WROL - Without Rule Of Law

WROL – Without Rule Of Law – When There’s No Law and Order

WROL stands for Without Rule Of Law. In the context of prepping and preparedness, the reference to WROL typically goes hand in hand with one of several possible worst case scenarios (SHTF). That is, when there has been a major and widespread breakdown in law and order.

There are cities in the United States, right now, parts thereof that are essentially without rule of law in many aspects. For example, Chicago, ruled by leftist mayor Lightfoot. As of this post, there have been 2,604 killed and 11,300 shot since her term began, May, 2019. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks as to cities with regions where you better not venture in… Essentially WROL, without rule of law.

Those who have watched or read about the goings-on in those cities and others, know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a real problem.

Here’s the thing:
There’s a very thin line between civility and civil breakdown.

WROL & Vigilantism

What is the definition of vigilantism?

“Taking the law into one’s own hands and attempting to effect justice according to one’s own understanding of right and wrong; action taken by a voluntary association of persons who organize themselves for the purpose of protecting a common interest, such as liberty, property, or personal security;”

The history of vigilantism in the United States is as old as the country itself. In many ways, the history of the United States began with vigilantism. On December 16, 1773, American colonists, tired of British direct taxation, took part in what came to be known as the Boston Tea Party. As part of the resistance, they threw 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor.

Since then, we have become a nation of laws. State and federal governments are given what amounts to a Monopoly over the use of force and violence to implement the law. Private citizens may use force and violence to defend their lives and their property, and in some instances the lives and property of others, but they must do so under the specific circumstances allowed by the law if they wish to avoid being prosecuted for a crime themselves.

WROL & Taking Law Into Their Own Hands

By taking law into their own hands, vigilantes flout the rule of law, effectively becoming lawmaker, police officer, judge, jury, and appellate court for the cause they are pursuing.

Are we going to see increasing vigilantism when a threshold / tipping point of people are fed up with what they see as injustice, and when the entire system itself is perceived as totally corrupt?

It will be a logical outcome if and when the system decays into total corruption and injustice.

A well known radio talk show host said the following:

This is going to come to a head. I will tell you what’s coming in this country. When there’s no law and order and the politicians are all corrupted, and they’re all on the take, and the judges are totally worthless… I’ll tell you what happens…

It’s called vigilantism.

It has happened throughout history. The people had to defend themselves because society could not do it. People took the law into their own hands. They had to, in order to survive. And that’s what’s going to happen.

I’m not recommending that, and it would be illegal for you to do so. But I’m telling you, for society at large that is what is coming. More and more people will take the law into their own hands when the government refuses to do so. It’s that simple.

~ Michael Savage

WROL & ANTIFA Lawlessness

Remember when ANTIFA (the anti first amendment group and weaponized arm of the democrat party) burnt down those cities awhile back? They were violently acting out and getting away with their violence under the willingness of city mayors and police leadership which had been allowing it in those cities. This army of leftist “Social Injustice Warriors” continue to stand at the ready. They themselves employ WROL when the command is given to lay siege. They’re Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force” (remember that?).

When Civility Turns To Civil Breakdown

Is there some point where it all just starts to crumble and vigilantism runs rampant? Answer: Yes, of course. The question is, how bad does it have to be out there?

If we’re talking about some of the worst-case SHTF topics whereby civilization breaks down, such as widespread grid-down (for example), the systems of justice and law & order will become challenged or broken. During such a time, you’ll be pretty much on your own to an extent, when it comes to justice.

Certainly, and without a doubt, WROL will become widespread in the urban / city regions. Will it spill over beyond the city regions into the burbs and rural areas?

And what’s going to happen to rule of law if and when we sink into a Greatest Depression?

WROL is a Level 4 preparedness topic to consider.

Is Civilization Just A Thin Veneer Between Civility and Civil Breakdown?


  1. Here is a link for an interesting read (50 pages ) to further explore the subject see below this thread:
    (link will be in the reply thread)

    Surviving Argentina’s Economic Collapse

    When it comes to security things get even more complicated. Forget about shooting those that mean you harm from 300 yards away with your MBR [main battle rifle]. Leave that notion to armchair commandos and 12 year old kids that pretend to be grown ups on the internet.

    Some facts:

    1) Those that want to harm you/steal from you don’t come with a pirate flag waving over their heads.

    2) Neither do they start shooting at you 200 yards away.

