THE FLU | What’s the difference between a Cold? | How To Avoid It

The Flu and how to avoid it

Flu and the common cold are both respiratory illnesses but they are caused by different viruses.

The cold winter months keep more people indoors. There’s more interacting with others while indoors. It increases increases the likelihood of spreading germs and virus.


The flu, like the common cold, is a virus. Though it’s symptoms are most always much worse than a cold.

The flu can KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR FEET for a week, while enduring fever, severe muscle aches, joint pain, headache, chills, dry cough, and extreme tiredness — all with little or no desire to eat or drink.

When the flu strikes you down, there will be no doubt that you have it. It can be amazingly debilitating. You will be on your back, in bed.

The flu can kill you. Especially those who are old as well as the very young, and those who may have a weak immune system.

Telltale Sign That It’s The Flu

In my experience (though it has been a long time – thankfully) when I caught the flu, the onset was FAST. I mean from when I first suspected something was wrong until full onset of symptoms was only a matter of hours!

The common cold is low and slow. It’s usually a gradual decline. But the flu hits you hard and fast. That’s how you’ll know (other than much worse symptoms than the cold).

The flu is a respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus, not a gastrointestinal one. 

When the virus gets into the body, it moves into the respiratory tract where it binds to cells and literally takes over their function by replicating itself and killing off the original cell… and then goes on to infect other cells.

This process happens countless times over without you ever (at first) realizing, until it eventually enters the bloodstream and flu symptoms begin to occur. Then of course, it’s too late. You have ‘the flu’.

Eventually, a healthy immune system will fight back, but it will take a while, a solid week of suffering and probably additional weeks of weakness.

The symptoms of the common cold can be similar, however the BIG difference is the SEVERITY.

Additionally, the common cold rarely spikes a fever, while the flu will spike a high fever. Once you actually get the ‘real’ flu (not a bad cold), you will definitely know it. It’s different.


Once you have the flu, it will be too late to prepare or go to the store for food or supply. You will not be capable of doing any of that. Trust me on that, so plan ahead.

The number one priority while suffering from flu symptoms is to remain as hydrated as possible. The problem is that while sick with the flu, most people don’t have the desire to drink fluids or eat.

When dehydrated, drinks like Pedialyte or Gatorade can be good choices because they replace electrolytes that are lost. You SHOULD force yourself to drink fluids.

Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder

Also, have a thermometer to check your fever.

Try to keep the fever under control. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) help reduce fever. Aspirin is very effective for treating fever in adults. DO NOT give aspirin to a child unless your child’s doctor tells you to.

While suffering from the flu, the appetite is suppressed. But having simple ready-meals available will save pain and aggravation. Keep cans of “chicken soup” at home!



WASH YOUR HANDS (read here)!

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth during flu season. Germs and virus spread this way. Even if you’ve touched a infected doorknob, so long as you don’t transfer the germs to getting inside your body, then you will avoid it. There’s more to it though, read on…

Keep hand sanitizer in your car! Whenever you get back into the car after being in ANY public place, squirt some on your hands and rub them together. Make this a habit. Keep some at your desk, or at home, wherever…

Be sure that the hand sanitizer has at least 60% alcohol content. The following PURELL Advanced has 70% (good!) and kills 99.99% of germs:
(view on amzn)

Wash your hands often with soap and water, EVERY time you get home from being out in public. Get the germs OFF of your skin so that IF you touch your eyes, nose, mouth… there will be no germs to get inside your body (not foolproof).

Social distancing. Try to avoid close contact with sick people. ESPECIALLY vulnerable where you work and around people all day, some of whom may go to work while they are sick!

Read: When People Sick At Work Get You Sick

If someone sneezes nearby, hold your breath and walk further away. DO NOT breathe in nearby, else you WILL likely contract it.

Try to be aware and stop yourself when you’re about to rub your eyes, nose, or mouth.
Get into this habit of awareness!

You might decide to get a flu shot (KNOW THE RISKS).



You can catch the flu from rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth after handling an object an infected person christened with a sneeze a few moments ago.

Flu viruses primarily spread when an uninfected person has direct contact (a handshake, inhaling sneezed particles, touching an infected surface) with an infected person.

Flu virus will survive outside the body from a few minutes to as long as 48 hours.

