You are enjoying a well deserved vacation when the worst happens – SHTF!

Not just a small localized disaster, but a true SHTF event.

It’s been in the back of your mind (since you’re a prepper) the ‘what-if’ thought.
What if you were on vacation when ‘it’ happens? The shite hits the fan.

What will you do?

It’s something worth thinking about. One never knows the day or the time (if and when) the SHTF, but what if it happens while you’re away from your home base?

Given the variability in SHTF scenarios coupled with the variability of where or how far you may be from home base at the time, there’s no one clear answer to this problem. However there is some good general advise – as follows:

My number one priority (apart from my immediate situation and security) would be to get back home – to where I’ve prepped for just such an event.

Most people who are confronted by the impact of a SHTF disaster will suffer from disbelief or shock for awhile – and will probably not make the best initial decisions (if at all). Many will simply sit and wait for ‘help’. The sad truth is that the vast majority of the public assume and depend upon government (or agencies within the system) to save them or help them.

This is your key window of opportunity to take immediate action – before things get even worse.

During the impact stage of SHTF, it is important to:

1. Remain level-headed
2. Recognize and understand what has happened.
3. Estimate the follow-on consequences.
4. Gauge your response and actions accordingly.
5. Adapt.

There is an immediate aftermath, which may involve chaos and a unique set of problems.

After having considered the effects of the disaster’s impact itself, you need to consider the short term aftermath and adapt to it so that you can get back home (assuming home is safe, and where you want to go).

Most places where vacationers frequent are busy with high population density during the vacationing season. If and when they all realize that the S has hit the Fan – many will begin to clog the roadways while attempting to get out.

If you were unable to beat the crowd, then it may be wise to use back roads.

A key to success is planning.
Give some forethought to what you would do if confronted with SHTF while away on vacation.

Even while on vacation, you should have some sort of bug out bag which will help sustain your life while traveling from point-A to point-B. A 72 hour kit of sorts.

Always keep the fuel in your vehicle topped off. Get in the habit of NEVER letting your gas tank drop below half. The extra miles downrange will be significant by keeping your tank full.

Always keep enough cash for emergency purchases (if and while systems are still up). Do not rely on credit or debit cards to always be working.

While most ‘sheeple’ won’t initially understand the value of precious metals, it may prove helpful to keep a few silver and/or gold rounds in your wallet.

Always keep a road map in your vehicle. ‘Know the exits’ (so to speak). Know how to get back home without GPS and know more than one route.

Always keep a supply of water in your car (more important than food!). Buy a case of water and keep it in the trunk, etc.

If you’re on vacation without a vehicle (maybe you’ve flown there), have at the ready – important phone numbers to quickly assist in getting you out of there (Rental Car Agencies, Airlines, Cab Companies, etc.).

No two disasters are alike, and one bad enough to qualify as SHTF will truly require forethought, preparation, planning, and adaptability in order to make it back home to your castle.

While there’s no sense ruining your vacation over-analyzing a ‘what-if’ SHTF scenario, it may be worth a bit of thought given that you will be in a more vulnerable position while away from your home base…

What are some of your thoughts and suggestions about being prepared for SHTF – regarding while on vacation?

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