    3) They won’t come riding loud bikes or dressed with their orange, convict just escaped from prison jump suits, so that you can identify them the better. Nor do they all wear chains around their necks and leather jackets. If I had a dollar for each time a person that got robbed told me “They looked like NORMAL people, dressed better than we are”, honestly, I would have enough money for a nice gun. There are exceptions, but don’t expect them to dress like in the movies.

    4) A man with a wife and two or three kids can’t set up a watch. I don’t care if you are SEAL, SWAT or John Freaking Rambo, no 6th sense is going to tell you that there is a guy pointing a gun at your back when you are trying to fix the water pump that just broke, or carrying a big heavy bag of dried beans you bought that morning.

    1. @White Cracker.

      Points 3 and 4 are dead-on (no pun intended). In short my range time is focused on targets up to 25 yards – no more – and I MOVE when I shoot. If the time comes when people start sniping from 200 yards away, well, that’s one reason I live in a wide open rural area. I agree that situational awareness is not psychic. If someone is intent on whacking you they’ll figure out a way – unless you whack them first. Regarding “normal-looking” people, I’d rather see a guy in leathers and a chain around his neck. You can’t judge a book by its’ cover but you can avoid opening it.

      As far as WROL & Vigilantism, I’ll stay in my own back yard. If these metro areas go chaotic, well, I’m pretty well stocked and if I intend to “visit” the city, I’ll have my wife talk me out of it.

    2. White Cracker,

      Can’t argue with that assessment but would add…where one lives will dictate a lot of varying scenarios… some advantages, some unique tactical disadvantages, and unique challenges.

      Some things to mitigate threats and chances of survival should be part of the conversation. Mutual aid/defense with neighbors…early warning systems (like a HAM/GMRS/MURS radio net for real time notice of a home invasion, theft in progress, mobile groups of unknowns, or just the assurance everyone in the community is ok…or constant voice contact with family members that may be scattered around the homestead during daily routines). Will folks need to consider no longer shopping alone…only with back up for overwatch? I can see ambushes of homeowners as they step out their doors in their daily routines…maybe from 300 yards away, but more likely from cover 30 yards away that they have worked their way into position during the night.

      Many things to consider. No two fights are the same, and you’re correct, they come on quickly, seldom with much if any warning. The only sure way to survive a deadly confrontation is to avoid it if at all possible. If you can’t avoid it…like the meme I saw the other day…fight like you’re the third monkey in line at Noah’s Ark…and the rain has started falling.

  2. Shoot and scoot……is my motto…..unfortunately you are soooooo correct identifying the bad guys and gals will be a hit and miss affair. Banding together with safety in numbers is maybe the only way to put up a good fight to survive. We now have a couple of generations of educated, godless, barbarian types who will if the situation allows try to put you down. I have two acquaintances who live in Brazil in what’s called the central outback…….they left the city two years ago and live secluded by a river where they survive on game and fish.
    They have limited internet although I don’t know how, but they have become gray men and fly under the radar.

  3. WROL
    Isn’t that how our .g ov runs the show?

    Anywho, just a thought
    I’m less worried of a two/300 yd sniper. Why?
    A high percentage of those able to shoot that well are those most likely are on the same mindset as us.
    It’s the smash and grab thugs that should be the concern. The ones that travel in groups, as they are only badass with a group of others. Those that hold their pistol sideways, cause they once saw it on TV and it looks cool.

  4. I actually lose sleep over this. I’ve prayed to Heavenly Father many times for guidance. I studied this in history. I spent hours thinking/planning what I would do. For me, it all comes down to what Mike Tyson said ” Yeah, plans are great until you get punched in the face.”
    For Me, with no prior experience at all with WROL, There’s just no way to plan. Things will change way to fast for any plan to even be implemented, little lone carried out. It’s just not gonna happen.

    I have an idea where “some” of the threats to me will come from, but in real time? Who knows. To many people are not even paying any attention to todays fiasco, little lone prepping. Hundreds of persons live within a 1mile circle of my homestead. I know a few, I don’t know who’s prepped and who’s not, but there’s now way to know what these other people will do when there’s no food, power, cell phones, and NO COPS.!

