avoid detection - move slowly

While moving, and regardless of where, how, or why you’re in a situation to avoid detection: Short of being invisible, you need to move SLOWLY to avoid detection.

We humans (and most animals) have a very good ability to detect movement.
It’s built in to our core survival instincts.
Even in our peripheral vision.

Slow movement however is much more difficult to notice.

A recent comment here on MSB regarding avoiding detection:

“We’ll just use a whitetail for an example, I can spot a deer that’s moving at a trot down the trail for several hundred yards if terrain permits.”

“That same deer sneaking along the trail in the edge of the woods is much more difficult to see.”

“I am much more comfortable sneaking, stopping, looking and listening. If need be, just hide and wait.”

Here’s one of my own examples:

While sitting here inside the house working on my laptop, I have a view looking out at some of our property. There are times when I sense movement out there even while not looking out the windows.

After sensing something in my peripheral vision and when I look outside, there’s usually something out there. One form or another of wildlife. The point is, I wouldn’t have noticed at all if it was moving slowly.

It’s the speed of movement rising above a certain threshold that triggers the mind. And that threshold depends on the environment that you’re in.


Other factors to Avoid Detection

Move with irregular speed
– slow, slower, slow, stop, etc..

Blending in with your surroundings
– colors, clothing
– shapes, environment
– camouflage
– lighting, shadows
– background, silhouette avoidance

Quieter than background noise
– walking, stepping
– equipment, gear
– communicating, talking

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Avoid Detection while on Security Detail

Why is this subject potentially important? Well, regarding preparedness for a potentially quite disruptive time following societal collapse, one’s security will become a top priority.

Moving slowly and other factors to avoid detection are advantageous not only while hunting (for example) but also important while considering perimeter security patrol.

While on patrol, an objective will be to detect others.
It will be important however to avoid detection yourself!

That said, there may be situations when it’s advantageous to run, to get off the X.

Just bear in mind that “slow” is difficult to notice (if you haven’t been detected yet), all other things considered…

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