Flu generally remains active longer on stainless steel, plastic and similar hard surfaces than on fabric and other soft surfaces.

Continue reading: How To Survive Pandemic

( More info on the flu from the CDC )


  1. yes, all good points.

    and, good points to check re allergies

    have, in past few months, several times come accross warnings re Gelatin and Flu Shots, and Gelatin and Vaccines. In the regular online news reports. Gelatin as in Gelatin which is in gummy bears/marshmallows, etc, are the two ex i recall.

    from what i recal, they were warning that people should be aware if they have gelatin allergies, and if so, should not have the vaccine.

    ( I assume this means gelatin is in the vaccines? – no idea )

  2. If it is the flu or some other germ (or virus), don’t we always feel better when we reduce the fever. And so does the virus also feel better. If your fever is less than 104F then leave it alone. Fever is most often your bodies way of creating an environment that the virus or bacteria can not live in very well. A temperature above 104F must be reduced because something else is indicated. This comment will certainly draw some fire since it goes against what is commonly thought, however check it out first.

    1. Texas boy, I’m so glad to see that there are others who practice this! Our body’s defensive strategy to attack germs is to produce Interferon, which is fever-producing. If we suppress the body’s fever, we suppress our defensive mechanisms. Unless the body’s temperature is over 103-degrees F, let the body fight-back! Yes!

  3. The Flu is INFLUENZA and that’s a respiratory virus. The Flu can lead to broncho-related illnesses like Bronchitis or Pneumonia. It can be deadly. My uncle died unexpectedly from the Flu. And didn’t Jim Henson (of Muppet fame) die from the Flu? I hope that everyone here learns or knows of the difference between the Flu and the stomach ‘flu’ which is a gastro-related illness. This article is so informative — remember what’s being said about the Flu!

    I never had the Flu until I contracted H1N1 (aka Swine Flu). Here in Virginia, it was rapidly spreading and somehow I caught it. No one else in the family was sick and no one contracted it from me (a real miracle!). After days of misery, I contacted my doctor, because I wasn’t getting any better. I was the first person to undergo those new CDC ‘guidelines’ on H1N1 where I was told to enter the doctor’s office by the back door. I was told to knock and not enter the building and to wait for an escort. Ha! There was no ‘escort’ — I wasn’t even allowed into the medical facility. I was met by 2 staffers dressed in fully outfitted white protective wear. It was surreal…..I never had an exam, I was just told by one of those staffers to take some OTC medication as directed, to stay hydrated, and rest.

    I was swabbed and my sample was sent off to a lab that came back with negative results. I was very surprised — I had all of the symptoms of the Flu, but those test results said otherwise. Unbeknownst to me, in Virginia, the H1N1 negative results were false-negative results. I was never notified of wrongful reporting, but I later learned about the CDC screw-up. Our government at work….

    Meanwhile, my condition worsened. Two weeks into it, I contracted Bronchitis. About a week later, I had Pneumonia — but I didn’t know that I had it. I was too weak and out-of-it to realize how badly I was doing. I slept all day, and all night — except for the coughing. My husband had been seeing me slowly deteriorate and it wasn’t registering with him (or else he had a death-wish for me!). It was my mother who insisted, via a strongly worded email, that I probably had Pneumonia. She told me to go to the doctor or ER asap. I listened to my momma! Sure enough — I had Pneumonia. The Flu and those related illnesses had me down for an entire month. It is the worst illness I’ve ever had. Ever. If I had been older, like in my 70s, I doubt that I would have survived….The Flu/Influenza is truly a virus to be concerned about!!

    Since this happened to me, and since I’ve seen other people’s health deteriorate, I try to remind people to have an advocate, or someone you trust to keep an eye on you, or to check in with you. If you live alone and get sick, it is to your advantage to let someone know you’re sick. Ask them to check in with you — most people are very willing to do something like this and it may safe your life!

    It’s very important to take ‘germ-warfare’ to a personal level and get fully protected, as best as you can. Don’t let your ‘guard’ down! Sanitize and wash often. Carry a mask with you when you go out — or better yet, try to avoid going out! Don’t eat out, especially at those gorging food-trough all-you-can-eat spots. It’s really a good idea to minimize trips out into the public, especially if the Flu is going around. There really IS something called “cooties”, I think! Guard your own six!!

