Indoor Winter Gardening


How many of you have tried indoor winter gardening? Indoor greenery will not only improve your mood during the winter months, but if you are successful, any vegetables will provide a harvest to supplement your meals, especially useful post-SHTF collapse…

As you might expect, having good light is crucial to success. Plants that don’t have enough light will grow ‘leggy’ (long and spindly). When a plant is deficient of light, the photosynthesis process won’t work so well while they will not have enough energy to grow well.

Look for areas in your home with direct sunlight, for the longest time possible.

You can supplement the requirement for sunlight with grow lights, and today’s LED technology vastly reduces the electricity costs to operate them.

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At the end of the normal growing season, you might consider to choose some of your hardier plants and move them indoors. For example you could dig up the root-soil ball of a good looking tomato plant, bring it indoors placed in a cleaned pot (with appropriate drainage holes and gravel-lined bottom). Cut back the plant some, to encourage root growth. Add soil and compost as needed to fill the pot about 3/4-full with room for watering.

Do the same with peppers too.

Some veggie plants like cool temperatures anyway, like lettuces, collards, green onions, and peas.

Consider vegetables like bunching (green) onions, herbs, kale, and beans – which grow fairly fast.

For maintenance,

If the plants have insect infestations like white flies, aphids, or spider mites, you can wash-spray the leaves with a mixture of slightly soapy water.

During the winter, it is often quite dry inside the home, so you may want to mist the plants every day.

Use a soil moisture meter to determine when the plants need watering.

It may be a challenge, but by attempting to garden indoors during the winter will hone some of your skills, and perhaps keep you in the green during the cold winter months…

If any of you have tried indoor winter gardening (especially with vegetables), let us know about your experiences and tips by leaving a comment below!


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