Here’s a question for you (a sort of poll) which may be interesting to share with others, “Of your ‘deep pantry’, which foods do you have the most of?”

Over the weekend Mrs.J and I looked through our own food storage inventory in order to discover if we had enough of ‘this’ or ‘that’ with regards to our preparedness (food staples, etc..), and it occurred to me that it would be fun to share with each other the food preps that we tend to have the most of.

If you respond with a list, prioritize it by listing ‘the most’ first, etc..

The objective here is to inspire thought for you and others, especially for newbies, while discovering what we all have the ‘most’ of with regards to food storage.

While developing my own ‘deep pantry’, I have considered a number of factors while choosing what to get, and how much.

-Calories, caloric content
-How many people to feed
-Shelf Life longevity
-Storage space requirements
-Variety and Diversification
-Food Rotation within our current eating habits
-The requirements (pros & cons) of food preparation from one type to another

Having just checked a few days ago, the foods that I personally have the most of:
1. Wheat berries
2. Rice
3. Dry Beans

Okay, lets get it started… lets see if you can list the top-5 (or whatever you choose) of which foods that you have the most of.

Later I will update with a list of the most common food storage items based on your comments of what you have the most of…

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