Are Preppers Overreacting To Irrational Fears About SHTF?

As a prepper, is it possible to overreact from fear of today’s concerns about SHTF? I’m not talking about preparedness for the small stuff. Rather, I’m referencing some of the big stuff, such as SHTF scenarios that I wrote about the other day. The state of the decaying world we live in. Being preparedness-minded, a prepper, how easy is it to get carried away, so to speak, while focusing on bad “news”? Do you know what I mean?

A recent comment here on Modern Survival Blog has inspired me to address this question, and put it out there for your comment and opinion.

Doing my best to be ready for any of the SHTF scenarios. In my view so much is going wrong now… as a nation and her people I feel we have been led into a position of vulnerability on practically every front.

With all of the info coming through about food supply problems, I have made that a priority (much to the amusement of my DH who is back to his skepticism that things are going to get as serious as I think they are).

But the comments by the CEO of Goya that I read yesterday have caused me to look at my current beliefs. His opinion is that food will be expensive, but not widely short in the US. I was kind of put out by his remarks – we all agree with the expensive part, but I was bothered by his kind of blowing off the concept of food shortages here.

Have I become a victim of my own confirmation bias? Am I too dismissive of different, more optimistic opinions? Am I over-reacting to all the bad news scenarios in front of us? I like to think of myself as being pro-active and prudent, but am I missing something? Am I making things out to be worse in my own mind, and negating the opinions of an industry insider because he does not see things the way I do? Am I getting carried away?

I don’t intend to stop my preparedness activities, but I guess I am questioning whether I am too quick to dismiss the voices saying things aren’t going to be as bad as I think there are. Perhaps I am not being fair and balanced in my own opinions, and am simply looking to confirm and support the negative scenarios I believe are very real?

~ So Cal Gal

Okay, that’s a good question. I do believe there are ups-and-downs when it comes to the extent of one’s concern, based on what’s happening / current-events / reporting. The good thing is as follows. If nothing happens, you will have lost nothing. If something happens, you will be better for it. The lifestyle of self-reliance and preparedness is itself rewarding (at least for me). So I never feel as though I’m going overboard, so to speak. If anything, I’m saving money in the long run.

Lets take this a little deeper…regarding possibly being “too dismissive of different, more optimistic opinions”.

If you’ve been “red pilled” (Matrix reference), you never look at things the same as before. That is, once you see the bigger picture, when you see through the smoke-screens and have looked behind the curtain, when you’ve peered down that rabbit-hole (which goes very deep by the way), it gets ugly. I believe many of you know what I mean by that. The mainstream does not want you to see how the world really works, and who runs it. And why.

You might say that what once used to be considered conspiracy theory (term invented by the CIA), is now out in the open and clear as a sunny day. And the gas-lighting out there is beyond ridiculous. A thinking person doesn’t have to dig too deep to uncover uncomfortable truths. Some, very uncomfortable…where we’re being taken.

Now here’s the thing…and back to the question at hand… If we spend lots of time down that rabbit-hole, research and discovery — will that focus alter one’s mindset or outlook?

For example, what about people who discover alternate sources of news and information, and consume that for their primary input — will that focus alter one’s mindset or outlook?

Another example, when most people only inhale mainstream news (which is obvious controlled programming), will those people’s mindset be swayed to think and believe a certain way?

Here’s my opinion… The answer is yes, in both cases. However, there’s more to it than that simple answer. Let me explain.

The people have been herded into controlled sources of news and information – the leanings and agendas of which have been obvious. Today, that lean is extreme (for a reason). Further attributing to the controlled narrative are the powerful hands of big tech.

With that said, it takes effort to research outside of that huge and powerful bubble of control. Most people living their day-to-day lives don’t even think to do that. And, most simply don’t care. They’re busy with their lives. They believe what they see and hear from the mainstream. Period. End of story.

