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Beans - Easy to Store & Cook

Guest Article by NRP;

My Favorite Bean Recipes | Fart Fuel

My favorite Beans Recipes; or as we honestly would call them at home “Fart Fuel”.

But first:

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First of all let me say a couple of things.

I store a LOT of beans, somewhere around 7-800 pounds, why you ask? Because I have never, and I do mean never, had a single pound of Beans “go bad”, even after 10-15 years of storage. See Kens Articles on Bean Storage.

Second, Beans are really good for you. High in fiber and protein, plus a lot of other gunk that makes the body happy and “noisy”.

Rice & Beans | A Survival Combination

I do enjoy the many MANY varieties of Beans. Yes Mildred, there is an entire world out there besides just Pinto Beans, and somewhere I read there are over 40,000 different beans. Yes I said 40,000.

Some of my favorite are; Anasazi, Black, Zuni, Navy, Mortgage Lifter, Lima, Soybeans, Chickpeas, Kidney, and even a few Pinto Beans.

As an added bonus Beans are CHEAP!!!!!!! And store for a very long time.

YES Beans are very much a Preparedness Item, Any Prepper, Lifestyler, Survivalist or just good-ol- Mom should know how to store and Cook Beans. And yes I have eaten some HORRIBLE Beans in my day because the cook did not know Beans about cooking Beans.

OK, on to a couple of recipes I do like, remembering I really do these without a recipe but these are close.

Refried Beans

Refried Beans; Easiest thing on earth to do.

I like Black Bean, but use whatever you want.

2 cups o Black Beans cleaned (meaning pick out any bad beans that “Might” be mixed in) drop em into a crock of water and slow cook for a few hours until tender, NOT mushy, you’re not making paste.

Drain the water and allow to mostly dry on a towel.

Dice up a medium onion, a handful of Garlic, and 1/2 dozen Jalapeños.

Grab a LARGE Cast Iron Skillet (don’t even think on using anything but Cast Iron), set the flame on HIGH and splatter the skillet with a large tablespoon full of Bacon Grease, Lard, or Coconut oil.

Cast Iron Cooking & Cookware Tips

Once the oil is HOT add the vegies and cook them until done and transparent.

Add the beans and mix. Start to mash the bean mix with a Potato Masher, again don’t make Paste, leave them mostly whole.

Stir and heat till hot and well cooked, I use a Metal Spatula to stir them with to prevent burning.

Kill the heat and keep stirring for a few minutes till the Skillet cools a bit.

That’s it.

Slow Cook Crock Pot O Beans

Next are my Slow Cook “Crock Pot O Beans”

Yeah I know, it uses electricity, so what about If/When? Well dump then into a Large Dutch Oven and set them into a fire or on-top the Wood Burning Stove.

2 Cups of Beans, I happen to like the Anasazi or Zuni this way the best. Pinto are ok, but I just don’t care for Pinto.

Dump them into a 4-6 QT Crock Pot.

Add one pint or one can of good Salsa, I use my homemade Salsa.

Add 3 cups of filtered water

1 medium dice Onion,

1/2 dozen Garlic Cloves cut into 2

2-3 stalks of Celery chopped. 

A little HOT pepper such as Burnt/Ground Thai Dragon, or any pepper you like.

Stir to mix things up and cook on low for 6-8 hours. I stir every hour or two just to check on the water, don’t let it dry up.

Again, simple.

15 Common Beans & Legumes | Calories per Cup

Favorite Bean Recipe

Lastly I will offer a very favorite Bean Recipe.

Mortgage Lifter beans I get from a local place in Dove Creek CO. Adobe Mills, they don’t have them often and are scarce, but OMG are they good-ers.

Now check this out for easy,

2 Cups of cleaned Beans

5 cups of Filtered Water

Cook on low in a Crock Pot for 4-5 hours…………….

That’s it, you don’t need to add anything (not even salt) these Beans are that good.

Best Ways To Store Dry Beans For Long Term Storage

Calories in a 5-Gallon Bucket of Beans

Thanks’ for reading.

What’s for Dinner?


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