The poll results are in regarding the following two questions to do with your food storage:

How many months will your current food storage feed your household?

What is your food storage goal?

The numbers reveal that most people are working towards stacking and storing even more food for preparedness…


How many months will your current food storage feed your household?



What is your food storage goal for your household


Of 850 votes cast, the amount of food storage that people have are remarkably evenly split between 1-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months – representing nearly 70% of everyone. While 14% said they had 1-month or less of food, almost 18% said they have 1-year or more of food storage.

While the poll was anonymous and there is no way to know the demographic, we can presume that many who voted (if not most) are preppers – seeing how this blog is relevant to preparedness. In this regard, many folks seem to have a decent amount of food storage for their household with 45% between 3-months and 1-year.

When looking at the goals, it is very interesting to note that the group working towards a 1 to 2 year food storage supply is the highest percentage result (32%) – while an impressive 20% of people are setting goals beyond 2-years.

What’s telling is that despite what people currently have for food storage, it appears that most of them are setting goals to acquire even more.

As the saying goes… you can never have too much…

Thanks for participating.


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