5 Berkey Accessories For Your Countertop Filter

Berkey Accessories
Berkey Accessories

Do you have a Berkey countertop water filter? If you do, you might be interested in the following 5 Berkey accessories to compliment your countertop drinking water filter.

– Glass Water Level Spigot
– Priming Bulb
– Maintenance Kit
– Stainless Steel Replacement Spigot
– Stainless Steel Wire Stand

– Black Filter Elements (bonus accessory #6)

If you don’t have a Berkey countertop water filter, I will say that it’s one of the best there is! We use our Big Berkey for all of our drinking water at home and when we’re out with our 5th-wheel trailer.

One of my strongest suggestions for general preparedness is to buy a quality countertop water filter.

The most popular Berkey countertop model is this one:
Big Berkey - 2 gallons
Big Berkey, 2 gallons

Berkey Water Filter System Accessories

Berkey Accessories: Glass Water Level Spigot

After using my Big Berkey for awhile, I always found it annoying that in order to find out how much water was left in the bottom reservoir, you had to lift up the top reservoir to look inside. Rather than continuing to deal with this, the first and most noteworthy accessory that I bought was the glass water level spigot! It’s a no-brainer.

Berkey Glass Water Level Spigot

Berkey Accessories: Priming Bulb

If you have a Berkey with the black filter elements (all the new filters come with these), it’s best to have a priming bulb for it’s initial use or if you ever replace the filter elements. Priming the Black Berkey Elements saturates the filters with water prior to their use. It also purges (or back-flushes) using air instead of water to clean the pores of the filter wall for storage.

Berkey Priming Bulb

Berkey Accessories: Maintenance Kit

A general purpose maintenance kit with washers, nuts, and more.

– Black Berkey Washers (2)
– Wing Nuts (2)
– Poly Blocking Plugs (2)
– 1 each of: Replacement Spigot; Knob(with screw) for Lid; Scotch Brite Pad

Berkey Maintenance Kit

Berkey Accessories: Replacement Spigot

One is none and two is one. Having an extra spigot whether it’s an extra glass water level spigot or this one, is a smart thing. If it breaks, your SOL without it.

Berkey Replacement Spigot

Berkey Accessories: Stainless Steel Wire Stand

While I simply set my Big Berkey on the edge of a countertop, their stainless steel wire stand enables you to place the filter anywhere you want – providing room underneath the spigot to fill your cup or container.

Berkey Stainless Steel Wire Stand

Replacement Berkey Black Filters

Each filter element is rated for 3,000 gallons of water treatment.

Black Filter Elements

Don’t ignore the importance of safe drinking water. Water is one of the primary concerns for preparedness. There might be water all around you, but is it safe to drink? Even though it may look pristine, parasites cannot be seen…

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Tip: I really like the Travel Berkey 1.5 gallon filter system. Compact size, yet yields 2.75 gallons per hour. Nice for RV or space saving on the counter.

Travel Berkey – Specs

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  1. Have a Travel Berkey with the extra metal spigot, purchased a few months back. I swapped out the installed plastic spigot with the metal version and found out the fit was loose. I need to add a plastic washer “spacer” since I ran out of threads to tighten up the spigot. The metal spigot appeared to be a third party add-on in the shipment. I didn’t call back on the order, just pick up a few spacers at the local hardware store.

    Did prime the unit and test it out a couple of times, very nice. Dried out the elements and repackaged for long term storage. In hindsight, probably should have purchased a larger unit, but one is better than none.

    Drinking water a top priority, the Texas disaster brought it to crystal clear focus.

    Cases of water stored, 6 Auqatainers, many 1 and 2 gallon jugs, 2 Lifestraws, 2 Sawyer Minis, generator for the deep well. Looking at a 55 gallon water storage barrel, a micron level “Katadyn like” water filter. Even if I never need to use this gear, peace of mind and can “bequeath” to the next generation.

    1. Regarding the metal (stainless steel) replacement spigot, the link above in the article is for a genuine Berkey sourced spigot. Should fit as advertised…

      As I wrote this, I kept thinking about the Houston flooding situation with so much water around — but not safe to drink without filtering / purifying.

