How To Make Your Own Toilet Paper | It’s A Survival Skill!

One package of toilet paper on shelves.

There’s a toilet paper shortage! Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month, many have been affected by not having stocked up enough toilet paper.

Well fear not! Here’s one solution to your problem!

Submitted by MSB regular, ” Livin’ in the Woods “…

A picture is worth a thousand words, so, here ya go…

Since there seems to be paper towels available more than Toilet Paper. I took 1 roll of cheap paper towels. 1 thrift store electric knife. And made 4 rolls of 120 grit Toilet Paper.”

It’s practical, sensible right? One might say it’s an acquired survival skill? :D

Disclaimer #1: Do not attempt without adult supervision.
Disclaimer #2: You do know this is a joke, right?
Disclaimer #3: Shouldn’t flush paper towels.

MSB regular, ” NRP”, and his TP storage:

I sent a team out to NRP’s location near the “four corners” New Mexico. While he left the premises to go to search for even more TP, the team entered and captured the following photo:

(If the governor of Michigan saw this, NRP would be rounded up post haste, and charged with domestic hoarding crimes against humanity – never to be heard from again…)

Here’s his backup plan:

For when toilet paper runs out


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