We Are Addicted To Entertainment


Earlier I wrote an article which touched upon the veil of ‘the matrix’ — the illusion that is put upon us — which is part of a system designed to ‘steer’ our focus, our attention, our ‘reality’ – to distract, divert, divide.

While some of you may think that such a concept is conspiracy, think about it… Could it be one way in which our so called ‘leaders’ are getting away with running our nation into the ground while hardly anyone is paying attention? The focus of the herd is elsewhere.

A significant subset of the overall distraction is entertainment. We are living in a modern world that is brimming with entertainment…

We can carry it with us wherever we go. Our smart phones, our iPads, our endless electronic gadgets. Countless game ‘apps’ and the mind-boggling array of other apps keep the herd busy.

Gamers. Video games. Xbox, PS3 PlayStation, PC gaming — there is a huge portion of the herd who are addicted to video games.

Television. The tabloids. The sitcoms. And all the rest of your programming choices are enormous in today’s modern world of cable, satellite, and internet. The number of hours spent watching TV is extraordinary.

Music. For many, it’s always ‘on’. The radio in your car. The system at home. Earbuds in your ears corded to your iPod or other device as you move about.

It’s all a constant ‘output’ bombardment into your brains. Who has time to ‘think’??

This is the point I’m making… we have so much noise coming in (in this case, ‘entertainment’), that there’s no ‘alone time’ with one’s own thoughts. During your precious ‘free time’, there’s no time to think. To contemplate. To analyze. At least that is the choice that the herd has made – perhaps coaxed into it through the system’s intent. Technology has lifted entertainment to a new level – a level which enables you to be entertained 24/7.

Is this a good thing? As with many things, “all things in moderation”. The problem is that for many there is no moderation. It has become a way of life. If the people are always distracted, then they can be controlled by just a few. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “fat, dumb, and happy”. So long as the ‘powers-that-be’ can keep the herd in this state of being, they can continue the charade. But the thing is, one day, when the plug has been pulled, the herd never having ‘thought’ about real life – will be up $hits creek without a paddle…