What you have will be all there is

For those of you who are doing Preparedness Level 3 & 4.
Here’s something to think about:

Since the aforementioned levels of preparedness hypothesize SHTF to the extent of being prepared for a year or longer, a likely statement may be as follows:

When it hits the fan, what you have will be all there is.

At least that’s how I suggest you look at it.

If you’re reaching into preps due to a Level 3 event, there has been some serious SHTF that has occurred. This will be nothing like Level 1 or 2.

Assuming this Level 3 event is not a singular personal event but an all encompassing collapse, it will be downright dangerous. The reality in this scenario is that many, many people may even lose their lives.

Reaching a level of preparedness to survive many months, a year, implies the notion of a very, VERY serious disaster. Although a disastrous event of this magnitude may seem much less likely to occur, is it really unlikely?

When it hits the fan, what you have will be all there is.

Level 4 is the ultimate in preparedness. To transition from being supplied and secured for 1 year to actually being relatively (and truly) self-sustaining is huge, and VERY difficult.

To prepare at this level implies that you’re either striving for total off-grid self sustaining sufficiency (because you just want to), AND/OR you are preparing for a colossal far & wide reaching disaster.

– ModernSurvivalBlog.com “Prepping & Preparedness 1 – 4”

So this is why it’s a good thought to process… What you have will be all there is.

Granted, there may be opportunity to acquire, trade, share, barter, or ‘take’ when it’s appropriate. However you sure better not count on it.

It can be (and is) exceedingly challenging to truly be prepared at a high level for a very long duration of time.

To depend solely on your preps (and skills) for survival during such a long time (and to be successful) requires tremendous forethought, preparation, skills, and a portion of plain old luck.


“Why” do I say “what you have will be all there is” ?

Living under SHTF of this magnitude will mean:

– There will be no .gov assistance. They simply cannot and will not be able to provide at anywhere close to this magnitude. In fact under this hypothetical, there may be no effective .gov at all… Things will become very local / tribal.

– Economic collapse will have destroyed “the system”. All else dependent upon it will have crumbled too. That means pretty much everything.

– The Trucks will have stopped rolling like they are today. If you would like to know what that means, read my article titled “When The Trucks Stop It’s Over”. Suffice it to say, trucks carry nearly all goods that we depend upon for our survival.

– Products will not be pouring into our seaports from overseas like they are today, if at all. How much do we depend on overseas product? Lots (unfortunately).

– Social collapse will have torn apart the fabric of civility. Cities will have suffered enormous turmoil and death. A similar situation will have ripped apart most all densely populated regions while desperate people do what they do. Many will not survive it. Even many of those who “are prepared” will not make it there.

– Of course all stores of all kinds will have long ago been stripped clean of their useful inventory. More specifically, food supplies. Long gone.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

When the SHTF at Level 3 or above, what you have will be all there is.
At least, for a time. An unknown amount of time.

Since we’re talking about the hypothetical, we do not preemptively know the ultimate outcome. Maybe crisis resolution will come. Or maybe it will come later. Maybe it won’t come at all but morph into a new and permanent way of life.

Food for thought.

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