    1. MT-our old next door neighbor came down with H1N1 and he almost died from it. He spent several weeks in the hospital, some of that time in a coma. After they finally released him he ended up almost dying at home due to blood clots and ended back in the hospital for several more days. He made it through but is permanently disabled because of it now. No one else in his family ever got it though-craziest thing!

  4. I’ve only had what was proven to be the ‘flu twice my life. I was a little kid in the 60’s when the Hong Kong flu went around, which Caught. Boy oh boy, I was really sick for about 2 weeks… one of my most vivid childhood memories.

    About 25 years ago I got a flu bug that went around, and made the mistake of thinking it was just a cold. By the time I got to the doctor, I had bronchitis, and a sinus infection, and that spread into my eye causing a staff infection. As an adult, I’ve never been so ill. The doctor told me I was one step from being hospitalized. I was single then and it was all I could do to drag myself up to eat some soup or drink some water, and take the drugs I was given.

    Do not mess with the flu!!!

  5. Ken, “…(something’s not quite right)”. I catch myself telling myself that about myself, frequency of occurrence will not be shared….

  6. I too had the Hong Kong flu early in 1970. I was 17. Boy oh Boy was I sick. I remember well that Saturday. It was my job to go downtown Nashville to get the Steppenwolf tickets for me and my friends. Had that funny tender skin feeling. Took some aspirin and went on. By the end of the concert I was barely making it and had to drive my friends home. Momma got it too and only one person would come to the house to bring a few groceries. Took me two weeks to get over it at 17. Course I had to go out the next Saturday, felt better, did not help the situation at all.
    The H3N2 was a pandemic and killed about a million people worldwide. Those of us who had it still have some immunity to that strain. Interesting how most flu’s have to do with China.

    1. There are 3 types of Influenza, spread via pigs, ducks, and chickens (swine and avian vectors).
      Indeed — why are these Flu strains starting in Asia? Well, some epidemiological studies have studied the ‘path’ of Flu illnesses and are able to locate the general origins. There have been other countries of origin, like when the outbreak of the Spanish Flu hit, but most Flu illness incubates and starts in the Asian countries. It is said that this is due to the very high population density in cities and probably has to do with poor hygiene, too.
      A very large percentage of disease outbreaks can be traced to port/coastal cities.

  7. Other ways/ things to do to prevent or relieve flu symptoms… use one of the antiviral compounds routinely , but intermittently..
    I have not had the true flu but once. That was enough..and back 31 years ago…in early 86. I have a very low temp.. 96.8 is my normal. (checked 10 days in a row before putting feet out of bed and averaged) If my temp is above 102, I am in danger. But other posters on allowing a temperature to run it’s course… will work on some illnesses, and a high fever will kill off a certain amount of fever… in the 1930’s it was used commonly.Some lived thru it. Some did not. With no one to monitor me, I will not do that. My choice.
    Many naturals are anit-viral in effect…among them are: oregano, colloidial silver, and Food Grade Peroxide.Having and knowing how to use these can save weeks of recovery.
    .There are also things which are immune boosting,… not really antiviral but can help protect us by building our immunity so we have resistance to the virus’ and bacteria that break thru our defences… We would know these as Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Ecchinasea.. The common flu remedy that is packaged as made by a teacher, uses many of these common ingredients.
    I am with the writer of article… avoiding the bacteria and Virus’… and efficient hand washing are two of the best things we can do.
    While using hand washes,.. don’t forget all the small surfaces… door knobs, walls, doorframes, telephones, keyboards…counters…use antibacterials and change them up, Bleach, Lysol ,Vinegar and plentiful handsoap.. all have their place.

    1. Hand sanitizer using alcohol for a virus is better than nothing..I am afraid it gives many a false sense of security.., It is not near as good as soap and water.. or washing hands, puttin on a pair of disposable gloves and washing hands again when they are removed.. Proper handwashing technique should be taught each year to each of your children and grand children. If they are big enough to wash hands, they are big enough to do it right.