Here’s the thing. I do believe that people who have broken through the controlled sphere of mainstream news – and who focus on alternative sources of information – are likely more well rounded in their ability to think critically. Why? Because they’ve sensed something isn’t quite right with what they’re being told. They’ve broken through the bubble and are probably discovering uncomfortable truths that may be instilling a sense of fear or concerns regarding the direction in which this world is being taken. Yes, being taken. On purpose. And yes there are crazies out there too (in the alternative news arena). But it doesn’t take long to weed that out, assuming you’ve got at least a reasonable IQ.

Have I rambled off course here? Wait, what was the question?

So Cal Gal asked, “I guess I am questioning whether I am too quick to dismiss the voices saying things aren’t going to be as bad as I think there are. Perhaps I am not being fair and balanced in my own opinions, and am simply looking to confirm and support the negative scenarios I believe are very real?”

We as humans do look to support our beliefs. It’s natural. The trick is, to keep an open mind, be a critical thinker, due-diligence on many sources, search for supporting references, realize that the MSM is indeed a propaganda mouthpiece, listen to your spidey senses, formulate opinions, question yourself, and prepare accordingly.

Regarding our present global situation… It’s a mess. Will they (WEF/Davos and the rest of them) succeed in their agenda? They might. Can they be stopped? Yes, however I don’t believe they will be stopped at this time. I know a good bit of their plan, and if they succeed, it’s going to be bad for us. Our way of life will become an enslavement within their great-reset and build-back-better (which means they’ve got to break what we have now in order to build it back ‘better’ – which they’re doing quite effectively at the moment).

Wow, I feel like I’ve rambled, and not sure if I adequately addressed her questions. That’s why you’re here… to add comment with your own opinions :-)


  1. Do people overreact thinking that their house and possessions might burn, get blown away or flood? Do people overreact worrying about having a vehicle accident? Do people overreact being concerned about health care and getting help? No, those that can and listen get insurance.

    1. Mrs. U,
      We were thinking the same thing and just read your post after I posted mine! Great minds think alike.😀

  2. Excellent article. As I stated in a previous post, I view preparing and being as self-reliant as possible is a lifestyle not a hobby, fad or an act of paranoia. My preparations are like the fire insurance policy I have on my house. If I die and never use them I am not going to be disappointed or think that “I wasted all of that money on a policy I never got to use”. However should I have a fire it would be comforting to know I have the financial means to replace my home.

    No one knows the future but having food, water, supplies, being self-reliant, being able to defend yourself, your family and property and maintaining situational awareness is never a bad thing. However, failing to have a plan and the means to implement it will certainly create a desperate, dangerous and most likely fatal outcome should their be a SHTF event.

    How many people remember Sept.10, 2001? No one, but everyone remembers the next day 9/11 and the uncertainty, chaos and panic that spread across the nation in a matter of minutes. Will tomorrow bring the next “9/11”? No one knows but it’s best to be prepared and be ready to accept it.

    1. Mrs. U,Romeo Charlie,
      yes it’s just like having insurance. having food put back and gardens is like having money in the bank now..
      i agree with Ken that we can’t let paranoia rule our lives but if a person keeps up with the news enough it will scare the crap out of anyone, it does me.
      we enjoy many lights out days in our area every year due to weather related issues, in 2005 we went without running water for a week and elect. for a month. DW and i laughed about being able to camp out and sleep in our own bed. honestly if it had not been so hot we would have enjoyed it more. that’s the only thing we missed was the A/C. last year it was no lights for 5 days and 20 deg temps. it was all good, lots of snuggling.
      it’s wrong to let fear run your life, i know, but it’s foolish not to prepare for the future for our families sake. they depend on us to provide for them and to keep them safe.
      it’s the Grasshopper and the Ant thing for me.

  3. A Rational Mind…has the power, due to its greater understanding of Reality, and Existence, to see farther into the future than the Irrational, or confused, Mind. If one has not been poisoned to doubt the potency of their own mind, and the results of Logic applied to your sensory experience indicates a potential danger, or threat to your existence, and you take actions to mitigate such potential threats as best you can….the irrational minds will not be able to understand your actions…and will not see the threats you do. But, the Rational Minds does not seek the approval of the Irrational Mind…does it? Nor limits their actions according to a flawed consensus of the stupid.

