Why An Epic Food Crisis Will Follow A Pandemic


While the pandemic assaults the population, stores will shut down and a devastating food crisis will rapidly develop – starving millions – even those who have escaped the deadly grasp of the virus itself.

While the current Ebola virus rages in Africa, and although the mainstream media is keeping it mostly quiet, the problems there are mounting in ways which we should take notice – because one day, a pandemic will happen here…

As fear grips the population, many will stop doing their jobs as they begin to realize that their lives will literally be in grave risk while in proximity to others.

Given our ‘just in time’ (JIT) delivery systems – especially our food chains – grocery stores will rapidly deplete their food supplies (days, not weeks).

When the truckers stop delivering, when people stop showing up for work, it’s over. It will happen faster than you think.

Excerpts from a recent news report exemplifies what will happen – and what is happening right now in Africa as a result of the Ebola virus:

The first food source that disappeared from markets was “bush meat,” meat from forest animals.

Other foods have become scarce as a side effect of efforts to keep the virus from spreading.

Governments stopped people from moving from country to country, or even from one town to another, it stopped traders from delivering food to the markets.

Imports are down. Ships are reluctant to dock in places affected by the epidemic.

The Ebola came in at a time when farmers were ready to go to the field to work together, in groups, but people now have been advised to avoid such activities. Coming together in groups could spread the disease. So essential work is not happening.

-NPR.org, A Food Crisis Follows Africa’s Ebola Crisis

When you consider the follow-on effects of a deadly pandemic such as mandatory shut-down’s, the breakdown of ‘just in time’ delivery systems, people not showing up for work, coupled with the death toll itself, there will no doubt be a food crisis during and after a Pandemic.

You can prepare for a pandemic. You will need food storage.

For prepper’s, I’m ‘speaking to the choir’, but for any of you who might happen across this article who have not yet established at least a 3-month food storage, please consider it for your own life’s sake.

Set food storage goals. 3 weeks. 3 months. 6 months. 1 year. etc.

A deadly pandemic WILL happen here. Given the 7 billion people on the planet, given our modern world of global travel, given the increase of drug-resistant strains, given the tampering with biological weaponry, given the reportedly careless activities at some of the world’s most dangerous biological labs, something is bound to happen one day.

The flu pandemic of 1918 infected half a billion people (that was way back then!) – before the days of world travel, etc.

Don’t let your normalcy bias cloud your thinking…


  1. A while back you gave a reference to the LDS preparations guide and the Encyclopedia of Country Living. They are now two of the most valuable reference works that I own. (All printed copies)
    I read them and learned much.
    So a big thank you to you.

  2. I don’t have a printer. So, I copy facts and organize in a notebook.
    Vitamins, herbs, alternative medicine/treatments, food storage, water purification, etc.
    You get the point.
    This booklet is invaluable to me; even now, I use it often.
    Latest entry?? Recipe for cold and sore throats using ginger root or dried ginger. Yes, you can!!! Dehydrate the ginger root, seal in a mason jar, and you’re set to go!

  3. Americans are being prepped for an attack by the twin boogeymen of Ebola and ISIS. What would Furguson, MO look like if those people’s basic needs had not been met? People who feel entitled to a big chunk of your salary will feel equally entitled to loot your house (just cutting out the middleman). Many of us who live in ‘good’ neighborhoods will be in for a huge shock.

  4. Because of the local distrust in the health authorities over the Ebola nightmare, people with other medical conditions are not going to get medical assistance. So there are not only Ebola fatalities there are rapidly expanding fatalities from medical conditions that would normally be treated.

  5. Great article. This is why JIT inventory is one of our biggest risks. It doesn’t matter if the problem is EMP, extreme oil price hike, economic breakdown, pandemic, war, nuclear fallout, etc etc…. as soon as our JIT system is broken, that is when the masses of unprepared will start to do whatever it takes to get food, medicine etc. It is real, and it is happening TODAY just across the atlantic. Hugh Janus hit it on the head… Americans in general feel entitled, and will feel entitled to the food in your basement. Its a perfect storm.

    Furthermore, as a clinician, I’d like to point out that this particular Ebola outbreak is one that is causing doctors who are normally benevolent and altruistic to question if helping others is worth taking the risk of dying, or infecting their own families. It has been many decades since a pandemic of this proportion has swept the medical community with fear resulting in self-preservation behavior.

    Thanks Ken, great stuff!

  6. I saw the Cuban missile crisis when the stores were empty except for one small bag of rice. Boom the food was gone in a few hours. As a kid it made an impression on me. Hint at war and people panic. Once panic hits its all over but the shouting and then in a few days when lots of people have run out of food the real fun starts

  7. I fear that this is only one portion of a series of events that will soon start. Confusion, frustration then panic will cause this once great country to tear itself apart!!! Our Govt has been gaining in its evil momentum for the last thirty or more years ever since JFK was eliminated !!! Preppers will have an advantage to live if they organize in sustainable groups and have prepared for every conceivable scenario that an evil army would do. Please consider also the power of prayer. Personally I have found that Prayer can light THE PATH!!

  8. Seems like a serious long-term prepper might be interested in hydroponics, for secure year round food production. This method supposedly can produce much food in a small indoor space. Has anyone seen a ‘beginner’ hydroponics kit, designed for use without electrical power, grow lamps & pumps?

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