  8. Luckily I have never had the flu……(crossing my fingers, knocking on wood) My hubby had it once, AFTER he got the flu shot. Go figure. He was very, very sick. He will never take that flu vaccine again! I know some believe in it, but we will never take it. I had doctors tell me off the record, don’t bother. Wash your hands, practice good hygiene and stay home during flu season.

    I had severe bronchitis last year and that put me down for 2 weeks. I do NOT ever want to get what my hubby had. It was so worse. The flu is bad, bad stuff.

  9. “something’s not quite right”

    Flashback…For What It’s Worth:

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      1. Ever since the yesterday’s thread on Doom & Gloom, I’ve had Hee Haw’s “Gloom, Despair & Agony (on me)” stuck in mine, lol!

        1. Yeah, someone asked me for my phone number one day and I ALMOST told them BR-549! LOL

  10. The flu is a virus therefore will not be affected by antibiotics. Those
    antivirals approved by the FDA and CDC this season are 1) oseltamivir (Tamiflu),
    2) zanamivir (Relenza), and peramivir (Rapivab). They are prescription only and
    are generally taken for 5 days straight (not intermittently) or more if you are a
    high risk individual. Therefore, it’s really important to get to the doctor soon if you
    have high risk factors (the list is long) and get started as soon as possible.
    And this is just for the regular seasonal flu. Even more important if it is a
    flu variant with pandemic potential.

    When you hear the word flu, think “influenza” – these are infectious bird
    diseases. Where is the greatest mixing of millions of people in very close
    proximity with birds (poultry)? China, Southeast Asia…and the American Midwest (factory
    farms). The genes of flu viruses are constantly mixing, re-arranging, morphing into
    other combinations. Easily passed to animals (pigs especially) and wild birds (both
    directions) and the day the infection easily jumps from animals to humans is the
    day we’ll not want to see come.

    If over the counter flu potions work for you then by all means….use them for yourselves
    but please get a loved one to the doctor or hospital asap if they are in any way
    compromised. I will, and do, buy bird antibiotics (only for when there are no
    doctors) and when in my best judgment I’ve gotten a secondary bacterial
    infection as a result of the flu. Otherwise, it’s cut the trips down away from home
    to the best of my ability, and wear a face mash and follow strict hygiene practices.

    1. Curious which ‘bird antibiotics’ that you would recommend for secondary ‘bird’ bacterial infection as a result of the flu…

      1. Ken ,
        One would use the ones most effective on respiratory issues and urinary uses…Antibiotics that are effective on Urinary are also very effective on Pneumonia/bronchitis..herbal world is the same way, I found out from herbal treatment of resistant bacterial urinary infection…. They would include Septra DS, doxicycline and Cipro. Herbals would include pippsissswea, Dandelion, and garlic . and colloidal silver and food grade peroxide are both used sublingual effectively.They are both effective against otherwise resistant bacteria and virus.

      2. I mean to say that I wouldn’t use a “bird antibiotic” for a virus. I
        wouldn’t even know how to guess at it. Sorry.

        1. I was surprised that ‘bird’ was mentioned whereas it’s usually ‘fish’ antibiotics.

    2. Oh! that means I may need my homemade tamiflu this year… sweetgum is good for something!

        1. Anon, since Just Sayin’ has not replied, I’m assuming he is talking of sweet gum bark tea. An old Native American cure for the flu. It contains the chemical used in commercial Tamiflu. Google it for further info.

        2. Dennis,== Thanks. — just did google, and looks like it is a tree (as not a garden herb)…_— will check out the health food store and see if they have some dried…– likely be pricey there

        3. Sweetgum tree is very common in the southeast.. One in the neighborhood is plenty. .. has a ball on it with little spikes all around it..drops them in the early fall, They hurt very bad to step on, and can send your feet out from under you easily. prolific sprouts and new plants… The leaves turn reddish orange with cooler temps. The site called eatthe weeds has a good article on it.

