The Best And Worst Place To Hide Extra Cash At Home


It’s a good idea to keep some extra cash at home for preparedness – for ‘just in case’.

But where is a good place to keep and hide that extra cash?

If your home is ever burglarized, you don’t want to make it easy for them to find.


The Worst Place To Keep Cash And Valuables In Your Home

First, lets point out the worst place to keep money, cash, or any valuables in your home…the bedroom.

Most burglars will first go to the BEDROOM in search of jewelry, cash, a safe, guns, or anything else of value. Why? Because the bedroom is where most people keep such things! So don’t do it…

An exception may be keeping a gun at your nightstand for self-defense. Just do your due-diligence in the method of securing it. You may or may not lose it during a burglary, but don’t give up your most precious tool for self defense in the middle of the night.

I use this safe for my nightstand firearm storage.


The Best Place To Keep & Hide Cash At Home

Here are two suggestions where to stash your cash.

A hollowed out book

Seriously, this is one of the best places to stash some cash. You can buy your own hollowed out book, or you can do it yourself with a razor blade (and patience).

Don’t keep this book in the bedroom (although it will likely not be touched even there). Rather keep it with other books wherever you have ‘other’ books in the house…

There’s no way a burglar is going to go through books while looking for valuables. Why? because it’s not a common place where people keep cash and valuables.

Book Safe


A hollowed out ‘Can Safe’

You might either buy a hollowed out can or simply do it yourself with an existing can (with a can-opener, open the bottom of a can so it can be placed upright when emptied).

Again, there’s no way a burglar is going to go through your food pantry or cupboards while looking for cash and valuables. A rolled up wad of cash in a hollowed out can is an ideal hiding spot.

Del Monte Can Safe Storage Container

Tip: Other examples of a cleverly designed ‘decoy safe’ to hide some cash or stash.

Note: An ultimate place to keep cash at home is in a very good heavy duty, secured, fire-rated safe. These range in all sorts of sizes and ratings.

(See example)

When choosing where to keep extra cash (or any valuables), be creative. Avoid the obvious places that a burglar will look. It’s fairly easy to hide some things in plain view ;)