  4. If you sleep better because of your full pantry…it doesn’t matter if you ever eat it.

  5. One puts on a seat-belt, not because they know they are going to be involved in an accident, but because the possibility exists…no matter how remote it may be.

    1. Ision,

      You said it all! It is basically probabilities we prep for.

  6. I suspect most of us need to prioritize our resources and time devoted toward preparing for the future. If one is independently wealthy, you could prepare for all scenarios to the utmost extent. (And still probably miss a thing or two.) If you are limited, it may be tempting to just go for the low hanging fruit of doing whatever is easiest or cheapest on the never ending lists of prep items/skills. There are two questions I use in deciding where to focus: 1) What are the most likely scenarios for needing to prepare considering one’s specific situation? and 2) What are the consequences of not being prepared for the unusual event?

  7. Also, unless you have unlimited means, food being in short supply and food being really expensive is kind of two sides of the same coin. So if that is one’s focus, the next question is how long until market forces mitigate the shortage/high prices in your area?

  8. Sure, we most likely question ourselves. It’s a prudent thing to do. A sign of intellect. No one wants to go “off-the-rails” so to speak. I enjoy gardening and eating home-grown goodies. Always have, so it’s not a big thing to up the amounts. I enjoy ham radio. It serves a preparedness function. Hunting, fishing, butchering, on and on. It’s an enjoyable and normal way of life. (lifestyle as NRP says). Yes, I have a few chickens. Never had them before, but I’ve found I enjoy the birds. The eggs taste a LOT better.

    Then there are all the things I’ve learned: wild lettuce, smart food storage, water storage/filtration, rain water collection, etc. etc. etc. Does any of that make me crazy? If so, I’m a looney tune. I have fun with preparedness. Really don’t want to HAVE TO use any of it. When I stop learning new things, I’ll know I’m off-the-rails. Until then, I’ll keep smiling and living my life.

  9. I don’t think anyone here thinks that we will be in a Mad Max dystopia scenario in a few years, even with Dementia Joe in the WH. But serious problems (even by prepper standards) have arisen in the past 2.5 years that make it seem that we are in a SHTF path to destruction. The virus was not the black death of medieval times but it affected the logic of many sensible people. With social media and the Disney channel (including ABCNews) constantly putting out fake news and propaganda films is it any wonder why we are questioning our own sanity when it comes to what is really real?

    I depend on my 5 basic senses to determine the reality of a situation. If I see food and fuel prices continue to rise I “sense” inflation and supply chain issues. If crime starts to go up in my neighborhood, I “sense” a problem of inadequate staffing at the local sheriff’s department. If I hear people screaming about a pandemic to end all pandemics but see my friends and family barely affected, I question the intentions of the persons who are delivering the message.

    I don’t think the logically-thinking prepper lives in a constant state of paranoia. Instead, he/she uses common sense to weed out the disinformation and government propaganda which is ever more prevalent in our world.

  10. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer. I appreciate all feedback, and place a high value on the opinions of our MSB family.

    So what led me to the train of thought that I posted, and that Ken is responding to with this article were the comments from the Goya CEO:
    “We are on the precipice of a global food crisis,” the CEO told host Maria Bartiromo.
    As it pertains to a potential food shortage in America, Unanue said the U.S. will likely dodge that threat given “we have abundance” … etc…

    I agree about the food crisis, but not about the US necessarily having “abundance” (in our present circumstances). It does not mean I am going to suddenly change lifestyles, and stop being prepared. I am a firm believer in the insurance (or peace of mind) that comes with preparedness.

    But, it leads me to ask myself (if I am being completely honest with myself) – in my quest to get updates and understand what is going on so I can set my own urgency level – am I too quick to accept negative info and too quick to dismiss positive info? Do I look at food industry news (forget the MSM crap) with an eye toward confirming my own beliefs? As preppers do we sometimes lose our objectivity?

