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Carts, Wagons And Wheelbarrows For Survival Preparedness

January 14, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


As a prepper, are you overlooking the need for yard carts, wagons, and wheelbarrows that will assist you in carting ‘stuff’ around? Something that is NOT motorized, but instead will be pulled, pushed, or pedaled…

The reason that I said “NOT” motorized is because you probably already have what you need in that department — and if TSHTF you might run out of fuel at some point.

Think about how will you transport supplies from here to there if your fuel runs out. Do you think you’re going to carry or drag everything? Some things are just too heavy or cumbersome to do that. Besides, why not take advantage of the wheel?

One of the most important issues in a SHTF world will be accessing water. Water weighs 8-pounds per gallon. Think about it…

For those who survive a SHTF collapse, many will be gardening for some or all of their food. Could you do it without fuel-operated machinery or a tractor? Think about all the aspects of working a garden (a large garden or fields?) and the transport here to there of all things related – including your harvest.

While you may already have a wheelbarrow (or maybe not?), could you use a new one or a better one? Is yours heavy-duty enough to stand the test of use and abuse? Do you know how many uses there are for a wheelbarrow?

An ordinary yard cart or wagon could become priceless. What better way to haul 5-gallon buckets of water from the river-stream-lake-pond…? What about filling the wagon with your harvest come harvest time? Put some sides on it to hold even more… Do you know how many uses there are for a wagon?

A bicycle will quickly get you from point-A to point-B. Have you thought about getting a practical bicycle that will hold up to hauling you around or even attaching a cart behind?

Wheelbarrow’s, carts, wagons, bicycles…

1-wheel, 2-wheel’s, 3-wheel’s, 4-wheels… they all have their unique advantages when it comes to hauling and transporting.

What about the uses for a shopping cart, a 2-wheel hand-truck, a hand-cart (there’s all kinds), a garage dolly or furniture dolly, extra wheels, axles, casters (do-it-yourself)…

The thing is to stop and consider a life where you will rely more on manual labor to move and transport things. Think “wheels”. The ideas mentioned above will help save your back.