POLL: What Services Will Be Valuable For Barter After Collapse Or SHTF ?

Last updated on December 12th, 2018


Previously we asked for your input regarding SERVICES that you might consider to be valuable for barter or trade in a post-collapse or SHTF world.

Based on your input of services, I’ve condensed them into a list so that you can participate in a poll to vote for those which you believe will be the most valuable for barter…

UPDATE: Poll Results Are In…

Note: No doubt that there are many additional logical and practical additions that could be made to the following list, however these are the immediate services (skills) that you came up with for now…

After more than 4,000 votes from more than 300 people, Here’s the list of most valuable services for barter after a collapse or SHTF.


Text list (in order)

Medical (Doctor, Nurse, any)
Gardener (Master, skilled farming, agriculture)
Water specialist (Wells, Filtration, Pumps)
Food preservation specialties (canning, dehydrating, etc..)
Handyman (Jack of all trades)
Building / Carpentry
Alt Energy (solar, wind, electro-mechanical)
Ammo Reloading
Animal Husbandry
Security (Guard, Patrol, Military experience, etc..)
Foraging / Horticulture
Mechanic (Auto, General)
Veterinarian (livestock, pets…)
Herbalist (medicine)
Fisherman (and boat skills)
Tailor (weaver, fabric, sewing)
Brewer (or winemaker, distiller)
Soap maker
Cook (Baker, all)
Sanitation specialist
Bicycle repair
Leader (Facilitator, Negotiator)
Teacher / Educator
Gristmill (manufacture of, operation thereof)
Mortician / Undertaker
Chemical, Biological specialist
Madam (…companionship)
Cabinet maker
Nuclear specialist
Vegan diet specialist

Also for your interest, here are the results of a previous poll regarding what you consider to be the most valuable ITEMS (as opposed to services) for barter or trade in a post-collapse world:

The Most Valuable Items For Barter After The Collapse



  1. Bill G 05/28/2015
    • NRP 05/28/2015
    • Richard T 05/28/2015
      • Jon 05/29/2015
  2. Grits 05/28/2015
    • Peanut Gallery 05/28/2015
      • KardashianProximityDisorder 05/28/2015
    • Ken Jorgustin 05/28/2015
      • Grits 05/28/2015
        • Ken Jorgustin 05/28/2015
  3. Liberty 05/28/2015
  4. More thought 05/28/2015
    • Kulafarmer 05/28/2015
      • jayjay 05/29/2015
    • poorman 05/28/2015
    • Hildegard 05/31/2015
  5. No joke 05/28/2015
  6. KardashianProximityDisorder 05/28/2015
    • Ken Jorgustin 05/28/2015
  7. V 05/28/2015
  8. Richard T 05/28/2015
  9. J2 05/28/2015
  10. david 05/29/2015
    • Ken Jorgustin 05/29/2015
  11. jayjayo 05/29/2015
    • NRP 05/29/2015
  12. Hummingbird 05/29/2015
  13. me. 05/29/2015
  14. dr.tooth 05/29/2015
    • ah but... 05/29/2015
    • Hummingbird 05/29/2015
  15. TXBrewer 05/29/2015
  16. Kenny 05/29/2015
  17. Kenny 05/29/2015
  18. Herbal dosage 05/29/2015
  19. CaliRefugee 07/04/2015
  20. Storms 12/01/2015
    • NRP 12/02/2015
  21. Thox Spuddy 12/02/2015
  22. PAU 03/21/2016

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