Highest Threat Volcanoes in the United States In the years since the cataclysmic eruption of Mount St. Helens, scientific and technological advances in volcanology have enabled new models of volcanic risks and assessment. One such assessment and monitoring model proposed by the USGS, the ‘National Volcano Early Warning System’, contains a very interesting list. It is a categorization and risk assessment of volcanoes in the United States, including these which are classified as the highest threat of them all   The NVEWS is an assessment of the United States volcanoes and their monitoring needs based on the threats posed by the 169 volcanoes which are geologically active within the nation. Roughly half of the Nation’s 169 young volcanoes are dangerous because of the manner in which they erupt and the communities within their reach. Volcanoes produce many kinds of destructive phenomena and operate on individual time scales, some progressing to eruption very quickly (days to weeks), others needing months to a year or more. While we most often hear of volcanoes and eruptions in other parts of the world, there are potentially dangerous volcanoes within the United States. The USGS NVEWS list was created by analyzing and weighing many factors of each individual volcano. Some of these eruptive hazards and factors include… Volcano type Occurrence of unrest Frequency of past eruptions Tendency toward explosivity Airborne-ash hazard to aviation Carbon-dioxide degassing from soils and lakes Far-reaching lateral blasts Scope of volcanic mudflows People and property risk Exposure factors Power generation/transmission hazards  

Most Dangerous Volcanoes in the U.S.



Glacier Peak Mount Adams Mount Baker Mount Rainier Mount St. Helens


Crater Lake Mount Hood Newberry Three Sisters


Clear Lake Lassen Volcanic Center Medicine Lake Mono-Inyo Craters Mono Lake Volcanic Field Mount Shasta




Hualalai Kilauea Mauna Loa


Akutan Amak Amukta Augustine Black Peak Bogoslof Chiginagak Churchill Cleveland Dana Douglas Dutton Edgecumbe Fourpeaked Hayes Kaguyak Kasatochi Kiska Kupreanof Makushin Recheshnoi Redoubt Seguam Spurr Vsevidof Wrangell Yantarni Yunaska   Do you live near any of these volcanoes? Even if you don’t, you could be affected by an eruption. It’s always good to know the threats around you…