Water From Source To Home After The SHTF

Last updated on January 31st, 2019


It has happened; it has hit the fan. The power is out – the grid is down – the blackout has been ongoing for weeks with no end in sight. The water pressure in your home has stopped and there’s nothing coming out of the faucet.

The toilets won’t flush and you’re in deep shit (pun intended)…

Now what?

Fortunately you’ve done your research ahead of time, and you had used online satellite mapping programs like Google Earth – and have discovered sources of water in your area. There’s a stream about one-quarter mile from your home. There’s a small lake several miles away. A few of your neighbors in the general area have swimming pools.

There’s water around, but how will you get it from the source to your home?

Have you thought about it?

If you have gasoline and a motorized vehicle – this will help (until you run out of gas).

If the water source is not readily accessible by way of a convenient roadway up to it’s edge, then this too will present a problem. Will you have to travel far off-road to access it?

Will others be doing the same thing? Will this present a security issue?

Did you know that water weighs 8 pounds per gallon? How many gallons can you carry at once (without spilling it all over the place)?

Have you figured out how many gallons a day you will need for drinking water and for other tasks like flushing a toilet, cleaning clothes, or other sanitary tasks?

Have you considered a rainwater catch system?


There are lots of questions, and you should consider answers and solutions to these problems because drinking water is essential for survival.

Do you have drinking water filters to make the water safe to drink?

Do you have wagons, carts, and other such transport with wheels to enable getting the water from source to home?

Do you have water containers, jugs, buckets for gathering up the water to be placed on the transport device back to home?

Do you have drinking water storage capability at home for the water that you bring back?

Do you have bleach to assist in water purification for drinking (8-drops per gallon)?

Is the water in swimming pools safe to drink?

Have you thought about water sources and treatment?

Do you have a water plan?


This has been a prepper public service announcement to get you thinking about such things 😉


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