  11. Good afternoon, Everyone,
    Great topic as usual…
    I had the flu once when I was in my 3o’s, had a preschooler and a baby at the time.
    I really believe I got it because I was run down/stressed with other family stuff..
    My preschooler DD at the time got it too, fairly mild…
    I just remember sleeping a lot did not get a bad cough thankfully…
    Just remember to take of yourself….to keep immunity strong….sleep, hydrate, maximize your nutrition
    Also if you feel an illness coming on….putting several drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears
    (lay on one side for a few minutes at a time) that seems to help along with other natural therapies….consuming herbal teas, homemade broths, and juices help too
    Last fall we were under a lot of stress and I got bronchitis/pleurisy….I started craving radishes no kidding…I started to make a daily veggie drink with greens, carrots, celery, radishes and garlic and rest a lot and finally kicked it. I had no idea why I craved radishes at the time till I read up on it Radishes and (garlic of course) are nature’s bomb against viruses and bacteria especially respiratory related…I haven’t craved radishes since ;)
    Lastly, money and surfaces of door handles shopping carts are usually loaded with germs…
    When I Lysol wipe surfaces at work I am also grossed out by the crud that I wipe off…
    it may “look” clean but it ain’t…I wear nitrile gloves for every work shift, people ask me why all the time or they tell me “you’re smart”.
    God bless you and your health :)

  12. Thank you for the article, good information there.
    I have used a homeopathic preparation to ward off flu for years, Oscillococcinum, or ” Ocillo” for short. Made by Boiron out of France, a big homeopathic manufacturer. Have to say that I take this at the first signs of getting the bug, and have never gotten the bug since. Amazing, but true. Just put the little pills under your tongue and let them melt. tastes like sugar, but there is an active ingredient in there that keeps you from getting the flu. Been doing it for 20 years. Just another prep, but well worth it, IMHO.

    1. @ minerjim

      Wow, I just started getting the chills and sore muscles a few hours ago. Went and got out my stash of Oscillo. Been using it for years too. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t interfere with any other med you may be on. It’s something I keep on hand all of the time.

      Now I need to go crawl under my brand new heated throw.


  13. I went and got my flu shot,just like the doctor told me. And,sure enough,I got the flu. Well,I should be good for this season. Bigelo makes a tea called “sweetdreams”. I make myself a cup of this ,and put a heaping teaspoon of raw honey in it before bed,and it helps me rest. Also,liptons chicken noodle soup mix is also a great help. Tastes good to.

  14. It would have been great to have read this article before i went to the all faiths dinner in our little town. It was a small room and there were over 100 people there from towns 50 miles away! And of course I caught a cold, thank goodness it wasn’t the flu. But everyone still wanted to come for dinner on Thanksgiving. So I am finally over it and am staying in till May! (I wish)

  15. Many grocery stores now have a container of ‘wipes’ next to the grocery cart storage area. USE THEM! We do each and every time. It takes just a few seconds to wipe down that carriage handle.

    1. Ken
      Some grocery stores carry the wipes, rather than take a chance we carry a large container in both vehicles. Winco west coast based store is notorious for not having such items when you enter to shop. Last time I came down ill was from one of their carts, reason I no longer depend on the store to provide such an item. The other is as winter weather comes to close and illness drop off they remove the cleaning wipes for their customers.

  16. @ MT…. Jim Henson died from Toxic Shock Syndrome from a staph infection.

  17. GF is gone thru today and for the weekend. No one to talk to….sucks to be u folk…,hah
    One thing in particular…. don’t touch your eyes with your hands. Bad habit of mine until the last few.years. No cold, no flu for those past years. Knock on wood.
    I take plenty of vitamin C. And when things are starting to go bad,
    Oil of oregano as JS stated and peroxide in both ears as Shepherdess stated.
    GF gets a flu shot as she is in medical. She was sick twice last winter. I never caught a thing.
    Plenty of rest and sweat it out if anything hits ya.
    Made a ‘tonic’ I read online.
    Consists of horseradish, ginger, onion, garlic, and raw apple.cider.
    Sounds gross….but if it works….. who’s to say…..
    Stay Well

    1. Joe c
      Amazing the medical field is REQUIRED to have a flu shot. Every year those very folks after acquiring the vaccine come down ill…accident or ??? Thanks but NO thanks

  18. We had our deal with the flu back in January. Got a call from my dad’s BF that he had a stroke while he was hunting. Come to find out he had type A flu. Pops is in his 70s and this flu kicked his a $$ . He was in the hospital for a couple of days to get through it. Still took him about a week or so to fully get through it after he got home. That was on top of the Tamiflu? they gave him in the hospital plus some other meds when they discharged him.

