The unprepared. Sadly, most people are unprepared in the context of ‘survival and preparedness’ and/or just having a deep food pantry.

While recently having discussed the notion of being prepared for the unprepared, I touched upon the very real need for security during a time of deep societal collapse whereby the modern day delivery systems of just-in-time infrastructure have broken partially or altogether.

Since remarkably most people only have an approximate 3 day supply of food for their household, it is a certainty that these people will become hungry, angry, and eventually desperate – and may become a clear and present danger to you – the prepared – during a time of deep societal downfall.

So given that you cannot save everyone (even if you so desired) without ‘shooting yourself in the foot’, the need to establish your own security will become a very important priority to protect what’s yours. It’s an ‘icky’ subject for some, and not very comfortable to think about or talk about – but it will be a reality that is forced upon you – should society descend to such a place…

Best though is to have become the ‘gray man’, unknown to others that you are prepared while blending in and having executed good OPSEC (operational security – keeping your mouth shut).

But with that said, there may eventually come a time when you are forced to make a stand. Some may never face that situation depending on location and those who are around you, however I suspect that most will. Eventually. Some sooner than others. And therefore you might want to think about that now, rather than later.

There is no one answer that fits all regarding your security against the unprepared. But there are commonalities that will exist.

A commonality will be the unprepared hungry people who will be highly motivated to eat. Some more motivated than others. Some will knock on the door and ask. Some will be more persistent than others. Some of them will threaten and some will threaten violence. Some of them will skip the ‘threaten’ part and go straight to violence. The point is that hungry people will do very desperate things to feed themselves. It’s there own survival instinct kicking in.

The question is, are you ready for these circumstances? It may be a difficult thing to contemplate while living before the collapse in today’s relatively peaceful and modern way-of-life and it’s associated conveniences, but let me tell you this: If today’s modern society descends (crashes) down to a place where most become desperate and hungry, there will be widespread danger and violence (some places far worse than others) given today’s unprepared population diagnosed with normalcy-bias – coupled with the general lack of morality and decency for one’s fellow man (and woman).

During such a time, many of the unprepared may look upon the prepared as though they’ve cheated them somehow – and that they deserve a portion (or all) of your deep pantry. While that mindset and intention might sound a bit extreme to some of you, the reality is that it exists, and it is rampant more than you may think. Be prepared for it.

The best security is that which deters or avoids the confrontation altogether. There are methods of subtle deterrence and they vary depending on your environment. Your objective is to relate to people that “there’s nothing going on over here – so just move along”…

Don’t make yourself a target. Since you are prepared and you are supplied, then for heaven’s sake don’t let anyone else know. Word travels fast, especially when everyone is listening for keywords indicative that others have supplies. You may want to help certain select individuals, but you must keep it quiet for your own personal security. If you are choosing to help a select ‘other’, then that other person (or people) must be told in no uncertain terms that they keep quiet (not everyone can keep quiet – even your friends or family).

There is security in numbers. Believe me, just one or two of you will not hold up long to any moderate threat. It is wise to plan extra provisions (ahead of time) so as to have the option to bring in select others to your group (without having an immediate shortage of your own supplies) for help with security detail (and other things). Yes, you will need around-the-clock security as the societal decay sinks beyond a certain threshold (you have to sleep sometime…) There is security in numbers, but you have to be ready and able to sustain the numbers.

One good scenario might be that of you and your neighbors working together and pooling resources and work duties – including security. This of course would be highly dependent upon your neighbors, their character, and your relationship with them. For example I personally am very fortunate in that my neighbors fit exactly that description (as do many in this area) in that many are self-reliant people (part of the general mindset of rural folks – a way of life). However suburbia may be more challenging in that regard – although certainly feasible…

During a hypothetical of having descended into the abyss, firearms will be your best ‘big stick’. “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” If a potential opposing force believes you to have a small stick, or no stick at all, then guess what happens next… vulnerability.

Many of the unprepared (apart from the criminal element) probably do not have a ‘big stick’ (or any stick at all). What one needs to realize is that the display of said ‘big stick’ may be enough to deter. It will be a time when concealed carry may actually be a detriment compared to external carry (except perhaps while being the ‘gray man’ beyond one’s castle). This may be a time when the size of one’s stick really does matter… (I can’t believe I went there… ;) )

Security. You’ve had the foresight to have preemptively prepared for the possibility of systemic breakdown and societal upheaval or collapse. ‘If’ this hypothetical should actually come to pass, you will very likely be faced with a choice (at some point along the timeline). You either give it up, or you make a stand to keep it under your control. If you choose to maintain control of your preps, then deterrence is your first priority.

#1 “There’s nothing to see here.” Don’t make it obvious that you’re supplied. Figure out what that means and implement the associated actions (or non actions) thereof. The objective will be to deter others from approaching your ‘castle’.

#2 Establish an outer perimeter which is under your control. This may be your property boundary or an agreed upon boundary with you and your neighbors, etc. Implement physical obstructions where possible to deter entry. Establish security patrol (a subject unto itself). Handheld 2-way radios will be a tremendous asset which I cannot overemphasize (but be aware of OPSEC in this regard)… The objective will be to deter or ‘screen’ others from entering your grounds.

#3 Security within one’s castle and while out on one’s castle property. One must always (always (always)) be armed in such a condition as we’re hypothesizing here. And remember this: A handgun is only good to get you to your rifle. Ideally you carry both while outside, and if you must put down your rifle, it’s generally within arms reach (all this obviously dependent upon one’s geo-situation, security situation, threat assessment, etc… For me personally, this is my 45 and my AR carbine.

Note: While the visible presence of security will be a giveaway that there’s something to be had there, a time may come when you have no choice. Ideally, this presence will be invisible, but present nonetheless to intervene if necessary.

Note: If you do not yet own a firearm, now may be a good time to explore the possibility.

Note: If you do own a firearm, practice with it.

Note: Have plenty of ammunition. You will go through it while practicing, plus it’s a good prep to have more of than not enough.

There’s so much to be said about this topic, however I hope that I’ve at least inspired you to think about it. It is a very important preparedness category (although none of us hope to need it). Remember, ‘peace through deterrence and strength’. This is the hopeful outcome.

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