    Right now response time for County Sheriff to my location is 47 mins, they’re the ones who said this. I personally don’t dial 911. I take care of emergencies as best I can. It’s everyone else who calls 911. What happens when 911 doesn’t work? I’ve seen it first hand, PANIC, that’s what happens. How many of you ever dealt with a person in 100% panic mode? I have, many times. I’m not gonna spend the space here explaining what that’s like, but it isn’t easy.

    I live a ways out of town. I know which tree to fall and block the roads, which bridges are wood and can be burnt down. But that’s not gonna stop all avenues that lead to me. I’ve got 3500lb jersey barrier cement blocks to block my road. As far as defense here, I’m not gonna put that in print, but the plans are drawn up.

    It’s so hard to plan for something like this, I just keep modifying the plans as things get worse. I guess at some point we all will find out if our plans work. I hope I never do.

  5. There will always be rules and they are usually made by the guy with the biggest army/militia.

  6. The initial problem will be kids I think.
    When I was an early teen I could go where most couldn’t. 10 to 12
    Buildings in bad shape, old barns and vacant houses.
    People just didn’t take notice of a kid lurking around, cutting across property and snooping the entire time day and night.
    That was almost 40 years back so granted people normally weren’t concerned.
    The point is kids will know the ins and outs of places and will remember the things they happened across and they can be very quite.

    I’d hate to hurt a kid, even if it wasn’t an accident.
    The first reason I might expect a lurker/thief is the animals.
    There is a small herd of free roaming goats and a little sheeple here.
    I’d hate to loose a pet.

  7. Years ago I knew we were in trouble, that’s when I started paying attention. I read this book, An Enemy Hath Done This,by Ezra Taft Benson. Ezra Taft Benson was secretary of agriculture under President Eisenhower from January 21, 1953, to January 20, 1961.

    He told about how the US would be destroyed from within, and I believed him. It has come to pass. For yrs, from about 79 till about 2009, I champion people to start paying attention to what was happening. Hardly any listened, I was ridiculed, abandoned by “friends”, considered a “conspiracy fool’, shunned by the church any finally ex-communicated, branded as a “danite” (fraternal vigilante group founded by members of the Latter Day Saints in the 1830s). The main reason I got ex-communicated was I beat the crap out of the First consular to the Bishop for making a sexual pass at my 14yr old daughter. The Church didn’t like that to much, I couldn’t be “controlled.) Yeah, I’m an ex-Mormon. Hell even my Father questioned my stance..!!

    Probably TMI here, but it is what it is.

  8. Get to know your neighbors. Near or close that’s about the only support you’ll have.

  9. People tend to view WROL as something that will happen all at once. Actually it happens intermittently, to varying degrees, on a regular basis. For example, most people who don’t live in a remote area where only 5% of the state is connected by road, would not believe a 2 or 3 day response time from law enforcement for a felony, but it happens in Alaska. Another example is the “no go zones” in big cities. WROL will gradually increase until total, but that will only be temporary. After that, whoever is in charge will clamp down hard, so you can expect to answer for your actions during WROL.

  10. Others have already mentioned this, but knowing about what’s coming is truly an advantage. Comms is the way info is sent/delivered. It could be a bell or a spot light, maybe a whistle. Let’s face facts here, radio comms is the best available way. Most choose to ignore this. If wrol comes about, they’ll understand the reasons for comms. It will be too late.

    Today, everyone knows what to expect from others. It’s always been this way. Well, until it isn’t. If ya have notice ahead of time, that bad guys are in the area, you’ll prepare yourself. You’ll know to be especially watchful. Ya may know which direction. Quite an advantage. If it’s only a small group, you’d have a chance. If it’s anything more than that, you’ll have a chance to run/hide/whatever your plan may be. It seems foolish in deed, to ignore comms. As Dennis mentioned, most can do well with close-in radio comms: CB, gmrs, murs, etc. At least one in your group should do the ham thing.

