How To Acquire Food Storage Even If You Are Poor…


There are lots of people who are, or consider themselves to be financially ‘poor’. More specifically, they don’t think they have enough money to build up a cupboard or two full of extra food for preparedness. Some have difficulty getting enough food at all…

There are many people who live week-to-week, paycheck-to-paycheck while struggling to make ends meet. There are bills to pay. There’s little money left over for other things (such as buying some extra food for preparedness). There might only be enough food in the house to feed the family for a few days or maybe a week – until the next paycheck comes in.

Well here’s the thing: There likely IS a way to put some extra food in the pantry…

Firstly, those who consider themselves “poor” or under too tight a budget to procure extra food – consider the following…

Many people have more money then they may think they have. Their problem is wants versus needs. Wasted money on things. Take a close hard look at yourself and what you spend your money on. There is often a way to adjust one’s spending habits.

Take a look at what is being purchased every week, and make adjustments. Not everyone might like it (a shift in diet), but there are likely some foods that could be replaced with alternatives to free up a few dollars for purchasing extra food.

There are lots of foods that you can buy that are really relatively cheap compared to foods that the family might be currently eating. Think in terms of value. Some foods are so comparatively cheap that there’s little excuse not to be able to stock up a cupboard or two!

I’m going to throw out a few ideas, and I welcome your input as well.

Find A Less Expensive Grocery Store

Some grocery stores have higher prices than others! Go to the cheaper store (if the driving logistics – cost of gas – makes it worth the trip). Clearly, some grocery stores cater to being more “upscale”. And you pay for that!

Buy Store Brands To Save Money

Brand names cost more! Period. “Store brands” cost less. Period.

Buy Only If It’s On Sale, If Possible

Grocery stores always and regularly offer sales promotions to get you in their store. “IF” some of these food sales are part of your regular diet, then buy on sale! They count on you to buy other things while you’re there. Resist spending beyond your intent! Most grocery stores have some sort of clearance rack or shelves. You might find some great deals there.

Use Coupons

This can save quite a lot of money. But don’t buy things you don’t need!

Don’t Crater To Your Kids Eating Demands

Don’t buy everything that the kids want! Kids want SUGAR foods! And don’t tell me that your kids will ‘only’ eat this or that (their preferences). Because unless there are allergic reactions involved, the kids won’t starve if they don’t get their particular demands. When they’re hungry enough (after putting up a stink about not getting what they want), they’ll eat! Right?

Compare Unit Prices

It is amazing how many people do not compare unit prices (or don’t know how) when choosing a particular food! In most every grocery store the unit price is printed right on the price tag at the shelf (price per ounce, per pound, etc..). Often you don’t even have to do the math to figure out the posted price versus the number of ounces your getting. The unit price should already be normalized so just go with the cheaper unit. Though the units are sometimes different (math involved here) ;)

Regularly Buy Some So Called “Cheap Food”

Buy some so called ‘cheap’ food every week for preparedness. Even if it’s not part of your normal consumption. Maybe things like Mac-n-cheese. Pasta. Rice. Dry beans. Look for sales like 10 for 10 (e.g. 10 jars of pasta sauce for 10 dollars) or any such sale of cheap foods. These items will eventually fill your cupboards and there will be food available for emergencies or whatever else.

Cut The Expensive Bad Habits & Vices

Do you smoke? That’s expensive! It’s hard to quit, for sure. But you will save a boatload of money, and will live longer as a result. Similar for alcohol. Maybe you quit buying top or mid-shelf. Or stop altogether… These are very expensive habits for being “poor”.

Stop The Luxury Spending

Do you go out to eat? Stop. Does your cable package include all the goodies? Cut back. This is budget discipline. No one wants to cut out their luxury spending, but to put some extra food in the pantry… ?

Grow A Garden

If you have a patch of yard or dirt, try growing a garden. Even if small. Tomatoes are ridiculously easy to grow. How about some bell peppers? Think of the money saved when harvested. Plus it will taste WAY BETTER than the grocery store.

Your turn… Put yourself in the shoes of someone who may be poor. Any ideas of particular techniques to acquire extra preparedness foods?