United States Power Generation Locations And Our Reliance On Nuclear, Coal, Gas, Oil, Hydro


The modern world is entirely dependent upon and fueled by electricity from power generation sources which primarily are sourced from nuclear, coal, gas, oil, and hydro.

Some of you might be interested to see the following maps which show where each power source is located as well as its relative size with respect to each plant’s annual generation of power.

The background overlay on the United States map indicate the location of major electrical power grid high voltage lines (from 345 kV to 1000 kV).



Nuclear Power Generation



Coal Power Generation



Gas Power Generation



Oil Power Generation



Hydro Power Generation



Why am I posting this on a preparedness blog? To emphasize the complicated web of reliance that we have on these sources of energy to keep the system going, and the systemic risks that are certainly built-in.



States that rely heavily on nuclear power



States that rely heavily on coal power



States that rely heavily on gas power



States that rely on oil power



States that rely heavily on hydro power


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