5 Reasons Why LOCAL Foods Are Important


It’s good for you

In many cases, the local produce you buy will have been just picked or harvested only hours before it arrived on the shelves. Since fruits and vegetables start losing vitamins and other nutrients from the minute they are picked, that short travel time is important to their overall nutritional impact. They haven’t had a chance to start losing nutrients, so they are actually healthier for you than they would be if they had to travel for a week or more to reach you.

It’s good tasting

Locally grown fruits and vegetables generally end up in your hands at their peak of flavor because they were picked ‘in-season’. The only way to get it any fresher is to grow it yourself! You will notice the difference in the just-picked, mouthwatering taste of the fruits and veggies from local farms. You will also find that smaller farms often have a diversification of foods and varieties, providing customers with unique heirloom varieties and other flavors.

It’s good for the environment

Locally grown food doesn’t have to travel far to reach your local shelves, so, less fossil fuel is used. Smaller farms are more likely to use environmentally friendly production methods including organic farming, which does not use artificial or chemical fertilizers and hormones.

It’s good for the community

Those small farms are an integral part of the fabric of our communities, keeping the special character of the region alive. They promote nature in the region. A vibrant farming community is part of what makes an area unique.

It’s good for the economy

When you shop locally, far more of the money you spend stays local, supporting the business and individuals in your community. It creates a positive ‘ripple effect’ that can be felt across the community. Those local businesses can then grow and thrive, helping put more money back into the local economy.


Whenever possible, support your local community by buying LOCAL foods. It’s good for you and for them! Who needs Monsanto anyway…?


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