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11 Most Popular Tools For Outdoor Survival

July 1, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


The following is a list of 11 popular tools (in order of popularity) to be used for outdoor survival, based on input from preppers themselves:

Within the list are tools which cover the five C’s of survivability (Cutting, Combustion, Cover, Container, Cordage) as outlined by Dave Canterbury years ago.

1. Knife

2. Firestarter (Firesteel, Lighter, etc..)

3. Rifle (Firearm)

4. Stainless Steel Canteen with screw-on lid

5. Tarp

6. Hand axe

7. Paracord

8. Water filter

9. Stainless Steel Pot or Mess Kit

10. Saw (Bow, Folding)

11. Multitool (Leatherman, etc..)

The question for our readers is this:

Of the categories listed above, do you have a particular favorite or suggested type?

For example, within the ‘water filter’ category, which do you use or prefer? Etc..