    1. I suppose it’s like the ultimate test of insanity–If you’re asking yourself if you’re insane, you’re probably not.

      We are constantly being bombarded by what is referred to as gaslighting, where a person is told over and over that their worldview is distorted or “wrong.” This leads us to wonder if the rest of the world is sane and we’re the outliers. It’s a form of brainwashing.

      On the other hand, if you can look at food shortages and respond by increasing your storage of food, if you know a hurricane is on the way and know to board up your windows or get out, if you see danger coming and work to mitigate it–it doesn’t matter if the food shortages never arrive, if the hurricane swerves and misses you, if the danger you see is averted.

      You saw the truth and responded to it. If you saw a weather expert saying there is no hurricane, you would be utterly right to question that as the winds pick up.

      1. Thanks , Lauren. And plenty of gaslighting going on the days. We are constantly told not to believe our own eyes and ears and gut feelings. And lots of folks fall for it. Ugh.

    2. It could be that the CEO is trying to stop a food shortage panic so that he can stock up his pantry before the true cat is out of the bag for everyone to see. Kind of like the CEO on the Titanic, saying everything is find, yes we are taking on a little water but but we’ll be okay, while slowly edging himself into one of the life boats.

      1. VF,
        Good point! It just seems so disingenuous to go on TV and tell people we are on the precipice of a food crisis, but that it won’t really happen in the US. But, had he said more about food shortages here he might have created a panic… and we can’t have that!

    3. As Ken has pointed out, there is no downside to being prepared for food shortages. Worst case scenario is you’ll have food to donate to those in need.

      I watched the interview with Goya’s CEO. What struck me is he wouldn’t answer the interviewer’s question directly. She asked him, point blank, if we would see food shortages here, and he never answered her directly. He spoke like a politician. Kind of odd, actually.

      My personal take is this: the global forces pushing these changes have specific desired outcomes in mind. They’ve stated these goals openly, for any who care to see. Significantly reduced population, and technocratically controlled ‘life’, if you can call their vision of things ‘living’.

      I believe them – they’ve said what they want to create. Given that, and based on my assessment that our leadership here in the FUSA is either responding with cowardice or is actually complicit with these globalist goals, I expect we will see food shortages. Not because we can’t produce the food we need, but because even if we manage to do that in spite of the efforts of our co-opted .gov to stop us, they will simply take it away from us. They’ll have some good story, of course, for shipping what we do produce off to the rest of the world while we face empty shelves and cupboards. Historically speaking, communists are known for that kind of thing.

      I don’t think it’s even possible to over-react at this point. Imo, we need to be stacking, packing, and growing in every crack and crevice we can find. Throw in some guerrilla gardening for good measure, and get our local communities focused on this, too, so less people go hungry. It’s that, or just get ready for ‘mad max’. Yes, I think it could potentially go there. It’d be really great if we could avert that outcome.

      1. Farmgirl,
        Thanks for sharing your take after watching it ( which I did not do – I only read it).
        You make a lot of great points here – and your point about the difference between what we “can” produce and what will actually be allowed to be kept. I feel the same way… just because we may be able to produce enough (and that is in doubt) it doesn’t guarantee where that food ends up when all is said and done.

        And wasn’t it our secretary of agriculture that came out a few weeks ago and told all of us maybe it’s time for us to make sacrifices (or something to that effect)? When the guy in charge of agriculture says something like that I think everyone should be paying attention!

