I’ve posted a number of articles on the subject of personal security and situational awareness in the past. This brief article reinforces how sensibly easy it can be to avoid becoming a target – a victim – while on ‘the streets’, out in public.

While there are exceptions to most everything, this particular advice will likely provide a very high probability of NOT being a target while out and about on the streets or public places…

Condition YELLOW

The word is,


Stay in the yellow.

What do I mean by that?
I’ll briefly summarize a previous article which explained the ‘Cooper Color Codes’…varying conditions of readiness…

WHITE = Oblivious, Unaware and Unprepared

YELLOW = Relaxed Alert, Attentive, Aware, and Ready

ORANGE = Specific Alert, Focus is directed at a potential threat

RED = Fight

The fact is that most everyone walks around in condition White. I mean almost everyone! These people feel that they are “SAFELY NESTED IN THEIR BUBBLE OF BLISSFUL IGNORANCE” as they go from one place to another (said one commenter here on MSB awhile ago).

Their heads are in their smart phones. Their thoughts and minds are in la-la-land as they text, socialize, tweet, or daydream, INSTEAD of being acutely aware of their immediate environment.

They are easy targets!

If you simply remain in condition Yellow – aware of the situation and environment around you – you will NOT be an easy target!

How’s that? Because the predators (if there are any) WILL notice. And move on.

Your eyes looking forward, around, attentive, alert. Your hands are free. You’re walking confidently. Any potential criminal / predator will look elsewhere for an easier target.

They (the criminal element) generally recognize ‘condition yellow’, and they certainly recognize ‘condition white’ (the easy target)!

So, next time you’re out on the streets, just think of this one word: YELLOW.

Mrs.J and I will catch each other now and then while out and about, and will say to the other, “yellow”, if we think that the other has drifted out of the yellow ;) …

(I catch her more often than she catches me though!)

Conclusion: Once you’ve trained yourself to be ‘situation-aware’, especially while out in public, on the streets, etc., it’s easy to stay in the yellow and to stay out of the target zone…

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