Night Vision Devices - PVS14

Night vision devices are amazing force multipliers and are commonly used in the military.

Did you know that American civilians can get them too?

Why will these devices be critical for nighttime security?

Following true SHTF, it will make all the difference because current technology provides stunning visibility at night. And those who have night vision will rule the night.

The enemy who wants to take your stuff (or worse) will likely make their attempt at night. Not saying that there won’t be plenty of daytime security issues however nighttime is a whole different thing.

If the enemy has night vision devices and you do not, chances are the enemy wins.

Having a night vision device yourself is a force equalizer to the enemy who also has it, and a force multiplier (big time) to those who do not.

Once you have experienced the effects of being able to see in the dark, you will understand the importance during a real societal collapse.

Most preppers who have been into it for awhile (beyond level 1 & 2) know and understand the terrible potential consequences of a big time SHTF collapse. Most people will not fathom or accept that it could get so bad such that we’re talking about night vision devices used in a non-military application – for one’s own security.

The fact is that if your nighttime security team can see in the dark they will likely have lots of warning prior to a potential deadly encounter.

Seeing the enemy or a potential enemy way before they see you will give you the option to warn them off, take evasive action, or take care of business.


Night Vision Devices: How They’re Used

Today’s night vision devices can be used in a variety of ways:

You can simply hold it to your eye as a monocular viewer.

Attach it to a purpose made head mount (some come with one).

Fasten to a helmet equipped with a night vision device mount.

Mount it to your rifle in front of your scope.

Mount to helmet in conjunction with a DBAL Illuminator mounted to your rifle.

Drive a car at night without headlights*
(*only under ‘end-of-world’ circumstances).

Hike in the woods at night.

View animals at night.

More about night vision Gen-0 through Gen-3 and how it works: here.


Where To Get Night Vision Devices

I cannot imagine nighttime security post-SHTF without night vision. Having a NVD myself, I know the value it will bring under those circumstances.

FYI, I purchased my night vision device from Bob over at ReadyMadeResources. He specializes in this area and will gladly answer any questions that you may have about it. A great guy to talk to who has plenty of “field” experience…

He often runs various sales, like the current PVS-14 3rd gen autogated with the HP+ tube, the best out there…

ITT Pinnacle PVS-14 Gen 3 HP+ Autogated Night Vision

He also has the non autogated for 1K less however it’s still a 3rd generation night vision!

U.S. Made PVS-14 3rd Gen NON Gated with Full Manual Gain Control

And just so you know, their company offers easy financing (9.99% at the time of this posting), and says it only takes less than a minute to get approved.

There is a lot to look at (including thermal units) over at his site.

While he is a sponsor here on Modern Survival Blog, I’m not posting this as just some sales pitch. I’ve been to his place and talked with him at length (and played with some of their ‘toys’). You can trust them. They’re a great family run business.

I know that Jim Rawles over at Survival Blog gets all his night vision there too.


Night Vision Devices for Serious Nighttime Security

Alright. So if you’re into pepping and preparedness to the extent of level-3 & 4 then no doubt you have given some serious thought to security.

This is one of the areas where I have invested to an extent, and it’s as serious as a heart attack. While I certainly would be relieved to never having implemented security protocols for a total collapse, I’m just not risking that it won’t ever happen.

Dealing with security, especially nighttime security after a true collapse will not be at all easy. In fact the difficulty for many will be the required number of people to rotate in and out if you really want to be covered 24/7.

The number of people required will be more or less important depending on where you live, those who live around you, and your geographical pros and cons. Some places are easier to defend than others.

Today’s topic was to get you thinking about how you might handle the night…

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