  11. It’s not an overreaction to be prepared. Even the Good Book talks about it. See Proverbs 27:12.

  12. Lots of good comments here. I feel that I am prepared for a number of outcomes but can’t be prepared for everything. As Ison noted having prepared you may sleep better at night even if your preparation isn’t required. My biggest concerns are family members scattered around the globe but not much can be done if the SHTF other than hope for the best for them with their current levels of preparedness.
    Like some of the other folks here my folks lived through the depression and WW 2. My Dad was lucky as he was a machinist and could turn his hand to many things so he was better off than many others. Many of that generation could see bad things coming but when troubles are on a global scale you really can’t get out of the way. I think we are living in similar times and if it isn’t one problem then it is another, most with global scale reach. With that said I keep my ear to the ground and think positively that I have done what I can for me and my family which is about all you can hope for at this point.
    Stay safe, stock up and know who your friends are!

  13. For myself,
    its way too easy to latch on to the negative and run with it.
    IMHO, there is a ton of bullshit from all sides.
    I honestly cant deal with much more than whats in front of me, so i live the lifestyle, i look at things objectively, am cautious what i believe in, and keep enough around that i wont be totally screwed for my own SHTF or mother natures,
    That seems to work.

  14. Are we over reacting when we prep? Hopefully we will never know. Personally I don’t believe even half of what I hear from either side of the media as I think both have the same agenda which is to control and manipulate. I prep because I have always tried to cover all bases. Years ago I ran a chemical plant making photo chemicals. Over my desk was a note that said ” what if could “.

    If it comes it comes and I will be prepared as I can. If it doesn’t then it was an interesting ride. I have always said I don’t prep to survive I prep because I’m scared I will.

  15. One of ken’s best, and the replies are spot on, my take don’t prep to survive prep to thrive, my moniker is realist and for decades people have asked me when I talked about sheeple who live with their head in the dark am I a pessimist type or optimist type, and I would admonish them to a degree by telling them there are three types of people on the left there are chicken little types to are always negative, and on the right are the Polly Annie who totally positive about everything a major fault also. I consider myself a realist who is in the middle and makes hopefully realistic decisions with both hope and realizations that stay the course. These type of individuals use common sense and determination to set a goal and adjust that goal by the circumstances as they happen.

    I have always considered the great man Will Rogers a realist in every sense of the word, who had a mind that spanned generations with his rational thoughts a lot like Mark Twain. Wills adage about understanding most things in life can be summed up in this one “There are three types of people in the world, one are those who make things happen, two there those that watch things happen, and third there are those who wonder what in the hell just happened”.

    I am in my 70s now and believe I lived in one of the best generations, and in the best country in the world. but at the same time believe we have abandoned most of those “things” that made us so great. We have as a nation thrown away starting with God
    Those things that he allowed us to build on, and now we are starting to see, I mean really comprehend what we now about to reap. So maybe I am redundant, but to those of us who are listening prepping is acting on those gut instincts without letting the shepple influence of doing nada stifle ourselves.

    To all of you who are on this site, we share a realistic set of awareness and I for one thank you, truck on.

    1. Realist,
      Your comments express very much my thoughts. It is amazing how much Twain and Rogers observed and commented on the human condition.

  16. I think the Boy Scout Motto stated it best. “Be Prepared”.
    Also, the U.S. Coast Guard’s “Semper Peratus”.
    Simply stated, it says it all.

  17. So Cal Gal, How does a collapse happen? Slowly at first then all at once. Last year the FAO predicted famine in some parts of the world this year. I sent the report off to a potentially impacted friend who responded that the government there had said (and done) nothing about it. The USDA has waived nutritional requirements for school lunches and senior meals for this school year. Prices surging by leaps and bounds. Shortages of items in stores increasing. Hearing of shortages in portion-controlled items in nursing homes and restaurants. Things will look more or less normal as we get used to the “slowly at first” phase. Lingering covid-based disruptions in labor supply and logistics, changing/cooling weather patterns, global fertilizer shortages, increasing hits on global energy supply from the war, last year’s limited grain and hay harvest impacting livestock and poultry supplies, shortages of packaging materials, runaway inflation, are all pushing toward a possible collapse sooner rather than later. We are blessed with some stock from prior abundance and cursed with an Administration that thinks it’s a good thing to dump half our strategic oil reserve on the world market to push gas prices down a few cents. I say stack it to the rafters.