    And guess what. He followed his Dr instructions and got the flu shot like he does every year. And every year he gets sick for a few weeks. I haven’t had a flu shot since 1990 when I was in the Army. Have only been sick with the flu once since then. I know many others that get the flu shot and they get it every year.

    Best to let your body find ways to resist the virus than get a shot.

    Funny sidenote. When I was in the army and had to go through our shot schedule. Whoever got the flu shot (which was the most painful) got punched in the arm that got the shot for at least a week. After awhile I was more worried about the repercussions of the punches than the shot. Man it was brutal. Punches coming from all directions that you didn’t even see. Your arm felt like dead weight for at least a week afterwards.

    Adapt and Overcome

  19. Thanks for the timely article about flu and virus protection. A cold or flu virus in my home would have deadly consequences as my DW has PH.,,?We do everything mentioned in above articles during this time but order most stuff online. Amazon prime is a big help with this. When I do go out it is to try to get a month’s worth of pantry items. Preps are a requirement for my house and I try to be proactive during cold and flu season. I learn something new every time from someone when I follow MSB. Thank you all for making a positive difference for us.

  20. If your kids are sick keep them home don’t send them to school to spread to everyone there.
    Be a parent not a lazy I have to work person.
    The kids needs have to come first

    1. Garlic vinegar is highly effective.. for pneumonia, I used 40 toes, of one of the wild garlics which had varying small sized toes….put them prepared… ie. peeled, bruise them very well, allow to sit in open air for 10-15 min. … then dice finely putting all juices and plant matter into a 10 ounce jar. Fill wth ACV,allow to sit at least 4 hours…shake well use 8-10cc per 4 hours.. refill with ACV after each set of doses are removed, (ie if you remove remedies for 3 people , refill asap after removed,…can do this for several days), shake well . shake before each dispensng. will keep in refrig… can be used as vinegarette dressing on green beans as well as for medicine.

      1. Just Sayin’ — this looks interesting…am going to try this. – You say you used wild garlic, does that mean what I purchase at the grocery store wont work? thks

        1. Just Sayin’ — once you have assembled this all, do you leave sitting on cupboard ? in fridge? in light? in dark? thks

        2. It is in PGA, , (can use Vodka). I set on a shelf..Does not have to be very dark, but I do not sit in sunlight.. Refrigeration is not necessary. and…When you refill for the second filling top off the jar with more alcohol to make sure all is covered..
          On the garlic, the garlic I use is from our family patch, so is heriloom and organic . If I have to buy, I make sure it is USA grown and certified organic…fresh cloves, not in a jar….
          . You understand that one clove,(bulb) has many tiny parts(toes) For the recipe I posted I use the heritage/heirloom, which has several toes per bulb.. may take 2-3 per recipe( depends on individual bulb.. It will keep a very long time in the refrigerator. , Elephant garlic is very mild in flavor and has one large bulb usually…

        3. clarifiction on above…
          sweetgum tincture is made with PGA,= no refrig.
          Garlic vinegar =store in refrig…keeps longer.

    1. you are welcome.. I only post about what I have found that worked for us. DH had a hospital stay in October and came down with a HAP(hospital acquired pneumonia) within 10 days. He used exclusively naturals to kick it.. silver/FG peroxide.. all remedies must be continued for 48-72 hours after the finis of symptoms, or it Will return! same as for pharma…that is one reason there is antibiotic resitance, germs become resistant when they are only given light dose and are not TOTALLY wiped out…ie dosing is stopped too soon. Naturals we used with Mom also gave her antibiotics a boost when resistant strains were hit with marginally effective antibiotic therapy. Silver was the key for her. Used it in her wounds, used in sublingual..