      1. Ken, I should have check for the Berkey made metal spigot, I usually check any optional parts are from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), third party parts are typically less expensive but, to me, not as “to specification” like an OEM does it. I worked with many big, medium and small OEMs; when your business depends on your proprietary product being of consistent, repeatable quality “most” OEMs have their act together, some not so much.

  2. We have a brita water filter. I know it’s not as good as the Berkley but we use it on standard city water now and it makes it taste much better. If we have a shtf situation I think the brita filter and boiling should make any water potable. Can anyone confirm this?

    1. The filter should remove large contaminants. Boiling will take care of most of the rest. If you’re taking water from a possibly contaminated source (such as flood waters) it may be necessary to take other steps, such as chlorine. Taking from a cleaner source (rooftop, well, etc) filter and boil should be sufficient.

  3. I bought a 4 legged oak bar stool at a flea market for $5 to set my Big Berkey on. It’s the perfect height for accessibility. I normally have to refill it everyday, as we drink exclusively from it. I keep a half gallon tea pitcher by the kitchen sink to refill it with. Over time I have learned by how much effort it takes to “tilt” the Berkey, just how much tap water I need to add without overfilling. I consider this filter to be an indispensable part of my preps. It greatly increases the possible sources of potable (safe) drinking water when it stops coming out of the faucet.

  4. White Cracker
    First of all do you have a certified dowser in your area with years of expertise in dowsing? Am not referring to some who can pick L rods and say they are a dowser.
    Am speaking about someone who was trained by a master in this field and attended classes. If you do not, you can contact the Dowsing society for one to assist you. It will cost you, each area the prices are different. It should be a one time charge for the service, like having the repair man out to fix your appliances.
    Not into that,,,,, that is ok.
    Another option, having the water pumped into a holding tank, the iron particulates will fall to the bottom of the tank. We have our delivered through the top port hole and feeds out the bottom into the pressure tank to the house. It is also nice having my training to fix such problems (at our home) that due occur when wells not drilled on a live stream.

    1. The Ground is unique I’m in South FL – subtropics All my neighbors are in the same boat with their wells. It seems the Iron is infused in the water. It won’t kill you but the Berky filter will get clogged quickly from the well. I guess the salts in the water softener also clogs up the berky and ruins the filter. I may just have to reserve using the berky for purifying surface water instead during a survival situation. I can always hand pump my well water and drink it. Not the best though. Thanks for your help.

      1. White Cracker
        Gave this some thought about your water situation. You could set up a system like we have. Two food grade buckets, one water filter(Amazon), one water spigot(amazon).
        Checked on line found the Daulton 10″ pk of 4 for 89.70, and plastic spigot $4.04. This way you could filter your water and store it way from what you get out of the faucet. Then when you were ready you could purchase the Berkey for future use.
        The video how to put these together is on BC trucks site. Simple way to have water purification system until you can put a Berkey on to the counter at your home.
        It also helps those who can never afford a Berkey to have a purification system for there household. Nice to give those who need pure water when the Pffft hits the fan, a gift for the unprepared.

  5. Love my Berkey. If budget allows get the see through spigot. I also have the stainless stand. When I first bought the Berkey the only stand was a Berkey Light stand. Not so great. Had to really balance it correctly! I want to get spigots for my 3.5 gal buckets. Any ideas out there in Prepper land? Do you think the stainless spigot will fit on a plastic bucket?
    NRP, why stay away form the ceramic filters?

  6. This is one thing we need to invest in. We have little filters, Sawyer and Lifestraw. We just haven’t had the money to get the Berkey yet. Saving up for that one. It seems that things keep coming up. Life. Everything breaks down or costs more money and not more money coming in.

    1. Texasgirl,
      At least you have the sawyer and lifestraw. You’re way ahead of most folks. Ya might look at aqua-brick. A little less money and the filtration is comparable. Blue plastic containers, which are somewhat easier to lift, move, stack. Water is heavy, no matter how ya handle it. Berkey is the gold standard, but I like aqua brick too. When water no longer comes from the tap, it becomes a big issue. I’d hate to have to rely on a sawyer mini or a lifestraw for extended periods, but it can be rigged up. Lots of youtube videos show a variety of solutions for sawyer mini. I hope we don’t need these things, but that’s what preparedness is. Good luck Just noticed this is from 3 years ago, oh well. Still good info.