  11. I would like to point out several things about WROL: #1 Some ethnic communities have already seen this like the Koreans with “Saigu” who took up arms and defended their neighborhoods and businesses in greater Los Angeles back in the 1990’s. The Japanese community did this both pre and post WW-2. LEO’s have long complained of trying to find out what happens within a tightly knit “Chinatown”. I got news for you folks: The chinatowns resulted from being persecuted by the dominant culture in the form of lynchings and burning of businesses as what happened in Eureka, CA in the 1900’s. News travels fast and the San Francisco Chinatown became even tighter and less receptive to outsiders.
    #2 Anybody planning to do deeds that are now deemed to be illegal should count on being recorded on some type of electronic media. Many residents in some areas of the country are placing cameras around their homes and properties. (our own example from SoCal being Tmac). Many businesses are doing this or have been doing this for years when the technology first came out and, as time goes on, the technology and resolution gets better.
    #3 Seniors have always been targeted for years for several reasons: (a) they are perceived to be weak and will not put up much of a fight. (b) When they go from the pharmacy to home, many are carrying drugs/medications that young people desire for sale or their own use. (most frequently abused medications are: opiate based pain relievers, sleep aids: sedative/hypnotics). As a senior that passes medications as part of my job, I have become much more aware of this dangerous trend in crime. Some criminals have targeted hospice patients and have broken into cars to obtain patient records of home-care nurses. (Hospice nurses deal with lots of opiates)

    1. Calirefugee…….you nailed it, makes me shiver, the “dangerous trend” is another in your face factor, indicating what’s coming. I just installed a set of security cameras on my best friends house who lives in a small city of 2k in Nevada, his shitty neighbors are taking over the block by “ganging together” maybe 6 lowlifes or more per house, openly dealing in drugs, partying at all hours, looks like Burger King drive up on Friday evenings. He is mid 70s like myself ex LEO and highly decorated nam vet. He flies the flag, his home is a showcase, BUT like most of us he is planning for a collapse and he is crystal clear about his age and limitations. We were very aware of being blatantly observed while installing the cameras…..you could smell and sense the disdain of those watching…..of course that was part of what we were trying to do make them aware of his security precautions. He also displays a plaque on the house of a skull and crossbones with an ace of spades over it…simply implicit meaning that a life taker resides here. So far nobody has been sooo stupid as to mess with him or his place.

  12. Sigh. If you look like food, you will be eaten. Plan accordingly.

  13. WORL works both ways. You are also free to do or say or think or create anything without limits.

    No more transmission power limits, design limits, curfews, build permits, capacity limits, harvest limits, planting quotas, software inhibitors, ECM limit edits, CAN network prohibits, burn limits, load limits, chemical formulation limits, prohibited language words or jokes, noise abatement, drone restrictions, night time hunting limitations, speed limits, travel limits, discharge regulations, water travel restrictions, digital currency restrictions, or heating regulations.

    You are free.

    1. Until some knob rolls in saying I’m from the gubbermint and I’m here to help you outta your stuff.
      I would worry about my old friends, those unable or unwilling to help themselves, it is what it is.

  14. Well said Ken, I hope you don’t get a knock at the door. Seems like we have to worry about expressing ourselves more and more, with the new presidency.
    Those who chimed in on here have been working through this in both mind and action, for a long time. So have we. We are now at the point where we worry about being eaten. We will give it all we have and be loosely organized.
    I pray that the first amendment will remain in tack . It is very difficult to envision what is coming out way. As most express here, we have no idea, really.
    I have lived a long time, and have never seen so many possible scenarios all strongly present at one time. So we will play the hand we are delt and continue to speak out.

  15. We are about to learn many lessons on prepping very fast. 7.8 magnitude EQ hit Turkey overnight and almost unbelievably it was followed by a 7.5 mag hours later, as the aftershocks were subsiding. Turkey has been ripped apart, the death toll will be enormous. Everything the survivors neglected in their preps will be laid bare over the coming days and weeks. I humbly suggest we all watch this event very carefully, including how our military at Incirlik react.

      1. The photo of the ataturk dam I found on the net was from 2018 just after a 5.6 earth quake
        with visible damage to the spillway.
        Article title:
        The third largest dam in the world could be triggering earthquakes
        Posted on April 24, 2018 by Temblor

        1. Horse,
          Athens News reporting on 2/6/23 that many cracks appeared in Ataturk dam after the quakes, and that the area downstream was being evacuated. “Experts” were saying it can go anytime. Syria also reporting damage to one of its dans close by also
          Considering some (or lack of) of the quality control during construction of a lot of dams in the Middle East, I am not surprised. Iraq has got a badly damaged dam that needs constant repair, but it is a losing battle, just forstalling the inevitable. In the end it is always the civilians that pay the price for crooked government officials. Just my 2 Turkish Lira worth.

  16. Bed Bath & Beyond closures isn’t much of a barometer for anything. They’ve been a poorly performing retail chain for decades. Not sure what your items have in common?

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