Cyberattack – Scariest Thing Will Be Not Knowing What’s Going On

The scariest thing about a cyberattack

Cyberattack. Not a localized focused incident, but a highly coordinated wide reaching major cyberattack. An event or series of events that attack modern infrastructure.

With what goal? To cause internal social chaos to the extent that we fight ourselves to a state of collapse. Cyberwar.

We are vulnerable beyond belief. Electronically interconnected. Networks jam packed with devices. The ‘internet of things’. The integrated electronic systems keeping infrastructure operational..

The scariest thing about a cyberattack, at least at first, will be – not knowing what’s going on.

The ensuing confusion. Broken communication systems. The resulting isolation. People desperately wondering what happened. Who did it. What to do..

Coincidently I watched the Netflix movie, “Leave The World Behind”. I happened to view it during the first day of release. It was a unique fictional view of this article’s topic.

An oil tanker ploughs into a tourist beach. Planes fall from the sky. Driverless cars run amok. The internet fails and the mobile network dies. Feral instincts take over as people fight for food, water and medicine amid the ruins of civilization.

That is the nightmare vision depicted in Leave The World Behind, Netflix’s recent hit film starring Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke as a couple battling societal breakdown when the technology that underpins civilization collapses.

For our 21st-century lives are almost entirely dependent on complex technologies that many do not understand — and that can so easily be exploited by our enemies.

article on DailyMail

As a Netflix film portrays a nightmare that security experts insist is a very real prospect… How will YOU survive on the day an enemy state switches off the internet?

Cyberattack to the extent of devastating consequences – is a very real threat. It’s not science fiction. It’s cold-hard-fact.

Cyberwar concerns me more than EMP. Why? Because I believe it’s more likely. There are a handful of nation states that could pull off an EMP. However a major cyberattack is different. More potential ‘actors’. And ‘the enemy’ might not be effectively identified.

Cyberattack – Not Knowing What’s Going On

The focus of this article. Food-for-thought. The fact that the public (except for a few who have been ‘awake’ and prepared) will not know what’s going on after telecommunications goes down.

Every subsequent minute without their screens.. Social media Apps.. No Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat, TikTok, Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, X (Twitter), Pinterest, etc… Not knowing what’s going on.. Not knowing how to find out.. Increasing anxiety.. And the ensuing panic.

Internet pipelines used for effective avenues of cyberattack into all sorts of infrastructure, including communications. An enemy objective –> cutting off flow of information. Leading to confusion and not knowing what’s going on.

Social media datacenters are attacked and platforms are taken down. Mainstream alphabet-channel networks are broken due to reliance upon affected datacenters, digital chokepoints, and the internet infrastructure itself. Cell phone provider networks. Any communications system reliant upon a smooth running internet. Hampered or broken.

Even worse, the likelihood of power grids being targeted and going down. When the lights go out, so do most communications systems.

There will be massive confusion resulting from not knowing. It will quickly lead to major stresses, indecision, bad decisions, internal conflict, and ultimately…social chaos.

Preppers Will Know..

Those educated within the realm of common sense preparedness will know. At least to the extent of knowing that a devastating cyberattack will require having prepared for it. Having known the probable consequences thereof. And, when it happens, making quick and smart decisions to stay ahead of the social chaos that’s sure to come soon afterwards.

It will be time to get to one’s ‘home base’ and pull up the drawbridge, so to speak.

Everything will become quite local. Communications will require face-to-face, in-person. Or, devices like 2-way radio communication, Amateur radio (ham radio), which are battery powered and don’t require the internet or the power grid.

Information and Intelligence gathering. Methods that don’t require the grid or the internet. Monitoring your radios. That’s how you will find out what’s going on.

Security can be greatly enhanced within a local area with 2-way radios (as long as you have a way to charge them, exemplified in an article linked below).

If you’re into practical preparedness and prepping, you already know this. And you likely already are well equipped in this area of communications. If you’re beginning, you might consider learning more about communications without the internet or without the electrical power grid.

An important point to all this is knowing how most people will react when there’s no reliable or functional communications during, and following, a major cyberattack.

Their coming to grips with it. It will be troublesome, and eventually dangerous.

Renewed Concerns

I have renewed concerns about the probability or likelihood of a major cyberattack, or series of devastating cyberattacks. It’s in the news and media, more and more. Even the WEF (World Economic Forum) is warning about this. Is it predictive programming?

We are exceedingly vulnerable. And there are many entities around the world who consider us an enemy. Seems like an opportune period of time for those who wish our demise, especially given the present climate of divisiveness and division. All that’s seemingly needed is a way to trigger descent into social chaos, lessening the need for a ‘traditional’ attack. We can do it for them. We can do it ourselves..

Are you new to preparedness? It might be a good time to get started.

Are you a veteran at this? It might be a good time to re-evaluate and have a look around. Maybe grease the hinges on the draw bridge..

Have a plan of action.

2024 is coming.

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Best (though pricey) portable battery-operated AM/FM/SW/HF-ham bands w/SSB receiver for gathering information during such a crisis, the Tecsun PL990. Followed by an economical alternative, still with adequate features, the Tecsun PL330.

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At a minimum, a basic Crank Up / Wind UP / Solar powered emergency radio such as the Kaito KA500.

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