  7. This article and recent weather events made me pull out my Berkey and just gaze at it :D
    I thought it came with a priming tool of some sort, but it doesn’t. One more thing added to the “I want and need” list. Thanks! luv ya’ll, Beach’n

      1. aka: Yes, but those static primers rely on water pressure–you must have running water for them to work. The primer they’re talking about here has a bulb to force water through.

        1. Beach’n
          Why do ya need to prime the filters? I just dump water in the top container and it pushes the water through…

        2. NRP,
          The instructions that came with the Berkey, and info. online suggests priming the filter for proper operation… hmmm
          Thanks! luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  8. I hated spending the money on a Big Berkley unit, but I’ve decided to use it daily to spread the cost per serving around. It looks nice on my counter top & I’ve been able to use it to spur productive conversations with friends about personal responsibility to be prepared for at least a couple weeks of no power, or a job loss.

    1. We use our Berkey every day for ALL of our drinking water, coffee, and ice making. It does help to justify the cost – plus assuredness of excellent drinking water.

  9. Any experience with the Alexapure filters? Just received one and two spare filters through emergency essentials. Still boxed up with our water stores.

    1. Adam,
      I do not have any of those water filters. I know that the brand is popular among some preppers.

      Instead, I have always been a big promoter of the Berkey filters with their ‘Black Berkey’ filter elements. I have several. One of them for more than a decade. Use it every single day.

      If you are ever looking into the best countertop water filter on the planet, I recommend “Jeff” ‘the berkey guy’ at USA Berkey Filters. He has been in the prepper community for a very long time. And a supporter here since our early days a decade ago.

  10. Great filter. A few questions if anyone would be kind enough to share their expertise. Mine is just sitting waiting for use now. If it’s going to sit for a few years perhaps, should I oil it (an edible oil?) or periodically clean it to avoid corrosion? I’m assuming the black filters don’t expire. If you had to use stream water, just the filter or boil in addition? Thanks for any advice!

    1. Sam:
      No need to “Oil” it or worry about corrosion, tis Stainless Steel and will not degrade
      The filters themselves will store for a long time, as long as they have not been used
      As far as boiling water after filtering, that is up to you.
      Personally. I doubt if needed, BUT if there is any possibility of water contamination after the water is filtered….. boiling could not hurt. The question becomes, is it possible to contaminate the filtered water?
      If so you need to review your methods for handeling and storing the water, check how you clean the spicket for instance, what are you putting the water in to drink….
      That sort of thing.

      1. NRP is right Sam, there’s nothing you need to do.

        Also, though boiling is a sure-bet (except for ‘chemical’ contamination), personally I wouldn’t bother – even with stream water. The Black Berkey elements are the best.

    2. Sam,
      we got ours and it sat for 3 years, set i up finally and use it all the time, we have the Royal with a glass tube sight glass spigot like the picture above. There are many ways to accidentally contaminate the water, just need to take care with the unit, put it in a clean place, keep it clean, if your house is dusty, like maybe you liveremote in a cabin or unit is in a farm out building or workshop, cover the unit JIC, big plastic bag will do,

    1. @ Omrma,
      As they say, “You get what you pay for”. There’s cheap stuff out there, and there’s good stuff out there. When it comes to water filtration, it’s a high priority category for me.

      Knowing that I planned to use it every day for my drinking water, more than a decade ago I decided on the best countertop unit I could find. Today, I do not regret that decision. The unit looks as new as the day I bought it (quality stainless steel) and a set of (2) filter elements will process 6,000 gallons.

      The accessorizes listed above are just that – accessories. Not required.

      I never bought the stand because I have mine setting on a wooden bar stool (for example).

      1. Ken,
        so heres a scary thing, i pretty much only run “potable” county water through our Berkey, the filters are totally plugged after 2-3 months most of the time, a friend in Haiku on a well, it goes 8-9 months,,,, i think the countywater isnt so good

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