ORAC Value List – Top 100 Highest Antioxidant Spices, Herbs, Products


(ORAC list below)

The ORAC value of the following spices-herbs-foods-berries are rated very high and are worth considering for your overall health and well-being.

ORAC is an abbreviation for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and was developed by the National Institutes of Health in Baltimore.

ORAC units measure antioxidant capacity of foods. Higher ORAC value units potential for better health.

(Consult your doctor for medical advice.)

It is widely believed that high antioxidant foods help greatly to lower the risks of cancer, degeneration, and disease.

The following list consists of high ORAC value food and spices. Consider making an effort to obtain and consume more of them in your normal diet.

Highest ORAC Value Product In The World?

First, be sure to read the notes below. Second, you’re probably looking for a list of high ORAC value foods – potentially good choices for augmenting your health.

Within the realm of common availability, Ground Cloves are VERY high in antioxidant on the ORAC value scale. Greater than 314,000 µmol TE/100g (see explanation below). Uses: baked sweets, meats, ham, sweet potatoes, baked beans, bbq & tomato sauces, pumpkin pie, gingerbread…

Acai Berry – Freeze Dried

The Acai Berry ORAC value is among the highest of the berries. It has more than 100,000 µmol TE/100g (see explanation below). A popular form of this native fruit from Brazil is freeze dried. 1 Tablespoon mixed in with a yogurt or a smoothie. Keep in refrigerator for maximum shelf life.

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Acai berry smoothie:

ORAC Score ( A Few Notes )

Note: The ORAC values in this list are normalized to 100 grams of weight (~ 3.5 ounces) because that’s how the original database of information was presented. The intent is to ‘normalize’ the various items to simply compare ‘raw value’, NOT ‘amount per serving’.

Note: This ORAC list does not factor or attempt to suggest the quantities that a person would normally eat in one serving (for example – who is going to eat 3.5 ounces of cloves in one serving??). I simply intend to point out which ‘foods’ are literally the highest in ORAC value (that I could find information about).

Note: The ORAC value of a given food will vary due to growing conditions, processing conditions, specific variety and others.

Note: Data sourced from the US Department of Agriculture during 2010. The USDA recommends an ORAC unit ingestion of about 3,000 to 5,000 units daily.

Note: ORAC values listed here are in units of µmol TE/100g (micromol Trolox Equivalent per 100 grams). Trolox equivalency is used as a benchmark for the antioxidant capacity.

Note: The list I’ve put together here is not all-inclusive

Note: Source: USDA’s Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL)

Update: Sometime during 2012, the USDA apparently removed their ORAC listings.

ORAC Value Top 20 list


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ORAC Value list 21 – 40


ORAC Value list 41 – 60


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ORAC Value list 61 – 80


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ORAC Value list 81 – 100


ORAC Value List, Top 100

1Cloves, ground314,446
2Sumac bran312,400
3Cinnamon, ground267,536
4Sorghum, bran, raw240,000
5Oregano, dried200,129
6Turmeric, ground159,277
7Acai berry, freeze-dried102,700
8Sorghum, bran, black100,800
9Sumac, grain, raw86,800
10Cocoa powder, unsweetened80,933
11Cumin seed76,800
12Maqui berry, powder75,000
13Parsley, dried74,349
14Sorghum, bran, red71,000
15Basil, dried67,553
16Baking chocolate, unsweetened49,926
17Curry powder48,504
18Sorghum, grain, hi-tannin45,400
19Chocolate, dutched powder40,200
20Maqui berry, juice40,000
22Mustard seed, yellow29,257
23Ginger, ground28,811
24Pepper, black27,618
25Thyme, fresh27,426
26Marjoram, fresh27,297
27Goji berries25,300
28Rice bran, crude24,287
29Chili powder23,636
30Sorghum, grain, black21,900
31Chocolate, dark20,823
32Flax hull lignans19,600
33Chocolate, semisweet18,053
36Chokeberry, raw16,062
37Tarragon, fresh15,542
38Ginger root, raw14,840
39Elderberries, raw14,697
40Sorghum, grain, red14,000
41Peppermint, fresh13,978
42Oregano, fresh13,978
45Cranberries, raw9,584
46Pears, dried9,496
47Savory, fresh9,465
49Kidney beans, red8,459
50Pink beans8,320
51Black beans8,040
52Pistachio nuts7,983
54Pinto beans7,779
56Chocolate, milk chocolate7,528
58Agave, dried7,274
59Apples, dried6,681
60Garlic powder6,665
63Sorghum, bran, white6,400
64Lemon balm, leaves5,997
66Onion powder5,735
68Garlic, raw5,346
69Cilantro leaves5,141
70Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon5,034
72Basil, fresh4,805
74Dill weed4,392
76Apples, red delicious4,275
77Peaches, dried4,222
78Raisins, white4,188
79Apples, granny smith3,898
81Wine, red3,873
83Peanut butter, smooth3,432
84Currants, red3,387
88Apricots, dried3,234
89Peanuts, all types3,166
90Cabbage, red3,145
96Blueberry juice2,906
99Lettuce, red leaf2,380
100Concord grape juice2,377

Again, this ORAC score list does not factor or attempt to suggest the practical quantities that a person would normally consume in one serving.

Rather, it simply is an attempt to point out the ORAC value for each ‘food’ (at least those that I could find information about).

Feel free to add to the list via your comments below:

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