, mostly. Normalcy bias? :) People do what they’ve always done, and walking away from a place where you’re safe and comfortable isn’t easy unless you have another safe, comfortable place to go.

  10. OMG, looking at the picture from Ken, I would have a moat with concertina wire, green mambas, piranhas and a few tons of the bum-bum stuff ( boom )…and maybe a few underwater gargoyles…ready and hungry ) okay, that was my funny thought for the day…

  11. If you are deadly serious about defending your ‘castle’, rolls of razor wire are pretty hard to beat!

  12. No, I will not be buddy buddy with our destructive thieving neighbor, I will
    probably have to shoot him.

  13. Yearly, I go on my exit strategy. And check on the cache sites. A total of 6 different exits. Since I live in an urban area, my plan would be to exit. To a back up location, in a less densely populated area.
    Two of them require hiking out, through some pretty harsh stuff. And take several days to get there. But if the roads are compromised. I can still get there, and can pick up supplies on my way.
    My back up area is at my younger sisters farm, with like minded people that I already know.
    Security, the Grey man, concealed weapons and a back pack. At my destination, like minded folks in numbers. And the majority of preps.
    Like someone mentioned, my home is my castle. But I know when to fold, retreat to help others and myself.

  14. Don’t forget, once you leave your ‘castle, you are a refugee, and will be treated as such.

    1. A refugee implies no destination . A prepper should have a fall back in place. Even a non prepping family member that would provide shelter and aid in exchange for food. Just don’t let them know what or where your caches are.

  15. I made the mistake of showing a neighbor what we had, in hopes of getting him on board. He would definitely be an asset. I had built up to this moment, and he was definitely on board. What I didn’t anticipate was his wife. He had the talk with her, and she was against it. The next time we saw them, she told me she was just going to come to my house if SHTF. I explained to her that it is over 300 yards from the road to my house. When she hit the 300 yard mark, she would have a bullet in her head. Two days later, they went out and bought a 30 day food supply.

    The truth is, I don’t know what I would have done. They are good friends of ours. She got the message though, and began to understand that you can’t save everyone. This has turned out to be a great thing in that we now have capable like minded people just a little over a mile away. Our property is pretty isolated and very defensible. Now we have another family that is prepared to help us secure it.

  16. I agree with Ken’s statement concerning establishing an outside perimeter.
    Making it perfectly clear (by signs), that ANYONE trespassing past that boundary will be considered an enemy combatant, and met with Deadly Force!
    Under NO circumstances, let anyone approach the house.

  17. ATTN: GaryinBama:
    I feel I have to correct you as to the definition of a ‘Refugee’. A Refugee is one who has no home at the present time, and is now an itinerant traveler. It has nothing to do with ‘destination’. Whether or not you have a definite place to where you are going, you are still a ‘refugee’. By telling people you encounter on ‘the road’,that you are going to a specific destination or not, will count for nothing. Everybody has a ‘story’.
    Good luck with that one.

  18. A very good and thought-provoking book is A FAILURE OF CIVILITY. It games almost every scenario imaginable when the sewage hits the impeller. And, let me give you one nugget to chew on. The most vicious, and voracious predatory humans during the coming festivities will be the children and teenagers. Think about it. You hand out some food to a couple of little kids begging at the front door, they will spread the word and you will be pillaged and dead. Read or re-read LORD OF FLIES.
    Years ago when I lived in SoCal, the gimmedats and vato locos would load up their vans with their chillin’ and muchachos y muchachas, and hit the white neighborhoods adjacent to the ghettos and the barrios because the white chumps always handed out the best candy. These hyenas may be uneducated, but they are cunning and not stupid. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

    1. Sounds like Olongopo in the 1960’s. There’s nothing like being mobbed by 25-30 kids all poking, pinching, sticking their hands in your pockets, jabbing and screaming “Hey Joe, you give me peso OK?”

    2. @Dweezil,
      We live in So Cal and have that every Halloween. They come in herds and once I lowered the candy bowl to reach down to put candy in a little one’s bag, and the bigger kids stuck their fists in to start grabbing. Although I pulled away and told them there was enough to go around and wait their turns, it was a very telling lesson – especially when the parents only made a show of their kids to be nice.

      I realize this will be the mentality in a disaster: you have it and I want it, so give it over or I will just take it from you. I have a hard time understanding it because I was not raised that way, but it’s clear I need to toughen up and give really serious thought to what we will do when things get really bad.

  19. The castle pic is a great illustration for this subject. When those castles were being used as intended, the attackers were looting & burning the agriculture surrounding it. Think of that as your garden & fruit trees. We talk a lot about homestead-type self suffenciency as preppers. That is exactly the settled type of lifestyle that has been preyed upon by raiders since the beginning of civilization. Sorry to trot out my history degree.

    1. Which is why it is vitally important to have seeds and seedlings ready to replant. Those massive fruit trees WILL come down when someone needs firewood the first winter.

      The nomads had it no better (as far as raiders) and had the disadvantage of having to chase or gather their food.

  20. As a kid I saw the Cuban missile crisis and I recall the panic buying and in a few hours all the grocery stores were empty. Them that had kept and refused to share period end of story. those that did not have faced a very short future That was reality. forget the idea of kindly people There were none Friendships met nothing die sucker I got mine ruled i saw it first hand

  21. Security…. I live in a pretty remote location, and I have a back hoe…

  22. Amen, TP. Most of my family is prepared, and there are many of us. We have a location and a plan. We will make it.

  23. I would pitty anyone that would even try to invade my castle. I am prepared and my neighbors are to not to mention everyone one in my neighborhood is a member of the national guard so we have a lot covered with that being said. So even with the background we have we even went one step further and pulled our money to buy some land and build a secure building as a back up. If you have the money u might want to look into a bug out location don’t tell anyone else and have supplies there either in the woods some where or even the mountains and have plenty of water

  24. Ladies & Gentlemen: Look at your front door, look at your back door, if your place has a nice see through beveled glass section ask yourself how smart is that? Next, try reducing the amount you eat for a week, controlled fasting. Be totally honest with your self, how did it go? Next, what VICE do you have that’s going to become a pain in your life when you can’t get it? Work hard at living without the “vice.” Finally, take a knife or your “prepper blade” and put some oil on it olive oil and tomato sauce and try cutting open a pumpkin or go try stabbing a scare crow and feel how hard it is to hold and keep firm in hand. Where’s you non-slip gloves? BUY THEM. As far as using a knife most folks can’t hold them correctly to fight with them, so build your grip in BOTH hands ( if you have two hands). That’s all folks, protect the water.

  25. I physically cannot actualy prepare but I have been planning [ nukes but realy this is the same idea exsept that civility will collapse sooner] anyhow I have a area in my basement that I can make a funnel out of. A 20 v 2 will turn into a slaughter. I have a stairs and then two ajasent rooms. So I can have two people positioned there. However my main defense will be Molotovs. I can chuck them down at the people in the streets. For food I’m thinking about a garden in my basement. There’s a tiny series of windows that I could easily defend. ( cause there like 5ft high and they are like only 1ft tall). Rember a 100 people cannot defeat 1 well positioned guy.

    1. My basement is actually good. By Molotov’s I’m thinking Molotov cocktails. ( WW2) I think I have enough gas and alcohol for a couple!

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