You have lost power.

It’s going to be a short term power outage. What are some of the things that might be nice to have during this time? Here are just a few ideas:

In no particular order,

Battery powered lanterns or Flashlights – LED technology flashlights (and extra batteries) will be a must during any power outage.

Water – While your faucet tap may still deliver water during a power outage, those of you with well water will be without (unless your generator supplies the power). Keep extra water stored for drinking and sanitation. You can pour water into your toilet tank to enable a flush.

Camp stove – While you should keep some stored food that does not require cooking, a camp stove will enable a variety of food choices during a power outage.

Portable, safe indoor heater – A standalone heater could become an essential asset during a short term winter power outage.

Winter rated sleeping bag – If your house is cold (no heat during a winter power outage), having a cold rated sleeping bag will be a welcome item for night-time sleeping.

Books – No power, no cell phones, no laptops, no TV. Maybe it’s time to read a book by candlelight.

Quiet generator – A generator for a short term power outage doesn’t have to be a ‘whole house’ generator, but just enough to supply enough power to operate some lights, perhaps to keep your refrigerator and freezer going, etc.. Many generators are very noisy. The Yamaha model is a very quiet generator.

Coffee percolator – If you’re a coffee drinker, having a percolator to sit on an emergency camp stove (or over a fire) might be a ‘must have’ ;)

Quality can opener – When the power is out, your electric can opener won’t work. You will need to use a good old fashioned hand can opener for some of the food you might choose to eat from your cupboards.

Candles – While using common sense fire safety precautions (be careful with kids in the house), candles offer an obvious light source as well as a cozy nostalgic ‘warmth’ while enduring a short term power outage.

There are many, many things to consider having as a backup to our modern conveniences during a short term power outage. The thoughts presented above are only intended as a starting point to get you thinking about it.

You may already have all of these things, but what are some additional handy items to have on hand for a short term power outage?

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