Ten Concealed Carry Mistakes

(Doesn’t look like a concealed carry mistake, but I couldn’t resist ;) )

The following list of ten concealed carry mistakes will hopefully get those of you who carry a handgun – thinking and doing something about it…

Feel free to add you own considerations to the list…


1. Not Practicing Drawing Your Handgun From Concealed

2. Not Carrying An Extra Magazine / Ammunition

3. Adjusting Your Pants (Drawing Attention That You Carry)

4. A Cheap Holster That Limits Safety, A Secure Gun, Draw Availability

5. Not Carrying Your Gun Or Not Carrying Every Day

6. Having “Just One Drink” While Carrying

7. Not Carrying At Home

8. Wearing The Wrong Clothes For Concealed Carry

9. Not Training With Your Concealed Carry Gun

10. A Poor Quality Belt

The list above is pretty much self explanatory and I should not need to embellish. The list is not in any particular order and is simply food for thought.

What do you think? Any of these have significance? Any further considerations?

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