  18. The people, (many of you in here), saw the indications two or three years ago, but we never thought that we would be hit on so many fronts – death by a thousand cuts. Did we over react? How many lives are now disrupted by the worsening economy? Not an over reaction here but a way to continue a life on our own terms, not the politicians rule, not the bank controls, not the fear mongering by big tech/media, ….

  19. So Cal Gal & Ken:
    Good article and opening comment.
    It mostly boils down to how dependent one wants to be on others If/When.
    95% or more of the population truly believe the Gubber will be there for them in a crises, as they are now, think Hurricanes or other stuff that happens, withing a day or so someone else is there to take care of them, for the most part.
    For the most part we are always hit with a fairly local event that at times seems extremely bad, especially if your in the middle of it. BUT, there is “always” help on the way.
    So What/If something happens that’s a major event (Lights Out) who’s going to come to the rescue? Who’s going to be there for you and yours when the SHIT really/Really/REALLY hits the Fan?
    I know I’m preaching to the Choir here, but you asked the question.
    If one is already living the Lifestyle of self sufficiency that are you not ahead of the ballgame? Do you not already have that HORDE of food and goodies? Yes I said that cuss word “Horde”, ohhhhh well, live with it. Do you have the Knowledge to survive without that $2,000,000.oo mansion that some live in?
    Y’all had best get your priorities inline for what “May” be coming. We are living in a precarious times my friends, ya might want to get that Mindset fixed and forget that $20,000 vacation to Russia. Hint Hint.
    You all have a Wonderful Day out there, tis going to be a GREAT day here on Lighting Point for sure.

    1. NRP,
      Thanks for your comments – and you are right – no one is coming to save us. How often have we said/read that here?
      I need to learn to stop questioning myself – accept that I’m a bit nuts… and just get on with the business at hand. Always a lot of work to be done :)
      Hugs to Blue!!!

      1. So Cal Gal:
        I remember what seems to be just last week when you first knocked at the MSB door.
        My gosh you’ve done a remarkable job of preparing and moving into the lifestyle.
        It honors me to call you a friend.
        You are an inspiration for a lot of folks that are just becoming aware. Keep up the GREAT work.

  20. How do you prepare and why?
    On the open forum I posted what I saw growing up: Times of budget cuts, closing of businesses, relocation of businesses from California to low tax states, times of shortages in some niche industries (guns or ammo and reloading supplies) and times of shortage in some commodities that are essential like gasoline during the Carter administration. I observed these things as a child before Y2K non-event, 9/11/2001. The end result is my outlook on life is about times of plenty followed by times of famine. My first professional job also opened my eyes in many ways in that I was living off-grid and working seasonally as a park ranger/fire fighter. I knew bad things happened to all kinds of people because I went to those locations when they were burning. I saw the people in shock watching the fire approach their homes holding their children, cats and dogs.
    I posted on this site about why we relocated to another state during the Great Recession of 2008. (I saw that one coming butt I did not anticipate the Teutonic Governator trying to pay me in IOU’s…so I left). Other SHTF moments are of a more personal nature: Getting into a gunfight while a police officer these days is a career ender. My last shooting took place while I was on newbie probation. Much to the relief of the agency, I left quietly and went back to school. (I highly recommend Junior College or Trade school). I got a professional license and put that part of my life in the rear view mirror. I am now 60 years old, I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I am still working and saving money.

