Make A “Prepper Dinner” Once A Month

Here’s and idea… Say, once a month, make a “prepper dinner”.

What do I mean by that?

Make A Dinner From Your Long Term Food Storage

Practice your survival skills. Make a dinner whereby you only use your food preps, your “deep pantry” and/or “long term food storage”. AND DO IT WITH NO ELECTRICITY.

Challenge yourself. Don’t just grab an MRE or a Mountain House Pouch.

Rather, be creative. Utilize some of your deep storage staple foods. Make some things from scratch. Try to put together a meal with a variety of foods, as though you’re making a meal to impress.

This way you’ll be more likely to discover holes in your process, or learn a few more things than otherwise.

Maybe you will find that you need a particular manually-operated appliance. Or a specific food item that you don’t have. Or a indoor-safe portable stove!

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Shut Off The Power

Go down to the breaker panel and flip them all off. A dark house. No working appliances.

Why? Because this will realistically resemble what could happen, and force you to deal with the variety of consequences and challenges.

And you know what? It’s fun!

In fact our pal, NRP, suggests doing a “lights out weekend” every once in awhile.

But starting with a “prepper dinner” might be a good place to start…

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