Original Footage Of The Largest Thermonuclear Weapon Ever Detonated, The ‘Tsar Bomba’


Type: Thermonuclear weapon
Place of origin: Soviet Union
Blast yield: 50-58 megatons (TNT)

The Russian Tsar Bomba was the most powerful nuclear weapon detonation in the history of mankind. This video shows the original footage of the detonation…

The Tsar Bomba detonated 2 miles above the ground, north of the Arctic Circle on October 30, 1961.

At the time, Khrushchev warned of the existence of a 100 megaton bomb – nearly unimaginable after witnessing this 57 megaton detonation.

The fireball was seen and felt 620 miles away from ground zero.

The heat from the bomb would cause third-degree burns 62 miles away.

The mushroom cloud was 40 miles high – seven times higher than Mount Everest – and reached above the stratosphere and well inside the mesosphere.

The mushroom cloud cap had a peak width of 59 miles while the base of the cloud was 25 miles wide.

All buildings 34 miles from ground zero were destroyed.

In districts over 100 miles away from ground zero wooden houses were destroyed, stone ones lost their roofs, windows and doors.

Radio communications were interrupted for almost one hour.

One participant in the test saw a bright flash through dark goggles and felt the effects of a thermal pulse even at a distance of 170 miles.

The explosion could be seen and felt in Finland, breaking windows there and in Sweden.

A shock wave was observed 430 miles away.

Windowpanes were partially broken to distances of 560 miles.

Blast damage occurred 620 miles away (atmospheric focusing).

The seismic shock created by the detonation was measurable even on its 3rd passage around the Earth.

The blast was equivalent to all of the explosives ever used in World War II – multiplied by ten…


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