  21. “Are you a prepper? Well, I’m a prepper, too” to paraphrase that old Dr. Pepper ad. Actually, I have grown to dislike the terms “prepper” and “prepping”. In my own mind I was never prepping. I was “putting by” as my Grandma would probably say. She was a farm wife and it was only natural (and good sense) to preserve what they raised to last until the next harvest. Maybe even a bit longer because a next good harvest is never a guarantee, much like all that abundance we once enjoyed is drying up out west and getting flooded and snowed on in unseasonal temps in the Mid and Upper Mid West… grain country. Then there’s bird flu, inflation, supply chain disruptions, war, an invasion into our country, drugs, violent crime, the looting of private wealth, a fake pandemic, fake vaccines, censorship attacking free speech, little tyrant governors popping up all over, and lies/propaganda 24/7/365 our of that clown show in Washington, D.C. with an ever increasing absurdity with a cast of characters that gives the bar scene in Star Wars competition. So, do I over react? *laugh* I don’t believe I do. I harvest all the pertinent information I can, do a risk assessment, then make adjustments were needed. For those preparing for SHTF time, your wait is over… the S has HTF some time ago. Its like a slow-moving creeping disaster that is already affecting billions of people on this globe and will eventually touch all of us… some more than others, most likely. My goal is to be one of the “others”.

  22. Siblings 1, 2, 3, and 4. Raised by the same parents that lived through the Great Depression and WWII; similar genetics. #1 became a hoarder of junk and cats. She would keep a rusted can of beans for 10 years, but had no interest in setting up a useful food storage and rotation system. #2 is financially successful and has an extravagant and ostentatious lifestyle. Her idea of prepping is a well stocked wine room, a case of Evian in her garage, and a supply of jewelry cleaner. #3 was all about investing. Any extra dime not invested is a wasted fortune. He has a fortune now, but he’s a nervous wreck any time the stock market does it’s roller coaster impression. #4 (me) loves gardening and living off grid. I think they’re all nuts and they think I’m crazy. My point is that some people just don’t understand nor appreciate the preparedness mind set and lifestyle.
    It’s almost as if preppers hear an inner voice, feel a push, or are inexplicably drawn to planning for “what if” situations no matter how rosy the forecast for the future may be. I consider it a gift and it’s a gift not everyone has. It’s frustrating at times to not have the physical help or financial support from family members for whom I have added to my list of possible dependents.
    The future always seems to have some sort of storm cloud forming on the horizon so I will continue to prepare, remain calm, and take advantage of opportunities and resources as they come along. I am thankful for clean water and a flushing toilet, but we built 2 outhouses so in case the SHTF my nutty family will have a pot to *iss in.

    1. AZoffgrid
      You say it’s a gift to have that inner voice that pushes up to prep but I wonder at times. Yes I prep but I sometimes think how life might be easier with the head in the sand approach. Not to worry about the future because you are convinced it will all be good might be a nice place to be.

      We prep to survive what is coming but what are we trying to survive. Are we really sure we want to live in that post shtf world? I don’t have that answer

      1. Poorman – only key I’ve found in life is to LIVE your life. Doesn’t mean not to prep, nor aware and head on a swivel, but I can’t control Russia or China etc. Aware yes, worry, not so much. Circle of concern vs circle of influence. Still looking for the other keys He has hidden and will continue to do so until I’m worm food.

  23. ken,

    Are Preppers Overreacting To Irrational Fears About SHTF?
    maybe, but if anyone keeps up with the news, that stuff will scare the crap out of anyone with half a brain or any ambition for the future. some, many, just don’t care. they just live day to day and don’t worry about tomorrow, it’s sad really.
    i need to tune out for a while or possibly get some valium, one. decompress. i need to go camp at the river for a week or so, DW will watch the house and come down the hill to visit, and we have our radio’s and phones to keep in touch. i haven’t been yet this year with the garden and everything but all of that will be finished tomorrow for a few weeks.
    we need some more fish in some jars and the freezer anyhow. that’s gonna be my excuse for going : )

  24. Prepping for SHTF?
    We are in SHTF now.
    Inflation the worst in 40 years, supply issues, businesses going under because they can’t get stuff and people to work, war (world war) in the offing. My opinion is by Labor day, maybe sooner.
    Stack it to the rafters folks, don’t dally.

  25. Oh yeah, what about the food factories burning, the farmers can’t get fertilizer to grow crops, the chickens killed due to avian flu??? There’s more—

  26. I just want to say thank you again to Ken for turning my comment into a thoughtful article, and thank you to all of you who took the time to address my remarks, Ken’s wonderful article and to add your thoughts… I read and appreciate every reply and all of the thought you all put into your remarks. So much help, support and words of wisdom – thank you all!

