No one person has the abilities and skills to do everything. Today we trade our services for ‘money’ (currency) and we then use those FRN’s (federal reserve notes) to buy the things and services that we need – which we otherwise do not have or know.

When that system breaks down (e.g. ‘economic collapse’) and/or when we’re thrust into a new post-collapse world (for whatever the reason), the way we exchange for services will not be the same as the old way (for the most part). Chances are that the old money will either become practically worthless (or worth much less) or it will become entirely unavailable.

After the initial shock of collapse, those who make it will begin anew. They will trade and barter services (for ‘things’ AND for other services). We recently asked your opinion for the ‘items’ which might be valuable for barter. Today, we’re asking for your opinion for the ‘services’ which might be valuable for barter…

For those who are ‘prepared’, there will be a time during which you will not need much, if anything, regarding items or services following an initial collapse of some kind. That said, there might be some services during the ensuing chaos which you suddenly discover that you need.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, when the ‘dust settles’ from the initial shock wave and chaos, and before a time when (if) a new ‘system’ takes place, you WILL need some services. While some may be more adept at self-sustained living than others, there will be a cross-section of needs for a variety of services in this new post-collapse world.

What will they be? And/or what services (skills) will be good to have during such a time?

Let’s hear from you, and then after there’s enough input I will list them all for a Poll to discover their apparent ‘value’.

Remember, SERVICES, skills, abilities, for BARTER (not ‘things’).

That said, many or most of these ‘services’ will require their ‘tools of the trade’, but my assumption will be that those with a given service, skill, or ability, will already have their associated ‘tools’ if required.

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