Hormel Smoked Ham

Hormel Smoked Ham Emergency Survival Food

A can of Hormel Smoked Ham. 5 ounces, 230 calories, and 21 grams of protein. In my opinion, it is an excellent choice to add to your extra emergency preparedness food storage. These little cans of goodness are part of my diversified stock of canned foods, and Mrs. J and I love the taste too.

What makes a particular canned food item better than another when it comes to emergency survival food storage? Well, let me address that…

Canned food that tastes good. Calories. Protein. General nutrition.

By the way, rule-of-thumb, grocery-store canned food is best rotated and consumed within two years. I’m not saying it will go ‘bad’ after that. However, depending on the specific canned food and its “Best if used by” date, it’s good practice to buy what you eat and eat what you store. Consume and rotate it. Two years is a good general guideline.

Hormel Smoked Ham – What Makes It Good…

Okay, back to cans of Hormel Smoked Ham. What makes it one of many great choices for emergency food for your pantry?

Can of Hormel Smoked Ham

CASE of 12 Cans
(Hormel on amzn)

Hormel Smoked Ham Taste.

Whatever you choose to stock in your pantry, it’s best if you like it! Like I said, Mrs. J and I love the taste. And we eat it on a semi-regular basis. Usually for breakfast/brunch once in a while. We like to heat it up in a skillet. It’s not necessary, but we like the somewhat seared texture when heated this way. What does it taste like? Well, smoked ham.

Pull-top lid.

No can-opener is required. This is a ‘plus’. Easy access, regardless of where you are. While many preppers might gasp at pull-top cans, my experience has been pretty great. While not preferable for long-term storage (years and years) due to the possibility of losing a pull-top seal, a good food rotation plan will mitigate this. Hormel seems to have this figured out pretty well.


It’s important. When considering canned foods for emergency survival storage, I always look for a decent amount of protein. A 5-ounce can of Hormel Smoked Ham has an incredible 21 grams of protein.


It’s important too! While looking for canned foods for preparedness’s sake, I look at calorie density. In other words, is there a good amount of calories given the size of the can? Efficiency. Size versus how many calories. In the case of Hormel Smoked Ham, we’re talking about meat, so you’re going to get some good calories here.


This really is about the diversity of foods. Really, no one product is perfect. Regarding Hormel Smoked Ham, I look at the nutritional value, in this case, the protein. Meat. That’s a good thing. But like any nutritious meal, one should diversify foods to achieve a balanced nutrition profile.

Hormel Smoked Ham nutrition ingredients label


I didn’t mention it earlier, but the cost of this Hormel Smoked Ham seems to be reasonable, given that we’re talking about a meat product. It won’t break the bank, so to speak, to stock up on a case or two or three…

In summary, there are lots of great choices for canned foods stocked up in one’s pantry. I like the notion of canned meats because they’re a good source of protein, and they don’t need to be refrigerated. The caveat is to buy that which you will regularly eat so that they don’t just sit there year after year. Eat and Rotate. First in, First out.

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Speaking of Hormel…
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