    We have a wonderful family of friends here at MSB, and I am blessed to be here with all of you!

  27. Response to AZoffgrid: My wife and I resemble sibling #1 the crazy cat lady. I have 4 myself + we feed one that cruises the backyards looking for handouts. I know we are not the only ones feeding him due to his shape (round is a shape). I also share similarity with sibling #3 in that I have some money in the stock market and have been a participant for over 40 years.
    To SoCalGal: Do not forget that the 4 seasons of your location consist of Wildfires, Floods Riots and Earthquakes. About the only thing you and McGyver do not see on frequent basis are ice storms. As long as we do not anger Dennis, he will not be FEDEX’ing that package of ticks, fleas and chiggers to your location. I agree that we cannot prepare for everything but it does not hurt to try to examine possibilities of events happening in your local area. One example is that we spent more money on our home in order to live mid-slope on elevated ground as opposed to purchasing flood insurance.
    To Dennis: I kept one of my old Tyvek body suits along with rubber gloves and ventilated head cover in event I get a strange package from Arkansas or Texas. I’ll keep the forceps and exacto-knife handy for opening said package.

  28. These are not irrational fears…..these are possibilities that can and have come to fruition as many people are now learning. Some people catch on quickly and learn how to live a better life by being prepared – financially, physically, mentally and spiritually. Others crash and burn on a regular basis because they don’t care to examine their choices and the results that follow. And others have their choices interrupted by life happening. We must each find our own balance so we can make adjustments when needed. Excess in any category is not healthy which is why many of us have made this our lifestyle choice but still hit pause every now and then for some R&R.

  29. I think about all the people who don’t have a clue we are on a slow train to disaster. I don’t trust any thing the talking heads say. They are so for behind the ark of destruction. I know I’m paranoid. The question is am I paranoid enough?

  30. Perdue Farms grain processing plant in Chesapeake, VA burned overnight (1 May) per WTKR.

  31. Yes, absolutely. I have never had this ‘sick to my stomach, feeling before but sure have it now

  32. Don’t know about the “willies”, more of an “OH crap! This is what we have been prepping and training for!” type feeling. More people are waking up and getting worried. Good, it’s about time.

  33. Anony Mee

    Sweden, Finland, Poland, Moldavia and Germany just told their population, 3 months worth of food and 100 gal water per person.
    WHAT OUR POS GOV’T TELLING US. Abortion is good. MAGA crowd most dangerous movement EVER.
    I stepped my prepping up to MAX Q a long time ago

      1. Exactly……..I only pay attention to what they don’t say……infinity more relevant

    1. SMG,
      The last I saw was a few months ago and more like 10 days or some such thing. Will you please point me to where you found this info? Thanks!

  34. Anony Mee –

    I’ve mentioned before our storage arrangement one full sealed, refrigerated bedroom, two 7 ft freezers, some garage space and that out building where son intends to set up his reloading station. To do that we must relocate two bicycles and boxes/piles of other detritus left behind by the ‘chillins’.

    It seems everyone has heeded your advice and stacked to the rafters. Both kids told me they have no room for anything at their respective apartments because they are packed to the rafters with prep supplies. At first I was annoyed, but on reflection… I’m just going to find a place to put their bikes and other crap.

    With the so called World Leaders today all talking about using NUKES I do worry because these IDIOTS are just crazy and dumb enough to use them and that would not be good! My wife and I lived through the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS and I always PRAYED that our kids would never have to experience that ever. DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP US ALL🙏

  36. Thanks, Anony Mee… I am finding my emotions running away with me this evening.

    I recognize I have no power to change what is happening. I can only work to have the resolve to be as prepared as possible for the worst, and faith that everything happens for a reason – even if that reason is not apparent in this moment. So much evil all around us.

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