Trigger Happy Use Of Nuclear Weapons

Trigger happy for nuclear weapons use

“There’s been a substantial amount of psychobabble nuclear threats going on between the west and Russia, which is a direct indication both sides are trigger happy. It appears it’s just a matter of time who pushes the button first.” said an observant commentator.

I cannot even count how many times I’ve heard, seen, or read about such ‘psychobabble’ from politicians, ‘leaders’, agencies, and some within the military industrial complex (MIC).

Since the onset of conflict between Russia and Ukraine (a.k.a. NATO, the West), they all seem to be trigger happy in this regard.

Developing Scenarios For The Use Of Nuclear Weapons

The thing is.. words mean things. And ‘higher ups’ should not be toying around with statements indicative of, or threating thereof, to actually use nuclear weapons. But they have been, and they still are.

Another recent statement exemplifies the apparent danger. Sergey Lavrov, Russian politician and Foreign Minister, speaking at the UN General Assembly, voices Russian concern of the West developing scenarios for the use of nuclear weapons.

(Lavrov – translated)..the US and their European NATO Allies to develop scenarios for the use of nuclear weapons in the Russian Federation…the stated aim of inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia.”

Rather than aligning with a side or jumping on the hoorah bandwagon, what I’m saying here is that they’re all playing with fire. And we’re the ones who could get fried! Where is the diplomacy? There isn’t any. And that is telling.

Please realize there’s nothing you can do, except..

I will get into the “except” in a minute.

Without getting deeper into the multitude of past and present statements, speeches, and psychobabble hinting at the use of nuclear weapons, I will say the following:

There is nothing that you or I can really do to change or alter the direction where this might be going.

Some might disagree and say, “Well, you can vote in the next election for a president and politicians who may de-escalate the war-mongering. Those who would promote peace and diplomacy instead”.

My response to that might be something like this.. “Do you know who really runs the big show? Those whom you may vote for, the majority of them are just puppets who are allowed on stage, just for show.” While you may think that to be cynical, I believe there’s more truth to that than you may realize.

Additionally I might add, “What makes you think that we’ll actually make it to the next election?” The war machine is not going to give up their present and substantial grip. And therein lies the danger.

So here’s my suggestion regarding all of the trigger happy nuclear weapons messaging that we’re hearing. Take their words seriously. At least to a sensible extent of preparedness. Because one day, they may actually do it.

I personally do not envision an all-out escalation of the U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons arsenal. It would be world suicide. Rather, given the obvious trigger happy environment, I seriously would not be surprised if a ‘tactical nuke’ is used. Somewhere.

The question would be the ensuing escalation ladder. But that’s another topic.

Here’s the “except” part of there’s nothing that you can do, except..

You can prepare. Hypothesize the outcome and prepare to a reasonable extent.

Don’t let your normalcy bias take over and shut down your thought process (e.g. “Something like that would never happen”). Instead, imagine that it could, or did. What would be the possible results? And what could actually be done in preparation?

The unknowns. Where, when, yield, casualties, who did it, and the escalation ladder. Is it a one-off? Two? More? Immediate retaliation? Etc.. Those things we really cannot pre-emptively do anything about, unless in the business of war gaming. However..

The knowns. PANIC! Regardless of the unknowns, public panic will ensue. Even a so called ‘tactical nuke’ will be a psychological trigger in the minds of many. Shock.

You and I can count on the panic. The resulting fear. People’s survival instinct will kick in, even if thousands of miles away from ‘ground zero’. And what will people do when slapped with a dose of this type of reality?

They will run out and start loading up on food and supplies, afraid that the nuclear situation will escalate (which it might). How quickly will grocery shelves be stripped bare? PDQ. Pretty Darn Quick.

Then add to that, a ‘state of emergency’ declaration, in which any number of limitations will be placed upon the general public.

Assuming that the nuclear arsenals of ‘the West’ and ‘the Bear’ have not been exchanged, but instead we’re talking some sort of limited exchange (or even just one use with its ensuing panic), here are a few thoughts on preparedness..

How to prepare for the use of nuclear weapons?

Same as it always was. Except, more.

  • Acquire as much food that you can reasonably deal with. Obviously ahead of time. How long might food become scarce or even unavailable? I simply don’t know. Neither do you. Your own personal risk tolerance threshold (and instinct) will let you know.
  • Since this scenario will directly engage into a hot WWIII, go ahead and assume that major cyberattacks will play a significant role. And as a result…
  • Plan for market panic collapse. Possible or probable sections of the power grid going dark. Disruptions within various aspects of our infrastructure.
  • Keep a decent sum of cash on hand, given that digital modes may be under attack.
  • Really examine your electrical power needs at home. Which systems do you need to keep running for literal survival? Try and mitigate those problems to the extent possible.
  • Water filtration. Seek out drinking water filters that filter out radiation. I’ve discovered that the Berkey filters get nearly 100%, and apparently a consumer grade one named Zero Water (I have this one – via amzn) actually gets 100% according to a trusted source who tested quite a few water filters for this (though their filter inserts don’t last nearly as long as the Berkey, which I also own).
  • Examine your security plans. There will be a threshold whereby ‘if’ it gets bad enough out there, there will be a non-insignificant threat to your own security. Logically, your home location and region will greatly factor in to the equation.
  • Nuke pills (e.g. iosat) to protect the thyroid (only needed if radiation is within your sphere).
  • CBRB or NBC approved gas mask and spare filters. Only needed if expected to be within the range of nuclear fallout. This might apply if living near a military installation or target city region (if it gets that bad).
  • Radiation detector. It’s certainly good to know if radiation is in your area (or not).
  • Think about ‘what if’ the escalation ladder led to an EMP response (electromagnetic pulse). If this triggers your risk tolerance threshold, then there are many things you can do, including stashing important equipment in Faraday cages or purpose-made Faraday bags. You can even attempt to protect your whole house electrical with super fast (sub nanosecond) filters.
It’s sensible in today’s world of uncertainties

I have done all of this, and much more, over time. It just seems sensible in today’s world of uncertainties. It’s literally impossible for me to close my eyes and ignore it all. I guess I’m somehow hard-wired in this way. The key is to work at preparedness over time. Take little bites at it (that’s how you eventually eat an elephant, so to speak).

Just yesterday, I took another bite. I bought more rice-and-beans to add with my existing preparations. After I package them properly, they will last for many, many years if necessary. Simply more peace of mind.

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Here’s the thing. Don’t let fear creep in. There’s no need for that. Instead, you will receive peace of mind at every step you take towards your own preparedness.

This apparent trigger happy nuke thing has me concerned. You might ask yourself, Why would the militaries of nuclear armed nations not want to ‘play’ with their toys? Clearly, many ‘leaders’ within are ‘pathic’, be it socio or psycho. They’ll just go to their luxury bunkers.. Hopefully they don’t get us all fried..

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