Extra Consumable Supplies for Prepping & Preparedness

Level 1 Prepping & Preparedness

Consumable Supplies are items which are intended to be bought, used, and then replaced.

With regards to preparedness it is simply a matter of stocking up on a number of specific items for your convenience and to ensure that you won’t run out during a period of disruption.

Note: Level-1 preparedness is being prepared for a disruption that may last hours, days, a week, or even up to two weeks. Most all “typical” disruptions will fit into this category and time frame. Surprisingly though, most people are not adequately prepared even for Level-1. Don’t let that be you…

Stock Up On Consumable Supplies

This really is a short list, given that we’re talking the very basics. Consumable supplies do not include food and water. Instead, those items are discussed here:

Prepping For 1 Week -Water and Food

Toilet Paper (TP)

Did you know that 83% of people polled say that having at least 2 rolls of TP per person per week will cover (wipe) all of their needs?

Most preppers are careful to have plenty of this particular consumable supply in their inventory! Sounds like a reasonable priority to me…

If you’re a newbie prepper, say a family of four, do you have at least 8 rolls on the shelf? You might, but I’m just saying having a few cases on hand is one less thing to worry about.

Here are some fun facts from our resident expert on the subject:

Toilet Paper – Everything You Wanted To Know

Paper Plates – Cups – Plastic Utensils

If the power is out and ordinary food prep isn’t quite so easy, for example (without electricity), an easy way to deal with serving is to use paper plates & cups, and plastic utensils.

Why? Because during times of disruption there might not be water flow to wash dishes (well pump non-functional from power outage?). Maybe there’s a problem with the municipal water supply. Maybe time is of the essence and this convenience helps with that…

Treat it like camping. Just throw away the dirty paper plates, cups and utensils when you’re finished…

Trash Bags

Which brings up another consumable supply — trash bags. They’re useful for all sorts of things. Again, you probably already have a box of trash bags under the kitchen sink or on the shelf, but maybe it’s almost empty. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra box or two.

Uses for Trash Bags:

-for trash!

– keep gear dry

-rain poncho

-portable toilet

-blackout curtains

Cleaning / Disinfecting Wipes

Similarly for convenience during a time of disruption, having a supply of cleaning wipes may serve you well.

The thought here is for scenarios where you might not have normal access to running water. I also keep a container of these in the truck. They’ve come in handy once in awhile.

Example: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, 220 Count

Paper Towels

Again, another quick and easy convenience for cleanups of all sorts.

Additional Ideas:

-Freezer bags (e.g. Ziploc)
-Cleaning supplies
-Aluminum foil, Saran wrap
-Latex/Vinyl gloves

The point here is to simply acquire enough of a few particular consumable supplies to make your life easier during a Level-1 preparedness event.

Can you think of any additional items in this category that may be useful?

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