Emergency Food Kits – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Guest article, by ‘NRP’

First let’s start by knowing that I’m not here to “Bash or Trash” the Emergency Food Kit industry, nor am I attempting to discourage ANYONE from storing a supply of foods, among other preparedness needs.

I am going to point out some ideas on Food Storage “Buckets” that may substitute the Industrialized “Emergency Food Kits”, or as I like to call them, ‘Food Buckets’.


The Good

They are fast easy and cheap, a No-Brainer. One can purchase a months’ worth of “food” for around $80 per person. AND if you’re not a Prepper, you’ll have that warm fuzzy feeling you did at least ‘Something’, right?

They will (should) last, in proper storage, for many MANY years, 10-20 years, longer than I’ll be around that’s for sure, Sure hope the Nephew likes em……

Most of the meals are very easy to prepare with little or no Kitchen Equipment. Some, aka MREs, are completely self-contained just need a little water.

You can get a HUGE variety of Prepared Meal and ingredients for basically any style of meal you can think on.

I would bet that most have a reasonable Calorie Count, boosting somewhere around 2000-C per day.

Availability now-a-days is GREAT, seems you see them everywhere, and a LOT more advertisement on the Radio (they trying to tell us all something?)

( Search ‘Emergency Food Kits’ on Amazon )

One very nice thing, if you need to ‘GOOD’ fast, this is something you can just toss a few buckets in the old F-350 and head out. Hoping of course that Ford Starts…..


The Bad

Salt, and I do mean SALT!!!! Everyone I have tried and I have tried many, the Salt content is literally overwhelming. Now let’s be clear here, I do eat salt and add a little to a nice BBQ’ed Steak, but OMG guys, cut back on the NaCl.

I find the lack of flavor a little disappointing in most, maybe it’s the overpowering salt?

Many I have found have a very “pasty” taste and texture, seems maybe a lot of some type of filler they use to increase volume of the product.

The packaging on 99% is very good, I have had some (4 or 5) damaged when I popped the box from the Factory, not a good thing if your depending on this to survive.


The Ugly

Honestly, I would bet that maybe MAYBE 5% of the Country has a Bucket or two in their home. This is NOT good. Heck FEMA says 3 days, and a Bucket is 30 days????

People are so wacked out these days, if someone sees you have a couple of buckets of food stored you get labeled as “One of Those” and ridiculed as a Prepper. Additionally those will be the same ones beating down your door WTSHTF.

The .gov will also mark you as a Survivalist and a Terrorist for storing and preparing for yourself. Look up the Patriot Act.

Again so many of the uninformed believe that FEMA and TPTB will be there for them, you’re betting you and your families lives on it. Are you really that sure?

Ok, remember the saying “Store what you eat and Eat what you store”? I’m betting that 99.99% of you that have these ‘Food Buckets’ have never eaten a month’s worth of this stuff….. Need I say more?


Ok, a few suggestions;

Go ahead and get a few of these, I will not suggest any particular brand (I prefer Augason Farms). Having some will assure at least “some” food in the house and ya can always barter the Wise Buckets for some TP if needed.

OK, here ya go, Look up on the net ‘Meals in a Jar’, remember “Store what you eat and eating what you store?” Why not build your own ‘Buckets’ with food that you will actually eat?

Related cookbook: Meals in a Jar

Now before ya go nuts and say “When your hungry you will eat that Rat on a Stick” but really??? Is that your answer for your Family? Are you telling me you can take a day and build 10 buckets with food that will last for years for the ones you love?

Seriously, I know most here have 500 pounds of Beans, 1000 pounds of Rice and a few dried peas stored up, right?

Rice & Beans – A Survival Combination

How about building some quick Grab-N-Go buckets of food that you can be proud of?

FYI, take a good hard look at the Picture I have below, Is that you standing there stranded and worrying how you’re going to get tonight’s dinner on the table? OR if the stores will be open to even get food?

Just my 2¢ worth.

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