5 Berkey Accessories For Your Countertop Filter

Berkey Accessories
Berkey Accessories

Do you have a Berkey countertop water filter? If you do, you might consequently be interested in any one of the following 5 Berkey accessories to compliment your drinking water filter.

-Glass Water Level Spigot
-Priming Bulb
-Maintenance Kit
-Stainless Steel Replacement Spigot
-Stainless Steel Wire Stand

If you do not yet have a Berkey countertop water filter, I will mention that it is one of the best you can get. While I consider my own drinking water source to be clean, we use our Big Berkey for all of our drinking water needs. I am also assured that I will have the ability to purify my water should I ever need to.

It is quite reassuring to know that the water you’re drinking is safe, pure, and tastes great…

I have posted a number of articles on the Berkey water filter over the years, so if you’re interested here are a few to read:

The Berkey Water Filter
How To Clean The Berkey Water Filter Elements
Berkey: Black Filter Elements vs. White Ceramic

If you’re interested to own one of your own:
Big Berkey Countertop Water Filter


Berkey Accessories


Berkey Accessories: Glass Water Level Spigot

After using my Big Berkey for awhile, I always found it annoying that in order to find out how much water was left in the bottom reservoir, you had to lift up the top reservoir to look inside. Rather than continuing to deal with this, the first and most noteworthy accessory that I bought was the glass water level spigot! It’s a no-brainer.

Berkey Glass Water Level Spigot


Berkey Accessories: Priming Bulb

If you have a Berkey with the black filter elements (all the new filters come with these), it’s best to have a priming bulb for it’s initial use or if you ever replace the filter elements. Priming the Black Berkey Elements saturates the filters with water prior to their use. It also purges (or back-flushes) using air instead of water to clean the pores of the filter wall for storage.

Berkey Priming Bulb


Berkey Accessories: Maintenance Kit

-2 Black Berkey Washers
-2 Wing Nuts
-2 Poly Blocking Plugs
-1 each of: Replacement Spigot; Knob(with screw) for Lid; Scotch Brite Pad

Berkey Maintenance Kit


Berkey Accessories: Replacement Spigot

One is none and two is one. Having an extra spigot whether it’s an extra glass water level spigot or this one, is a smart thing. If it breaks, your SOL without it.

Berkey Replacement Spigot


Berkey Accessories: Stainless Steel Wire Stand

While I simply set my Big Berkey on the edge of a countertop, their stainless steel wire stand enables you to place the filter anywhere you want – providing room underneath the spigot to fill your cup or container.

Berkey Stainless Steel Wire Stand

Do not ignore your safe drinking water needs. Water is one of the primary concerns for preparedness. There might be water all around you, but is it safe to drink??

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