  21. Joe C .
    Your tonic sounds interesting..would you post the recipe you use?
    Run this by your GF…. Consder encourage girlfriend to boost immunity ie vitamin c, zinc,,,D3 , (and possibly a single dose of Vitamn A and ecchinasea..just before). well before that flu shot that is forced on the medical staff…I would heavily use oil of oregano for a week before. and at least a week after any “mandated”vaccine. heavy metal cleanse asap after injection…for the alum, thimerosol, formaldehyde, and only God knows what else is in those things…my premise is: if it is nasty, it’s in mandated shots.
    We just upped our D3 to 5000 one day and 10 thousand the next…. DH’s new medical professional was concerned and checked DH’s levels and they were deemed “perfect”. We have also added sea kelp/iodine source and I have had good results from that…my heartrate had dropped into the 30’s for resting pulse, it is now back up in the 50’s…That really helps energy levels..Many of the minerals are depleated from soils and from commercially produced foods,

    1. JC
      Thank you for the info. I will tell GF.
      Well here is the tonic recipe. From memory as I cannot find it now. FYI
      I have not personally tried this. My batch has a few.more weeks yet.
      1/2 C shredded horseradish
      1/2 C shredded ginger
      1/2 C chopped onion
      1/4 C diced garlic
      Put contents into a quart size jar.
      Fill with raw ACV.
      Seal jar and let sit 2 to 3 weeks.
      Strain juice and add honey and/or cayanne….for taste they say!! Take one shot per day. And up it if u have caught something.
      They didn’t say to refrigerate or not. But mine is in the fridge.
      Soo….plug zee nose and down dee
      I did can some tomatoe juice with h-radish and ginger. Hah. Haven’t tried that yet either😕

    1. If you could gt a dose of that stuff in her it ought to help as well…One dose might be all she would consume( might make her gun/herb shy)…so would need to consider that as well.. I would add honey, we can’t do much cayenne./hot sauce. (about a drop is all i want in a year) . Though the remedy with honey garlic prepared for allicin release..( as posted in other post for garlic vinegar.) with 2 tbsp honey,3tsp of prepared garlic.. and 1/8th tsp of cayenne. helps throat soreness and I can tolerate it with the honey.

  22. Anon ,…Sorry I missed your post til now.. Have been out and about…
    sweetgum balls and sweetgum (new ) leaves can be made into a double tincture. It has the same active ingredient/at approx same level as the tamiflu sold in pharmacy.It is used in dsame amounts as Pharmacy dispensed tamiflu…. You know what goes in it, and cost is much cheaper to make at home. I pick leaves in spring and gather 3 x what i think i need. divide in half… and determine what size jar to place it in..Glass Jar or Jug. I take second half and put in gallon bag, express the air and freeze for the 4 weeks until i need them to finish my tincture.
    For. double tincture. gather new leaves,( bark , small twigs and gumballs-should be split-seeds are most potent- can be used in fall) put in container… I put 1/2 gallon-jar,.. 2/3 full of leaves….pack lightly, not tightly…cover with PGA, let sit for a minimum of 3 weeks. make sure plant material is covered… then remove old plant material and replace with fresh..let sit another 3-4 weeks… gives a double tincture… strain the plant material out… I put mine in a stainless bowl and let it drain well, adding any drippings to the labeled jar. I got info from you tube, Darryl patton the southern herbalist…

    1. Just Sayin’—-no problem. — I just looked up sweet gum, and looks like it comes from a tree? — not a herb one can grow in garden? — thks.

      1. This tree grows in a very wide area, it may be in a city park, a road right of way or a land management area near you…if you know what to look for…You do not want one in your yard. They are prolific here. Big trees could be tapped for syrup..might take 50-60 years to get there.. small ones sprout up quickly.

  23. Speaking of hospital acquired, when mom was in the hospital, she acquired Cdiff. Found out that kefir helps keep that under control. JS, thnx. for the recipe.

    1. You are welcome…So would rabbit tobacco/Everlasting tea…has the enzymes in it for digestion. very effective for lactose intolerance, gastric distress in limited amounts… one has to determine own tolerance. I mix mine with spearmint.Very earthy flavor.Not my favorite, but not bitter , as long as one does not boil it.

  24. Also I might add.
    Green tea. During the winter months, I drop a bag or two of green tea in my morning coffee.
    Also I have read and used a white pine needle tea. Packed full of C.
    The needles don’t hold the C value in winter months as they do in summer and early fall. FYI

  25. Just had a daily dose of cayenne sprinkled on some bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs. So far I have been lucky the last few years using cayenne as a preventative. I am exposed to many sick customers and coworkers, and am required to share equipment such as computers, phones, etc., and it is not feasible to sanitize these items every few minutes.

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