Guest article, by ‘NRP’…

Here is the situation;

TSHTF big time, there is no one to help you and you need to get home, or to your BOL, or to safety somewhere else. You find yourself out in the middle of nowhere with only your GHB and maybe a few other items you have found on the way. Even worse, it’s mid-December, there’s snow on the ground, it’s still snowing/raining, and getting late in the day. It WILL be very cold and you need to hunker-down for the night. What do you do?

As odd as it might seem, there are millions and millions of people that have little to zero idea how to build a life-saving fire in a situation like this, even if their life is in danger.


As someone who is a Prepper/Prepared, one should know many ways to build that fire. It will provide the ability to stay warm, cook, to maintain a safe area from “the wild”, to boil water for safe drinking, etc..

Do you have in your GHB and EDC the means to light a fire?

Prepper Acronyms and Terms

What if it’s raining and your “stuff” gets wet? FYI, a wet Bic Lighter or Matches are fairly worthless when they are wet.

How about some items to help you get the wood burning? A Fire-Starter along with Vaseline Cotton-Balls for instance. How about some QuickLights or even some “Fatwood”?

Can you build a fire without all of the trinkets/gadgets you may have? Maybe someone took your GHB? What do you do now? Do you have a way to start a fire with what’s in your pocket?

As a challenge to yourself, take a little time this weekend and build a fire with what you normally have with you in your pockets (or modify what you keep in your pockets so that you CAN start a fire).

Please do this outside…. NO House Fires please… :) Then try it in the rain.

A Magnesium Fire Starter Or Swedish Fire Steel
How To Start A Fire With Wet Firewood
Tinder For Building A Fire

Let’s hear your ideas for surviving that freezing winter night and how you would “Build a Fire”.

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